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14romance chillers



1Saying no to tiring new stuff
Guys like an open minded chica who digs taking a risk now and then. It makes us feel like you wanna take a chance on us. So if it won't hurt you, go for it! Ostrich burgers, anyone?

2Dissing your ex nonstop
We understand your urge to vent. It's kinda like needing to throw up after eating rotten food. But hearing you bad-mouth what's his name makes us wonder whether we may be the topic of your trash talk in the future. That said, it's a major turnoff to listen to you...

3...gushing about an ex-stud muffin
So he was funny, romantic, and you'd still be together if he hadn't gone to college 500 miles away. Ged-overit! Keep talking about him and we'll wonder why your mind's not on us.

4.Being a mean queen
When an "in" girl starts dishing out a Miss Thang attitude, we figure it'll only be a matter of time before we face the wrath of nasty ourselves. So, buh-bye!

5. Overusing the pose police
Okay, you like to have your gal pals around for moral support when you're just getting to know us. Group dating is cool sometimes, but remember, we like you, not them.

6. Acting like the life of the party
Don't get me wrong, we want you to have a good time. But doing that dancing-on-tabletops routine to impress us just reeks of desperation. Be yourself and you'll snag tons of our attention.

7. Flirting to make us jealous
Playing hard to get is, just well, just plain hard for us to get. It might make us mad, but it's not going to make us try any harder to win your heart.

8. Attempting to get glued to us
Guys like a little tricky so if you try to stick with us 24/7, we'll get bored. Keep us guessing what you're up to, and we might be the ones tiring on the Velcro jumpsuit.

9. Pretending you're a doormat
Replying "I don't care" or "Whatever you want" to everything we ask you gets to be a drag. We don't wanna have to make all the decisions. And please, if we ask if you love baseball, don't say yes if you don't. Cause we might ask you the name of your fave shortstop. Busted!

10. Constantly putting yourself down
Keep bringing up what you thing is wrong with your hair, clothes, or personality, and before long we'll start believing you. Which leads us to...

11....not being able to take the compliment
When we comment that your hair looks great or your eyes are beautiful, don't make a fuss that we're "just saying that." We do mean it, so please, just say thank you.

12. Finding fault with our friends
Even if you don't dig our wedgies wars, being rude to our pals is just gonna force us to take sides. And nine times outta ten, our buds will win. Sorry.

13. Swearing like a @!%#?! sailor
since guys think our sweetie's actions reflect on us somehow, a girl with a gutter mouth makes us fell like we look trashy, too. Yep, it's a double standard, but I'm just telling it like it is.

14. Trying to change us
This only makes us resentful and frustrates you. So if a certain dude isn't doing it for you, go back out on the prowl for someone who doesn't need fine-tuning to make your heart sing.

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