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Tristen Keith Wilson
Keith Wilson was born on December 2nd 1990. And everyone else's lives have never been the same.

We (I) got an interview with him (me) to find out just what's been in his (mine) head for 14 years.

"It begins at the end I guess," Keith (me) started,"the end of the 80s anyway. Life was hard at that time, with the death of The Temptations, Tina Turner, and the genre of music known as blues* (you young'ns know of no such thing). However, when I was born, my mother said, the world seemed to uplift in joy." I laughed as Keith said this, because it sounded alot like my own birth.
Keith (me) went on,"My mother was always very strict. When I was about 4, we were in a store, and I kept picking up things I wasn't even thinking about buying. My mother told me don't touch it if I can't buy it, but I kept doing it. After she checked out, I was still in the middle of one of the alses, and she said she would leave without me. I apprently didn't believe her, because I kept playing around. So she left. I wept, cried, bawled, and screamed, then my mom came back about 5 mins later. I behaved."


Full Name: Tristen Keith Wilson
Age: 14
Birth Date: December 02, 1990
Parents: Mary Wilson, Henry Wilson
School: Somewhere High School, 9th
Hometown: None of your biz
Siblings: Candice Hartwell, Jamie Hartwell, Brandy Wilson
More accounts from Keith (me) will be comming soon.
*Not all details are fact, besides the actual story, none of them are. Live with it.
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