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Hook Him Hints for the guy-shy

If you're more Joey than Jen (think Dawson's Creek) when it comes to chatting up duds, here's how to break out of the shell and make waves with your dreamboat:

1 play detective

        Before you tattoo "doomed road kill" on your forehead because he's never looked twice at you, investigate his after-school routine. If he's a pizza boy, stop by and ask what topping he likes. Avoid a stalker girl rep by keeping your visit short-with just enough conco to make him wonder what you after hours. Sometimes an extracurricular change of venue can make things sizzle. just remember to leave the garlic off your slice.

2 get cyber sexy

        Does face-to-face contact with your fox turn your mouth into mush? Well, boot up the computer," cause with e-mail, you can spin reams of witty phrases and ask-me-out hints from a safe zone. Zap him a joke, or compliment him on his last basketball game. It's a great way to say "Sweat you" without getting sweaty pits.

3 step on his toes

        Say you're standing next to him and you can't think of anything brilliant to say. Gently step on his sneaks, then smile so he knows you're playing. It's a bashful girl's easiest icebreaker.

4.test-drive your technique

        f you quake at the idea of strutting' new flirt moves, grab a guy bud and see how he reacts to your sweetest stuff. Don't worry about looking stupid. He's probably just as freaked about gabbing with gal kind-and he may even want to test some of his flirt lines on you