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SUP!  I made this! I'm proud of my self!

This is my webpage. You can't do much at this time, but just you wait, this page will grow and grow! I made this page completely using HTML, so I'll be over excited when I get things to work....for example....
That's a link to Yahoo! A LINK!
Heres a list of my favorite stuff:
  1. videogames
  2. videogames
See what I mean?

(7/19/2005) The first day of my internet debute (the first day my page was put online, for the stupiter of you who don't know what debute means...although I probly spelled it wrong...if that's the case..I'll shut up.)!

Click here to see stats on how many people visit my site, and other junk like that.

Anyway, here's some pics. Hover your mouse over'em to find out more about that picture.
This is MegaMan Network Battle for GCN, a very cool game This is me. Keith. Video Gamer extrodinare. No one can play games like I can, or own the games I do. YOU CAN'T HANDLE THIS!!! My baby pictures! I'm the one on the right....

Ok, time for the content! I'll have different stuff as I go on.
Poll(under construction)
Dragonball(under construction, but you can go there)
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