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the great adventures of ME AKA HappyDude

Thursday, 22 July 2004

Normal Routine
Woke up about 10 this morning tryin to get back into my Normal Routine of being a lazy bastard. My normal routine which i do everyday of my life which is great for me is get up about 10 in my boxers that always seem to be wet for no apparant reason and go down stairs half naked if any of the viewers that are male that are startin to get turned on please turn of ur screen and get ur thumb and shove if up ur ass. I'm not into that thing maybe after a beers time but not now. Well back to my normal routine go to the kitchen drink some milk and watch tv scratchin my self in different areas like my head, my ass which takes a while, my balls have to be carefull not to hurt the babies and my back have to scratch all those areaso in order then i have breakfest eatin anythin in the cupboard 2day i had 2 weeks gone off milk with cereal taste alright haven't gone blind yet. then for the next 4 hours i do somthin which can be anythin i want from hangin out, bummin around anythin i want or write at this crappy thing. After doing somthin random i would go on my comp and play games till mornin and go to bed at 1 or 2 in the morning. Well thats all i'll write somthin when i have time which u can see from my busy routine thats full of things to do i don't have much time to write at this site for u sick lazy bastards like ur self to read when ur bored jackin off too gay porn *cough* Alex Robinson well thats all sigining out me aka happydude >_<

Posted by weird2/thatsme4 at 11:43 PM EADT
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hey i just started this random piece of crap 2day and already i don't know wat to do. Welcome to my life a world full of random and confusin things that happen all the time which to me is normal but to a person that isn't mentally challenged as myself it is weird. well thats about all i can think of to say for now if u already hate it then u can go and tell someone that actually cares like ur dog urself u lonely bastard or ur mum either of those options are up to u. Now for the people that actually like it well ur really FUCKED in the head which i like so i've got nothing against u for now... Thats all for now signin out me aka HappyDude >_<

Posted by weird2/thatsme4 at 11:33 PM EADT
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