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1. from afar:

If that chem. lab cutie drifts into your social circle, send a long-distance flirt gram. Get your pals who have contact with him to drop tidbits about how great you are, and your dude will start scoping you.

2. in the classroom:

Sit miles from your cutie's orbit? Pass him a breezy note, ragging on the chalk line across your teachers butt. Or just mouth your message. He won't understand, but he'll dig reading your lips.

3. on the job:

Your boss wont want to see you tickling your crush on the job, so stay all business- with a twist. Ask him for cash register advice. Drag him to the supply closet when you're out of pens. Just don't do anything too obvious. You don't want to smother your hard-workin' sweetie-or lose your job!

4. at a party:

Laugh with your pals, and make party boy wonder what all the fun's about. Later on, lure him away from his buds. If you see him go for a potty break, mill around outside the john so you can intercept him.

5. on a study date:

Treat this like you're eating French fries: The books are potatoes, and flirting's the ketchup. You're there to learn the facts, so when it comes to getting saucy, just a little dab'll do ya. Finish a chapter, then grab a snack or a quick walk. Tonight, worry about acing the exam; tomorrow, you can really spice things up.



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