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"I bring laughter as a gift, not as a torment."

SPECIES: Tickle Ball

APPEARANCE: It looks like a fuzzy ball with a navel.

SIZE: 1' in diameter


COLOR: Pink, but may change color

AGE: approx. 1000 years

ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good

MOBILITY: May travel by rolling, or levitating if rolling is ineffective

COMMUNICATION: Understands furre writing and speech; communicates with multicolored glows

ENJOYS: Being tickled; tickling others; snuggling

DISLIKES: Being thought of as an aid for erotic pleasures

TO TICKLE: Tickle it just like a tummy.

Multicolored glow - The tickle ball projects a multicolored glow onto a surface or floats it in the air to make words or pictures.
White glow - The tickle ball uses the white glow to scan requesters for good tickle spots.
Pink glow - The tickle ball uses the pink glow to actually tickle requesters. Whatever spot is caused to glow pink is the spot that is tickled. Used only on those who ask to be tickled.
Green glow - The tickle ball uses the green glow to induce nausea in its target. It is ONLY used as a defensive measure.