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The Wierd Place

The Weird Place

Friend to Pagans/Wiccans

We promote religious tolerance, and acceptance of diversity, in our society.
Updated March 7, 2004. We are a multicultural store providing services and products. We have been in business for ten years, right here in dowtown Levelland, Texas. It's been a tough ten years because we are in the big old cowboy buckle of the Bible Belt. We have been preached at, preached about, harrassed, and boycotted. People figure if they don't shop with us, we'll go out of business. I'm happy to let you know, we're doing fine. We plan to be around for awhile yet. We've been here ten years.Check back here for Today's Announcements. If you want to discuss something about our site, you may do so at The Weird Place Message Board. We are happy to show you some sites around our little town at Levelland Photographs. And for our pagan friends, we are happy to finally announce the Levelland Pagan Coven.

False rumors about our store:

He worships the devil. (No, I don't. The people who come in, and get to know me, know that rumor is stupid. Why? I don't believe in the devil. I will use the term, if "you" believe in him, but I only do so, in order to discuss the topic with you.)
It's a headshop; it sells pipes. (No, I do not run a headshop. I do not sell pipes. Headshop supplies are drug paraphernalia, which is illegal by Federal and Texas State Laws. Anyone who sells such items is doing so illegally. See Operation Pipe Dream, U.S. Attorney General, John Ashcroft, Feb.24, 2003. And don't tell me all the places you "can" buy pipe supplies. You can buy cocaine too, but not legally.)
They finally ran him out of town.No! We have black curtains up to keep out the bright sunlight, but come on in. We are not going out of buisness. In fact we are adding lots of new products weekly.

We might publish your articles, stories, and poetry online. See me for information.

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