john: may i ask how young everybody is

Terri-diddle: 37 yrs

john: and what area ur from

Cheryl: A little older than Terri

john: r ya'll all married?

john: i'm 47 years old from ga been married 26 years

jll: also a little older than Terri

Cheryl: Married

Terri-diddle: Married

jll: not.

Terri-diddle: diddle, diddle, diddle.

john: my marriage needs a little spice added i think was wondering

john: if the sybian might get it done

Cheryl: I did for ours but your wife needs to be part of the

Cheryl: decision making on buying a sybian

john: does that sound familiar to anyone

john: she seems to have trouble having ther big O and is completely

john: satisfied with one per experience

john: terri whats with the diddle diddle diddle

Trish: I'm in the UK, contemplating purchasde; but need to be

Trish: convinced its as good as its advertised

Pat: Trish, this is the place where you will get nothing but

Pat: positive testimonials from satified sybian owners.

Trish: So is Sybian all it's cracked up to be?

Pat: Terri, your a double copy cat.

Terri: Good Morning!

Trish: So the experience of people in here is wholly positive?

Cheryl: I have had mine for about three months Trish and it is

Cheryl: everything they advertise and more

Terri: Yes, Trish it really is.

Trish: So how's it better than a vibrator?

Cheryl: It gives very powerful climaxes Trish

Trish: How and why's that?

Cheryl: It is designed to massage you inside while the whole base of

Cheryl: it vibrates against you

Berg: I am thinking of buying one for my wife...we are in the UK

Berg: right now but will return to Canada shortly.

Cheryl: Does she know about it?

Berg: I bought a video a few years back but would not watch

Berg: it...very frustrating

Berg: She is a bit "reserved" about things in the bedroom and

Berg: sexuality.

Cheryl: Then it should be a joint decision between the two of you

Berg: Yes I agree...I should get here to look at this chat room.

Berg: Is it worth the price?

Berg: The Abco video about Sybian that is...

Cheryl: You need to convince her before worrying about those

Cheryl: questions

Cheryl: It is definitely worth every penny

Berg: Yes, your right.....I will get her to look at this Chat

Berg: room....

lhot: Pat , one thing to keep in mind with the syb. , it can make

lhot: a woman much more sensitive......which is good.

lhot: That's what I mean, Terri - it brought out something in you

lhot: - you didn't know was there.

lhot: I'm starting to get a little excited just talking about it.

lhot: Nothing I've ever found including men can touch the intensity

lhot: of the orgasms that the syb. can provide.

lhot: I think my favorite thing about the sybian is that once you

lhot: are on it is very comfy. It brings sensations to parts of

lhot: my body that nothing ever has , it can be exhausting to have

lhot: that many orgasms.......but.......

Terri: It's right there in the sybbie box with sybbie if he'd like

Terri: to see all my toys. He's never looked.

Terri: I have a new toy. It fills me up!

Terri: So.................. Ride sybbie. Be Happy.

lhot: gotta run and make lunch...bye all

lhot: I can actually have orgasms with nothing to provoke them.

lhot: Just sitting at my desk last night , I had one


Terri: lhot, I can do that to. Well, sometimes I get a nice thought

Terri: and I have an orgasm. Gawd, it's great! lol

Allonym: Diana, just what is this sybian?

Diana: It is a female masturbation machine that the woman rides

lhot: It doesn't stroke , but it doesn't need to.....

Diana: It has an insert that rotates inside the woman while the base

Diana: of it vibrates against her.

MANSION69: my wife is sitting her can someone tell her about the syb

Terri: The sybian provides the most intense orgasms that I have

Terri: ever experienced.

Terri: The sybian is awesome.

Terri: Hello Mansions wife.

bobinga: my wife prefers the small or med standard insert using the

bobinga: spring, which combination works best for you? she tried the

bobinga: G-max, but it was too large around for her comfort

Sheryl: got mine sat love it

Tesla: how long, how many..speed intensity, attachments etc......

Tesla: tell us all about it..please.....

Sheryl: 2 attach, yes used the vib dildo before

Sheryl: 3 times the first night, why did I not get one before

Terri: Sheryl where did you buy your sybian?

Tesla: the science of making women feel fantastic and alive......

Sheryl: yes used it yesterday while hubby was

Sheryl: working 4 times

Sheryl: unit was brand new never used, hubby bought

Sheryl: and wife would not use

Sheryl: off the Internet

Sheryl: dam it is worth it's money

Terri: Cool Sheryl, I am glad you are enjoying it.

Sheryl: very much

Tesla: use lots plenty of lube....

Sheryl: I did not use any,,,,,what kind is best

Sheryl: yes

Terri: I.D. Glide is what comes with the machine. But there are

Terri: others.

Sheryl: I saw that but did not want to get all messy

Sheryl: it felt good real good

Lisa: I love my sybian

Terri: However, some women with a retroverted uterus experience

Terri: pain during sexual intercourse. This happens when the penis

Terri: hits the cervix or uterus during sex. This condition is

Terri: known as collision dyspareunia .

Tesla: try hitting her clitoris with each angled shallow thrust....

Tesla: rear entry angled down ward is good

Tesla: the most important thing is for you both to relax...

Sarah: Pat - try reading up on CAT - Coital Alignment Techniques -

Sarah: it will teach you how to find our G spot during penetrative

Sarah: intercourse

Pat: Lena or Diana, how did you hear about the syb and did you or

Pat: your husband buy it.

Diana: I saw an ad in an adult magazine Pat. I was convinced by the

Diana: testimonials from other women who had sybians. I even emailed

Diana: and chatted with them in other messenger services

Terri: Think about this. I can get on sybian with my pants on and

Terri: have an orgasm just from vibrations of the sybian. That's

Terri: just labia stimulation.

joe-mn: after her first sybian c*m, she had tears of joy streaming

joe-mn: down her face, and she kept saying "I didn't know....I didn't

joe-mn: know..."

flo: wow, tears, huh?

flo: do you still make love without it?

joe-mn: yes, we do, but it's better doing it after she rides. For

joe-mn: some reason, after she has these amazing O's on the sybian,

joe-mn: her desire to have me inside her is much greater than normal

Terri: yes, flo. And tears, has caused many tears for me

Terri: too. It is just so wonderful.

Jessica: Just reading back...sounds like you had a great day with the

Jessica: sybian Terri

Terri: Well, for three days my orgasms have been very very intense.

Terri: mmmmmmmmmm

Terri: ohhh, Jessica. It has been awesome. Wow.

TEMULA: Terri How do u feel when you come to your lover after using

TEMULA: sybian

Terri: Well, it may be embarrassing to some women. But I wasn't ,

Terri: and once I started using it then I started to learn more

Terri: about myself and my body.

Terri: TEMULA, I feel that I want to be with a man even more after

Terri: sybian.

Sarah: I come 6 times and upwards every session, with orgasm that

Sarah: last 2-3 minutes at times and leave me weeping and week all

Sarah: over

Sarah: The intimacy isn't there with the Syb, but in terms of sheer

Sarah: sexual gratification it is unbeatable

Sarah: read my last Pat - yes I am satisfied with it and, more

Sarah: especially, by it

Sarah: Its worth the money to just try it out Pat - honest

Sarah: Someone will take my syb some day, but only by prying it out

Sarah: from between my legs and my dead and cold hands

Paul: gets Carol super wet and super flushed

Terri: I use it at least once/day. Yes, the speed is adjustable.

Terri: Every woman prefers a diff. speed setting. I usually put my

Terri: vibration around 40-50% . Higher can be intense and can

Terri: cause orgasm much quicker if you'd like

Lisa: ohhhhhh yesssssssssssssssss

Linda: I'm a little embarrassed to say this but when I reach the big

Linda: O.....I usually flood everything, and I'm a little concerned

Linda: about getting electricuted

Terri: Everything is contained and can be wiped off. I wouldn't

Terri: worry about that at all.

whitey: Linda, there is no need to worry. all the electrical parts

whitey: are well protected. and...the big O's just keep coming as

whitey: long as you like!

fre: So Terri, you think it's worth the money?

Terri: Linda, don't be surprised...once you get your sybian you will

Terri: want your husband even more!

Linda: so Terri you prefer the big one?

Terri: No, I use the medium standard attachment, but I like a big

Terri: one in me afterwards!

Lisa: very intense

Lisa: this one is gona make me pass out maybe

Lisa: the big one makes me squirt

Terri: The whole base of the attachment vibrates, bobbo...very much

Terri: more intense than a very good vibrator.

pokus: hi Terri do you have any exp. with sybian??

Terri: Yes, pokus I do.

pokus: and? is it amazing really? Terri

Terri: yes, pokus it is. I ride mine nearly every day. It helps me

Terri: to have some incredible orgasms....over and over.

pokus: sorry for my English

pokus: Terri, and how long you must learn, to give some big orgasm,

pokus: or multi orgasms better

pokus: I'm looking for woman with exp

Terri: I always had multiple orgasms, but women do learn how to

Terri: have multiple orgasms with this machine. Your English is

Terri: fine. Where are you from?

pokus: thanks - Czech republic

Terri: The sybian is a little noisy, but that noise can be reduced

Terri: by placing the machine on the bed or on thick blankets. The

Terri: vibrations is what causes the noise.

pokus: (central Europe)

Terri: This machine rotates an attachment inside of you against

Terri: your g-spot and at the same time it vibrates the whole base

Terri: of the attachment against your clitoris. mmmm

pokus: thanks for your time Terri

Terri: you are very welcome. Come here and ask questions anytime.

Terri: There are many sybian owners who visit here.

pokus: yes Slovakia and Czech was Czechoslovakia before

Terri: that's what I thought.

pokus: thanks and bye for this moment Terri

pokus: Thank you.

Terri: Some don't use the slipper, and some do.

Terri: Pat, the slipper velcros directly to the vibrating part of

Terri: the sybian and brings the vibrations right up to the

Terri: clitoris.

Pat: Sounds like a great enhancement to the syb. Was this a

Pat: recommendation by a syb owner?

Tesla: Terri do you use it with all attachments or does it vary

Tesla: with your mood and level of excitement.....?

Terri: Pat, I know for a fact that your wife would get off just by

Terri: sitting on this machine with her pants on. mmmm, I do. lol,

Terri: and quickly too. If she is intimidated at first, that may be

Terri: the way to start.

Pat: Is the reason that some don't use it is because they can't

Pat: take that much stimulation or what other reason?

Terri: I like the medium insert with the stem, Tesla. I have not

Terri: tried the real-like covers yet. The g-max is also very good,

Terri: although if your wife is small, it might be hard to insert.

Pat: Terri, my questions pertains to use of the slipper.

Tesla: do you use the slipper with the medium attachment

Tesla: it produces very powerful vibrations and a knub to press down

Tesla: and rub against?

Terri: yes, Everybody is different. Some like that direct contact on

Terri: their clitoris and some don't.

Terri: yes, that's the reason Pat. Everybody is different. Some like

Terri: that direct contact on their clitoris and some don't.

Tesla: thanks for the input Terri....

Terri: Yes, the slipper is always on my machine. A permanent

Terri: fixture.

Tammy: So do you have a Sybian?

Cheryl: Yes I do

Tammy: How do you like yours?

Cheryl: I love it. I've had it about three months

Tammy: That is about when I got mine

Cheryl: How often do you use yours?

Tammy: What about you?

Tammy: Only about once a week. It can still be a little much for

Tammy: me.

Lisa: Tammy how do you like the sybian

Cheryl: Hello Lisa

Tammy: I like it a lot, and the more I use it the more I like it.

Lisa: hi Cheryl

Tammy: Lisa do you have a Sybian?

Lisa: yes a few years now

Tammy: You must like it then

Lisa: oh I love it

Tammy: What attachment do you like best?

Lisa: mmmm depends on my mood really

Cheryl: Hello Diane and Edie

Diane: Cheryl does this really work well?

Cheryl: It is truly remarkable

Edie: hi

Diane: Hi Cheryl

Edie: what is the sybian? do you own one?

Cheryl: Yes, I own one

Edie: can you share some info with someone who is curious?

Edie: really, how long have you had it?

Cheryl: I would be glad to Edie

Cheryl: I have had mine about three months.

Edie: what does it feel like? is it overwhelming in its power, do

Edie: you have to use it on the floor?

Diane: How do you use it didn't get the video yet

Cheryl: I either place it on the floor or on the bed. I produces the

Cheryl: most intense orgasms I have ever achieved

Edie: Wow really?

Cheryl: It has an insert that rotates inside you against your gspot

Cheryl: while the base of the insert vibrates against your clitoris

Diane: Then you just sit on it and it does the rest

Edie: sounds wonderful

Cheryl: Each movement, the rotation and vibration, are controlled by

Cheryl: separate variable speed knobs

Edie: do you use it often? are you married or in a relationship?

Cheryl: I don't just sit on it. I carry my weight on my knees like

Cheryl: when having IC in the superior position. It allows me to

Cheryl: move my hips against that way

Diane: I am 57 do you think I could enjoy this

Cheryl: I am sure if you are orgasmic now you would love it

Cheryl: I am married but my husband works on an oil tanker and

Cheryl: is gone for weeks at a time. When he is away I use it

Cheryl: several times a week. When he got home it became an

Cheryl: important part of our lovemaking

Edie: he isn't jealous?

Cheryl: Diane, I would say it is more of a rocking motion for me,

Cheryl: feeling the insert inside and rubbing against the vibrations

Cheryl: It has a 45-day return policy. If you don't like it you may

Cheryl: return it for a miminimal reconditioning fee

Cheryl: No, Edie, he loves to watch me ride and it has added

Cheryl: to his libido

Diane: would you recommend lub while using it

Cheryl: Yes, I always use lube with it

Diane: thank you for your advise , fingers aren't getting it

Diane: done any more

Cheryl: Diane and Edie, are you mutli-o now?

Diane: not at all

Cheryl: I think that you will become that way with the syb

Diane: I can only hope

Cheryl: If you are like me, I was, but the time between peaks was

Cheryl: 10-15 minutes because I became very sensitive. With the

Cheryl: syb, I've learned to appreciate gspot massage more and

Cheryl: therefore needed less clitoral stimulation. It didn't get

Cheryl: as sensitive

Edie: yes I am . Very much so.

Cheryl: Then Edie it is made for you

Cheryl: Now my o's last longer and are much closer together

Edie: But listening to you has me very curious.

Edie: You think so. It kind of looks scary and intimidating.

Edie: How much longer and how much closer?

Cheryl: I would say they last a minute or two and are almost one on

Cheryl: top of another. It is easy to use Edie

Edie: I am starting to trickle with the thought.

Cheryl: It has improved our activities

Cheryl: There is simply no comparison

Cheryl: It was a delightful weekend and has been since then. It has

Cheryl: become an integral part of our bedroom activities since

Cheryl: then.

Cheryl: I had lots of doubts and was skeptical about the sybian at

Cheryl: first. I wouldn't even log in under my own name. Then I

Cheryl: finally talked with some women here that had one. They

Cheryl: eventually convinced me

Gary: Is it better having him there to hold and caress you while

Gary: you ride?

Cheryl: Of course it does; that puts a human element in a mechanical

Cheryl: device.

joe-mn: john, my wife has sybian. it's great. everything the

joe-mn: advertising says and more.

Cheryl: I have had an unexpected result of the sybian. Has anyone

Cheryl: else become more orgasmic via intercourse since they have

Cheryl: used the sybian? I can achieve climax much more easily by

Cheryl: penetration now. Anyone else?

joe-mn: the only way I've been able to make her O during IC was to

joe-mn: have my hand between us, fingering her clit at the same time.

joe-mn: Cheryl, ann says that after a ride, she can feel me inside

joe-mn: much better than before. and vocally, she seems to be

joe-mn: enjoying IC more after riding

Cheryl: Ann, may be like me. It seems that the syb has awakened

Cheryl: nerves and feelings inside that I didn't know existed. We

Cheryl: didn't take the syb to the B&B this weekend but I still

Cheryl: experienced some tremendous climaxes via IC alone. It never

Cheryl: happened before

john: my marriage needs a little spice added I think was wondering

john: if the sybian might get it done

Cheryl: I did for ours but your wife needs to be part of the decision

Cheryl: making on buying a sybian

john: does that sound familiar to anyone

john: she seems to have trouble having their big Oand is completely

john: satisfied with one per experience

Cheryl: Somewhat. I was mutli-orgasmic before the syb but my peaks

Cheryl: were about 10-15 min apart

john: she likes oral stimulation and she can be multi _orgasmic if

john: I beg her to try long enough

Cheryl: Many women get very clitoral sensitive after the first one

Cheryl: but the sybian stimulates the g-spot so you need less

Cheryl: clitoral stimulation

john: that's what she complains about after her first orgasm she is

john: so sensitive she wants nothing to touch her for

john: a while

Terri-diddle: I have not ever experienced being too sensitive after an O,

Terri-diddle: so I am not sure what to tell you john.

Terri-diddle: Not everyone is multi-orgasmic. The sybian can help teach a

Terri-diddle: woman to be multi.

john: what about any of the other females have ya'll experienced

john: that

Cheryl: The thing I like best about the sybian is the intensity of

Cheryl: the orgasms. Nothing compares with that. It was a mutual

Cheryl: decision to buy it

Cheryl: Yes, and I have learned to overcome it by focusing more on

Cheryl: other areas

john: I think it would have to be a mutual decision to buy the

john: sybian too

Terri-diddle: The rotation is not at all the noisy part of the machine. The

Terri-diddle: vibration can get quite noisy and yes, could definitely be

Terri-diddle: heard behind a door or even in the next room.

Terri-diddle: It is a little part inside the base of the attachment that

Terri-diddle: turns. You don't see it or feel it. It is inside. You just

Terri-diddle: feel the attachment.

Terri-diddle: There is a rotation mechanism that turns the stem or spring.

Terri-diddle: The stem makes the attachment rub the g-spot much more

Terri-diddle: firmly. Most women here like the spring the best. I like the

Terri-diddle: stem.

Terri-diddle: There is a stem or a spring. Your choice. Both come with it.

Terri-diddle: They attach into the attachment and onto the sybian.

Terri-diddle: My first few weeks I just fell off of it and laid on the

Terri-diddle: floor next to it........ohhhhhh it is so good.

Terri-diddle: And your wife shouldn't expect to walk normally for about

Terri-diddle: 15-20 minutes after a nice hard ride.

Terri-diddle: It can be hard on the knees. Good padding will be needed for

Terri-diddle: the knees unless you are on a bed with it or something.

Terri-diddle: The top will stay still if it is held against the cervix.

Terri-diddle: Some women sit way onto the sybian, Some elevate a little

Terri-diddle: above it so they can move their hips.

Terri-diddle: That rotation coupled with vibration....mmmmm The vibration

Terri-diddle: is industrial vibrations. I never really turn it higher than

Terri-diddle: 50%. I don't need it. The base of the attachment vibrates and

Terri-diddle: when it goes super slow you actually see it moving back and

Terri-diddle: forth. Not just a small vibration.

Terri-diddle: The sybian rotates. Put your pointer finger in the air and

Terri-diddle: turn it. That's what it does.

Terri-diddle: The intensity of the orgasms is sooooo incredible. I can just

Terri-diddle: feel it when it starts to build and when I'm to the point of

Terri-diddle: no return. omg that feeling. It goes down my legs, up my

Terri-diddle: chest. It envelopes is just soo incredible. Hard to

Terri-diddle: describe.

joe-mn: yes, like any new thing, there is some learning

joe-mn: involved....but it doesn't take long to have the best orgasm

joe-mn: ever. My wife did on her first ride. for other women, it

joe-mn: takes 2 or 3 tries

joe-mn: probably better than what you have read, because, as my wife

joe-mn: says, you cant describe in words how it feels

Tonya: hello im embarrassed

Tonya: hello

Tonya: I love my new machine

joe-mn: my wife loves hers, too, Tonya

Pat: Tonya, how long have you had the syb?

Tonya: ive had it for three months

joe-mn: my wife rode last night. had about 8 O's, she said

Tonya: how big is the jumbo?

Bill: Tonya, I'm trying to get my wife interesting in the syb. How

Bill: did you find out about it and what convinced you to get one?

Tonya: to be honest my sister has one too

Tonya: I saw it on a site and was interested

joe-mn: who got it first?

Tonya: my sister did, she and I took turns on it one night

joe-mn: how did you like it the first time?

Tonya: ?35 in good shape

Tonya: felt like a tidal wave

Tonya: love it

joe-mn: did you tell your hubby right away?

Tonya: he loves to watch me on it

Tonya: yes I did

joe-mn: I love watching my wife, too. and doing things to her.

Diana: That is how I was. My peaks were 5-10 min apart. But with the

Diana: syb they are much closer together

Samantha: seriously...about how much closer?

Diana: You can meet me in another room if you wish

Samantha: excuse me

Diana: They are almost one on top of another

Samantha: how?

Diana: If you are uncomfortable here you could meet me in a

Diana: different chat room

MIG73: Tell me your opinion and experience (put only get as personal

MIG73: as you are comfortable) I want a woman's opinion about the

MIG73: machine, my wife and I are looking at buying one, and I want

MIG73: experienced users input.

Lisa: its a wild machine hon

MIG73: has it improved your love life?

Lisa: ohhh yes

MIG73: how so?

Lisa: well my man gets so hard an fat

MIG73: has it increased your ability to climax?

Lisa: oh yeahh

MIG73: what kind of difference has it made?

Lisa: im multi orgasmic now

MIG73: the trouble we have is that she is slow to go, and by the

MIG73: time shes ready, I am finished...I have read that the sybian

MIG73: can help this...

MIG73: but you weren't before...

Lisa: oh yes

MIG73: how often do you ride?

Lisa: about every day

MIG73: how long does the average ride last?

Lisa: an hour or more

MIG73: whoa! and how many o's in that hour?

Lisa: quite a few

MIG73: are they big ones or small ones?

Jeff: can you handle sybian and a partner at the same time?

Lisa: ohhhhhh yes

Jeff: and how is that handled?

Lisa: I give my man oral as im riding

Jim: how does the Sybian work

Cheryl: The woman selects from different size attachments. There is

Cheryl: no thrusting motion. If you point your index finger in the

Cheryl: air and twirl it in a circle that will approximate the

Cheryl: rotation movement

Cheryl: The sybian has two motions - rotation and vibration - each

Cheryl: controlled by separated variable speed controls

Paul: Are you hired to give info on here or are you here to help

Paul: others?

Cheryl: No, Paul, I am just a satisfied customer

Cheryl: My husband is at sea for 6-10 weeks at a time and then home

Cheryl: 4-6 weeks. I use it alone while he is gone and then we use

Cheryl: it together when he is here

Paul: Cheryl .. how often do you ride the Sybian (asking this Q and

Paul: trying not to blush?) ... may I ask your age?

Cheryl: Mid-30's and I ride almost daily when hub is gone and 2-3

Cheryl: times a week with him

sock: and I just ordered one

Richard: How old is she in any case?

Richard: Your wife will love it - let her chat to Terri here - she

Richard: loves hers.

Richard: You've just ordered one - let us know how you get on

sock: 62 years young

Richard: Okay Celia - how old are you

Richard: There a 45 day money back guarantee - if you try it you wont

Richard: be sending it back

Celia: 49

mark: do you own a sybian

summfunn: heard it is awesome

Diana: It is worth every dime

mark: did you like it right away or did it take some getting

mark: used to

mark: Diana can you tell us more please

Diana: It is great. I ride 3-5 times a week. It doesn't at all.

Diana: It will make her want the "real thing" even more after

Diana: riding

summfunn: with out being to personal how long is one of your

summfunn: sessions

Diana: I had a short learning curve as some women do. Others take

Diana: to it easily

mark: what is your favorite attachment

Diana: Most rides are 30-45 minutes with some over an hour

mark: did you buy it for yourself

Diana: Each woman is built differently so she will have to find

Diana: out what feels best to her. I bought it myself

summfunn: have you ever used it with a lover

Diana: I introduced the man I am seeing to it a few weeks ago

mark: Diana thank you for being candid

Diana: There are no doubts now whatsoever. It produces the most

Diana: intense orgasms I have ever achieved

Diana: I have had it almost two years.

Diana: If I hadn't found candid people here two years ago I never

Diana: would have bought it. Even then I had my doubts

summfunn: my wife has difficulty reaching orgasm all the time she has

summfunn: them but not often thought this might help

mark: do you think you're more orgasmic now after using it

Diana: There is no doubt I am more orgasmic since getting

Diana: it....even with my partner

mark: which attachments would you personally recommend

Diana: I usually use the medium standard or the medium lifelike

Diana: but, as I said, every woman is different

Pat: Diana, it there a big difference in using the stem as

Pat: opposed to using the spring with the attachments?

Diana: Yes there is. At first I found the stem too stiff and even a

Diana: little irritating. but recently I have tried it a few times

Diana: and have come to like it a little better

joe-mn: still been riding daily?

Cheryl: Almost daily.

joe-mn: ann rode Sunday night after our weekend away. had 8 O's, I

joe-mn: think

Cheryl: Wow... a great ride for her

joe-mn: sure was. and I got my reward afterwards.

Cheryl: I am sure you did too.

joe-mn: well, just stopped in to say hi. gotta go shower.

Cheryl: I had to work this past weekend but had some good ones after

Cheryl: work each night. I have been using the technique you told me

Cheryl: about

joe-mn: you like it? I'm glad.

Cheryl: I do those toward the end of my ride

Cheryl: They are unbelievable

joe-mn: yes, she had 4 regular O's last Sunday (if you could call

joe-mn: them regular) then 4 more like that.

joe-mn: well, that's what we are here for. teach each other about

joe-mn: sybian.

Cheryl: They sure take a lot out of me. I never knew I could explode

Cheryl: like that

joe-mn: sybian brings out pleasure most women probably didn't think

joe-mn: they were capable of feeling.

Cheryl: I end up crawling to bed on my hands and

joe-mn: that's great.

Suzanne: I was looking for some candid thoughts on Sybian

Cheryl: I have one Suzanne and would be willing to answer your

Cheryl: questions

Suzanne: Is it worth the $

Cheryl: It sure is. I know it is expensive but there is nothing like

Cheryl: it

whitey: Suzanne, how did you find out about sybian?

Suzanne: My husband told me about it

Suzanne: I can have one maybe two O's a evening, what would be the

Suzanne: difference

Cheryl: Suzanne... the sybian will teach you to have multi-o's

whitey: my wife was very similar, Suzanne. But the o's on sybian are

whitey: very different and much more powerful. and....she is much

whitey: more responsive during normal IC than before sybian! She now

whitey: has multiples during normal IC. that never happened before!

Suzanne: Even if I don't have much feeling inside vagina, just

Suzanne: Clitoris?

whitey: Suzanne, I will tell you that the sybian woke up my wife's

whitey: g-spot!

Cheryl: It will help you discover your gspot which it is designed

Cheryl: to stimulate

whitey: what was the technique that joe-mn shared with you? if you

whitey: care to answer...

Suzanne: Whitney thanks for the comments, Cheryl too

Suzanne: Sounds very promising

Cheryl: Each of the subsequent times I do it the controls are set a

Cheryl: little bit higher

Cheryl: I then do that several more times until it wears me out.

Cheryl: After 2-3 orgasms with the syb I turn the controls off. Then

Cheryl: I set the knobs at about the 3 o'clock position and push down

Cheryl: a little against the slipper. Then I turn the controls on

Cheryl: suddenly. The orgasm will build very fast and is very powerful

Suzanne: Whitey, do you ever find yourself jealous of the Sybian -

Suzanne: I'm concerned about that

wow! my wife sabut, the jolt is a whole new idea! how many time can you do

wow! my wife sathat before you are exhausted?

whitey: Suzanne,, NEVER! it is a tremendous turn on for me

whitey: and.....there are very nice rewards for me too!!!

Cheryl: I think five is the most I have done that way. It will have

Cheryl: her screaming Whitey

whitey: I'll have to suggest it and see what happens!

Cheryl: Do you understand how it works Suzanne?

Cheryl: Whitey, if you are running the controls it is so intense that

Cheryl: when she says "stop" she means now. Shut it off immediately

Suzanne: Basically, from the Web site - is there more?

Cheryl: The insert fits inside you and rotates. Point your finger

Cheryl: in the air and move that up in a circular motion. That

Cheryl: approximates the movement. Then the base of it vibrates

Cheryl: against your clitoris

whitey: thanks for that tip, Cheryl! I had a tendency to 'over do

whitey: it' when we first got it!

Cheryl: Each movement has a separate variable speed control knob

Suzanne: Cheryl, how long did it take to get the hang of it. Also,

Suzanne: if you don't mind can you climax with intercourse?

whitey: Suzanne, if you don't mind my asking, how old are you and

whitey: hubby?

Cheryl: I was able to climax on my first ride but just once. My

Cheryl: first multi-o came after several rides and I got the hang of

Cheryl: it. It has made me more responsive during IC. I can now

Cheryl: climax with my husband while having IC, which I rarely did

Cheryl: before

Suzanne: Not at all..fortyish

whitey: Cheryl, does it make any difference as to which attachment or

whitey: using the stem or spring when you perform the technique joe-

whitey: mn informed you?

Cheryl: I always use the spring

Ken: Hi, I just bought a Sybian and will be giving it to my wife

Ken: as a surprise this weekend. Do any of you own one?

Terri-diddle: Yes, Ken. I own one.

Ken: any tips for her on getting started?

Terri-diddle: Ken, your wife will love this

Ken: how long have you owned one?

Terri-diddle: I've had it a wonderful 4 months!

Ken: I ordered all the attachments. do you have any hindt for a

Ken: first timer, Terri?

Terri-diddle: It seems a lot of women here prefer the medium regular

Terri-diddle: attachment. I'd try that first.

Terri-diddle: Wow, you two are in for a treat. Start slow. Don't turn the

Terri-diddle: rotation and especially the vibration too high. The vibration

Terri-diddle: is very very intense.

Ken: ok, and if she starts with just the basic attachment with no

Ken: penetrator, does she turn on the knob for rotation too?

Terri-diddle: Most women here also prefer the spring versus the stem inside

Terri-diddle: the attachments. The stem provides a harder rub on the g-spot

Terri-diddle: and is uncomfortable for some. I like the stem.

Ken: We're both into stimulating her G Spot... That gets her off

Ken: more than anything else!

Ken: so, then, you either insert a spring or a stem into each

Ken: attachment?

Terri-diddle: Yes, either a spring or harder stem goes into each stem to

Terri-diddle: provide the rotation.

Terri-diddle: If you are just going to use the flat top at first you won't

Terri-diddle: use rotation, no.

Ken: Ok, and isn't there an attachment specifically for the G Spot

Ken: that has a bulb on the end of it?

Terri-diddle: Ken there is the g-max and that looks just like a trailer

Terri-diddle: hitch ball. That is a very good attachment for the g-spot.

Terri-diddle: Some women are small and have a hard time popping it in. Once

Terri-diddle: it's in its good. Then she'll have to "pop" it out again.

Ken: Hi Cheryl, Terri is giving me some hints on my wife using her

Ken: new Sybian. Do you own one too?

Cheryl: Yes, Ken, I do

Ken: She is worried about the fluids she releases when she has an

Ken: orgasm. I talked to the people at Sybian and they suggested

Ken: cutting a hole in a towel and laying it over the top, with

Ken: the attachment coming through the hole in the towel. Does

Ken: this sound good to both of you?

Cheryl: I guess some women do that but I have not found it a problem.

Cheryl: It cleans up very easily

Ken: Ok, thanks for the info. I'm sure we'll get it all figured

Ken: out. I'm really looking forward to watching her use it.

Cheryl: You might even want to let her have her first few rides solo

Ken: Thanks, Terri. Maybe I'll see you in here some other time and

Ken: give you a report.

southNJman: is it that good?

joe-mn: the day after my wifes first ride, she said she felt sorry

joe-mn: for every woman she saw, because they didn't know how good

joe-mn: it could feel to be a woman.

joe-mn: yes, absolutely

joey: machine, sybian or other will ever replace a

joey: great lover, but the sybian can induce amazing sensations

joey: for a woman...i find it just enhances the relationship

southNJman: but what about when you are doing her...does she want to use

southNJman: the toy after?

joe-mn: my wife had always been orgasmic, too. And this has brought

joe-mn: us closer than ever. she is a happier person overall, too.

joe-mn: it can't substitute affection, but it give better orgasms

joe-mn: than any human could.

Cheryl: My first multi-o took several rides.

Cheryl: I do keep it busy, usually once a day after work

joey: i know it is sometimes difficult on the first ride...i like

joey: to take my time, set a nice mood, and then I go really

joey: slow, and get used to the sensations very low, then very

joey: small steps up in speed...after 15 minutes of that, I am

joey: usually in a sweat

joe-mn: it's a very private thing for a woman. If you have surprised

joe-mn: her in the past with other toys, maybe it will be ok, but

joe-mn: most say it should be a mutual decision.

joe-mn: i've heard bad things about giving it as a surprise, but

joe-mn: sometimes it works out

Cheryl: I think it should be a mutual decision. The woman has to want

Cheryl: the sybian

lhot: Well , it depends , if she's in to toys already might be

lhot: alright but if not - talk to her first

joe-mn: last night we did it the old-fashioned way...with the

joe-mn: sonicare toothbrush

Cheryl: Yes. My hubby and I had discussed it and then I visited here

Cheryl: for a couple of months before I bought it

Greg: Doesn't it kind of reduce the amount of love making you give

Greg: him, Cheryl

Cheryl: Not at all. I want the real thing even more after riding and

Cheryl: he likes watching me ride

Greg: You sincerely mean that

Greg: I'm thinking this things sounds great for a women

Cheryl: Come back and bring your wife with you

Cheryl: The man will get a great deal of pleasure too

Greg: Cheryl, very interesting in-site

Cheryl: There are several woman here would be more than glad to

Cheryl: answer her questions

Greg: Cheryl, I'll consider that

Celia: I am looking forward to trying the sybian this weekend.

Diana: Just keep the speeds down low to start with

Diana: Don't put too much pressure on yourself Celia. Some women,

Diana: like me, had a learning curve to get used to it

whitey: Celia, are you married or single?

Celia: I will.

Diana: Men tend to run them to high too soon

whitey: there you go talking about me again, Diana! lol

Celia: On this too.

Diana: I would start with the rotation first at about the 25% level

Diana: and slowy add to the speed until it is about 50%.

Celia: You have got this down to a science.

Diana: I've had mine for almost two years

Diana: Then do the same with the vibrations

Celia: Diana, do you always ride alone?

Celia: Later on you'll will be ready to scream.

Diana: I have a man I see who has seen me ride

Celia: sounds exciting

Diana: If a woman is already orgasmic it will produce very intense

Diana: orgasms. If she isn't I am not sure it will help but it may

Diana: After riding I always want IC even more than I did before

Diana: He gets his reward after I'm done riding.

Diana: It is. He helps by kissing, caressing, fondling, etc

Dan: We are so busy with 3 kids and 2 careers that involve long

Dan: driving and also have a transcription business that we run at

Dan: our home the time we get to have any private time we

Dan: are both worn out.

Diana: I am sure it would be a great addition to your bedroom

Diana: activities. But I recommend it be a mutual decision to buy

Diana: one

Dan: We have been toying if you know what I mean. I think she

Dan: could use the sybian and she could enjoy it very much.. Is it

Dan: very loud..she has a couple of vibrators that when she uses

Dan: them we have to turn the stereo up so the kids wont hear the

Dan: buzz and the moaning.

Diana: It can be a loud but I use mine on a folded up comforter and

Diana: that helps dampen the noise, I also use it on the bed. In any

Diana: case, she may be louder than the syb

Dan: Why with all the modernizations do we not find thirty minutes

Dan: a day for sexual gratification....

Diana: It is something that a couple has to make time for

Dan: My wife can orgasm in about 10 minutes using her toys is the

Dan: sybian faster or is it the type that will bring you to orgasm

Dan: slowly?

Diana: It can do either. I prefer to let it run at lower speeds

Diana: initially to build up slowly

Dan: Explain the ..flat top?

joan: have sybian on a thick pad, folded blanket, or something to

joan: cushion the knees.

joan: use lots of lube

joan: ok, first...start with the smallest insert.

joan: The flat top just vibrates with no insert

sarah-t: uh-huh... what about the g-spot attachment?

joan: get in the mood first. maybe a hot bath. or an erotic book.

joan: no, wait and use the gmax attachment later.

joan: bigger is not necessarily better. you want max gspot

joan: stimulaton. so start small.

joe-mn: when you are ready, lube up and slide yourself on.

joan: have the slipper in place.

sarah-t: yeah, i know - it always just LOOKS sooooo cool when it

sarah-t: bigger - but it sure as hell doesn't always "work" sooooo

sarah-t: cool!!!

joan: start with rotation only for a few minutes to get

joan: comfortable and get the gspot stim started.

joan: make SURE the control knobs are set to the OFF position

joan: before turning on the switches. Trust me on this.

joan: make sure you are settled on comfortably....

joan: use the spring, not the stem.

sarah-t: ok......

joan: for the first many rides, I wouldn't go past 50% on either

joan: control.

joan: it's better to ride with controls low and take awhile then

joan: to crank it up. you will have a longer and better orgasm.

joan: anyway, after a few minutes on rotation, slowly introduce

joan: the vibration.

joan: use stem later, start with spring.

sarah-t: i'm listening...

joan: maybe turn the vibe down just a bit to keep it going longer.

joan: when you start to c*m, you probably will be able to c*m

joan: longer than you are used to. so just try to go with it as

joan: long as you can.

joan: in fact, it was the best orgasm of my life, and i have had

joan: over at least 2000 of them.

joan: My first ride took 40 minutes for her me to c*m. the ride

joan: and the orgasm were both fantastic.

joan: don't be in a hurry to C*m. the ride itself is very

joan: pleasurreable.

sarah-t: I envy you. - geez, i can hardly wait.

joan: just enjoy the ride. don't worry about "trying" to O. just

joan: relax and enjoy and the O will happen

joan: some women don't O the first time. don't worry if you don't.

joan: your body may need to adjust to the new sensations.

joan: if you currently use vibes, it may take awhile to get used

joan: to sybian.

sarah-t: uh-huh...

Celia: Hi Sarah

joan: there is plenty of experimenting to be done. using diffrent

joan: inserts, using spring or stem, different slipper

joan: positions....

joan: and don't worry about trying to multiple right away,

joan: although if you are in the mood, and want to try, what the

joan: heck

sarah-t: hi Celia. Thanks for the advice, Joan.

joan: after you have had the sybian for awhile, terri or I can

joan: teach you a technique that will blow your mind and make you

joan: scream uncontrollably. but it's not for beginners.

joan: different rotation speeds, different vibration

joan: settings...the variations are endless.

Georgia: Hi Cheryl, I was just reading and I see that you also own a

Georgia: sybian. How long have you had yours?

Cheryl: I have had mine for about 4 months. How about you?

Georgia: Hi whitey, yes, this is Georgia. I purchased the sybian in

Georgia: November, 2000. I do remember you, how are things going?

Cheryl: have an upcoming sybian aniiversary then. Are

Cheryl: you going to celebrate?

Georgia: Cheryl, are you enjoying the sybian? If you don't mind

Georgia: telling, what is your age? I am 51 3/4 and married 30 years.

Georgia: Cheryl, yes we are going to celebrate! Actually we are taking

Georgia: the sybian to Montreal for a 4 night romantic get away. That

Georgia: is where we took the sybian in Nov. 2000 shortly after

Georgia: getting it

Cheryl: I am late's 30's and it is wonderful. My hubby is an officer

Cheryl: on an oil tanker and therefore gone for weeks at a time

Cheryl: nice. My hubby and I celebrated with ours too when

Cheryl: he returned from sea

Georgia: Cheryl, I can see why the sybian is such a nice addition to

Georgia: you life. Late 30s for me was a time in my life when I was

Georgia: probably the most easily aroused. Thankfully, my husband and

Georgia: I still keep the sparks flying, just not quite as often as in

Georgia: the more "hormonal" years

Cheryl: It is almost a dialy activity while he is gone and 2-3 times

Cheryl: a week when he was home

Georgia: I need to go now. Goodbye everyone.

Terri-diddle: Cheryl, lately (in the past 2 weeks) I have been "riding the

Terri-diddle: wave" like you talked about. It is that awesome feeling right

Terri-diddle: before you orgasm. That wave is lasting longer and longer

Terri-diddle: every time. It starts in my legs and just slowly moves up my

Terri-diddle: body and engulfs it. That feeling is the most awesome

Terri-diddle: feeling.

chuck: how long do you usually stay on

Terri-diddle: My rides usually last about an hour.

Terri-diddle: Sometimes I orgasm so hard it feels like I'm going to lose my


Terri-diddle: Then the point of no return comes and there's the orgasm.

Cheryl: My rides are anywhere from 30 to 60 min

Cheryl: That wave is unbelievable. I ride that til I can't stand it

Cheryl: any more and then it just explodes

Terri-diddle: My orgasms definately double me over.

chuck: do you both do it alone or with partners

Cheryl: I use mine with my hubby when he is here and alone when he is

Cheryl: at sea

bill: Are you ladies around my age ..thirties to forties? just

bill: trying to get an idea

Cheryl: Late 30's

Terri-diddle: 37 years

woman: can i ask if any woman that is in the chat room has tried

woman: that machine......?

Cheryl: I have one, Sensual

Cheryl: sensual-

woman: is it really that good what they promise

woman: sensual-

woman: i heard about it and just checked out the website

Cheryl: I am willing to answer any questions you may have about it

Cheryl: sensual-

Terri-diddle: hi

woman: how long do you have it

Cheryl: I got it the end of June

Cheryl: I orginally had my doubts but after visiting here for a

Cheryl: couple of months and chatting here and in other rooms with

Cheryl: women who have them I decided it was for me. I haven't been

Cheryl: disappointed. It is better than I could have ever imagined

Cheryl: sensual-

woman: cheryl, are you single or married

Cheryl: Married but my hub is at sea for weeks at a time

Cheryl: sensual-

woman: it looks like an awesome machine

woman: sensual-

woman: i'm single

Cheryl: It produces the most powerful orgasms I ever had

Cheryl: I am alone a lot of the time and it is pefect for those

Cheryl: times when you need some satisfaction

Cheryl: sensual-

woman: how old are you cheryl if you don't mind me asking

Cheryl: Late 30's

Cheryl: sensual-

woman: have you used all the attachments too

Cheryl: Do you have a sybian Rita, or are you interested in it

Cheryl: No. I am small so I didn't order the bigger ones

Cheryl: sensual-

rita: i dont have one, i saw it first time on this site

Cheryl: I have had one for four months

Cheryl: It is wonderful. I am more than "satisfied". It produces the

Cheryl: most intense orgasms I've ever had

sweuscouple: does it take more effort or.....

sweuscouple: I come easily with my man, in what way would it be

sweuscouple: different now

Terri-diddle: The orgasms are very very intense. My orgasms are so

Terri-diddle: intense that they double me over now. I never had orgasms

Terri-diddle: like this before.

Cheryl: Your orgasms would be much more intense Sweuscouple

sweuscouple: is it not hard to hold yourself up when you cum so hard

sweuscouple: hmm

Cheryl: Your partner can help do that. it comes with a little stool

Cheryl: for him to sit on

Terri-diddle: To hold myself up I have the put the sybian if front of my

Terri-diddle: bed and the bed is there to support me when I cum.

sweuscouple: ok, so you lean forward, guess you need support when the

sweuscouple: collapse comes

Cheryl: That's true but then you will soon be back upright as the

Cheryl: next one approaches

sweuscouple: for how long time have you had the sybian

Cheryl: I have had mine since June. I climaxed the first ride and

Cheryl: had my first multi-o on it on about the 4th ride

Terri-diddle: "We now ride the wave. It is this feeling that begins

Terri-diddle: someplace in my legs and engulfs me. It goes up and takes

Terri-diddle: over my body before I orgasm.

Terri-diddle: Uhmm...I got used to it right away, the first time I got

Terri-diddle: O's. It just keeps getting better and better now. Cheryl

Terri-diddle: and I have both lengthened the wave that comes before the O

Terri-diddle: quite considerable.

sweuscouple: how is the .... with your hubby now better or do you prefer

sweuscouple: the sybian? I see a risk

Cheryl: It enhances the bedroom activities. After i ride, i want

Cheryl: him even more

sweuscouple: ok

bob: Don't recall the type of work you do.

Cheryl: I am a nurse.

bob: Cheryl, have you ever heard of any woman getting any medical

bob: problems from excessive usage of the syb ?

JOIN: DON has joined. (

Cheryl: Not that I know of


Cheryl: It produces the most intense orgasms I have ever achieved

Cheryl: At the same time, the base of it vibrates against your

Cheryl: clitoris. Each movement is controlled by separate variable

Cheryl: speed knobs

Cheryl: It has an insert that goes inside you and rotates against

Cheryl: the gspot. Point your finger in the air and rotate the tip

Cheryl: in a circle about the size of a quarter. That approximates

Cheryl: the movement

joel: we are new sybian owners about 3 weeks now

able: Cheryl hi How did it go for you the first time sybian and

able: her got together?

Cheryl: I climaxed my first ride and had mutlple on about the fifth

Cheryl: ride. It has gotten so much better since then now that I am

Cheryl: used to it

able: Used to it? what do you mean exactly?

joel: My wife was multi O before syb but not at anything like this

joel: level

able: Joel what was your first exerice like?

Cheryl: It takes some women a short adjustment period

joel: Somewhat intimidating for her its a big loud machine

Cheryl: Other have no problems with it right off

able: So noise is the only drawback Joel?

joel: soon the screams of extasy out play the viberation noise

joel: After she/we discovered it wouldn't injure her it was fine

joel: better than fine

able: I understand Joel. This has been very informative thanks

able: what insert would you recommend for the first ride joel and

able: cheryl?

Cheryl: I would recommend one of the smaller ones. It is designed to

Cheryl: massage a woman's gspot, which isn't inside very far

joel: I agree

Cheryl: I always use mine on the bed or on a piece of egg carton

Cheryl: foam covered with a comforter

joel: My wife can have a very pleasureable ride fully clothed just

joel: sitting on it with the "slipper" attachment

able: What are the odd we keep it if I order it on a trial basis?

Cheryl: I would say the odds are close to 100% if you give it a

Cheryl: chance. But, it should be a mutual decision to buy it

joel: The odds are very hi I think, we thought the 45 day try out

joel: would be it, but now confirmed we would not give it up

Julie: I'm interested in the syb ... but would like to find out

Julie: more first. Are you an owner?

joe-mn: Hi Julie. my wife uses sybian.

Cheryl: I am an owner Julie. I have had mine since June

Julie: Cheryl, is it all that I've heard it is? Are there any

Julie: negatives about it?

Cheryl: It is unbelievable. It produces them most powerful orgasms

Cheryl: I have ever had

joe-mn: my wife would ditto what cheryl just said.

Julie: The hard part for me is convincing my husband ... he

Julie: thinks he satisfies me just fine, but that's not the case

joe-mn: she came 6 times the other night, 3 while I was gone, 3

joe-mn: with me.

joe-mn: I hope so cheryl. I love it every time she rides, even when

joe-mn: I'm not there.

joe-mn: Julie, it was my idea to get sybian for my wife. she

joe-mn: didn't think she needed it, but she wouldn't be without it

joe-mn: now.

Cheryl: They can foreclose on the mortgage, repossess my car or

Cheryl: terminate my job, but they can't have my syb

samantha: Do you ride alot Cheryl? And does your wife ride a lot joe?

joe-mn: 16 months with sybian, that is. 23 years married

joe-mn: when circumstances permit, she usually rides about 3 times a

joe-mn: week

joe-mn: will be celebrating 16 month anniversary next tuesday

Cheryl: When my husband is gone I ride almost daily. When he is here

Cheryl: 2-3 times a week

samantha: Have you been married long Cheryl? And joe?

samantha: 16 month with a sybian?

Cheryl: I got mine last June. I've been married 16 years

joe-mn: 23 for us

samantha: she is the one who introduced it to me.... Im quite gled she

samantha: did!

samantha: I have only been riding it for about 8 months

Cheryl: About a year ago saw it in a video. I then visited

Cheryl: this site for a couple of months before I decided

Cheryl: wanted one

samantha: Have you developed any favorite attachments yet? Or

samantha: do you like them all?

joe-mn: i visited about 1 day before i knew i wanted to get

joe-mn: it. But it took about 6 months to convince the wife

joe-mn: that she wanted it.

Cheryl: I usually use the mediam standard, the one with the

Cheryl: vertical ridges

joe-mn: as tears of joy ran down her face

joe-mn: after her first ride, just after she came back to the real

joe-mn: world, i asked her if we should send it back. She just

joe-mn: laughed

joe-mn: that is ann's favorite, too

samantha: Yes that is a good one but I really love the gmax

Cheryl: It is a little to big for me to insert easily so I start with

Cheryl: one of the others first and then use the gmax

samantha: I know what you mean Cheryl. I do that too. So do you

samantha: like the gmax as well?

Cheryl: Yes, I do Samantha once I get it in

samantha: How long do you usually ride Cheryl?

Cheryl: I guess average is 30-45 min with some over an hour.

Cheryl: You?

samantha: I think it is about 20-30min each ride. I prefer having

samantha: shorter but more rides than longer. When im very horny,

samantha: i can ride really long...

Cheryl: I like to make mine last and make it build. I always start

Cheryl: with rotation for the first 10 min or so at a slow speed and

Cheryl: slowly increasing it. Then I start adding the vibes the same

Cheryl: way

samantha: Do you have any time during the day when you feel like riding

samantha: the most?

samantha: Yes. That is what I do as well when I am riding.

Cheryl: and then sometimes again when I get up...blushing

Cheryl: My husband is at sea a lot and I work the evening shift in a

Cheryl: hospital. So, I usually ride after getting home

samantha: May i ask how old you are?

samantha: There is nothing like that morning ride on it?.... *big

samantha: smile*

Cheryl: I,m in my mid 30'

samantha: Im 23

ken: ladies...mind if i ask? how often can you tolerate to

ken: ride your machines? daily? weekly? or is there no such

ken: thing as too often? what i'm wondering is... can they

ken: "overstimulate" yourself?

Cheryl: I have never been "overstimulated" on it. I ride several

Cheryl: times a week

ken: do you generally follow the same routine or procedure?

ken: or try different combinations of the functions?

samantha: we have never experienced that either Ken

ken: does it take the place of the male organ for you? or do

ken: you still want that too? what im afraid of is my wife

ken: will use it to replace me if i get her one

samantha: I dont think it would replace you Ken.

Cheryl: It is still just a machine and can't kiss, cuddle or hold

Cheryl: me. I want the real thing even more after riding

ken: how long have you had yours Cheryl?

Cheryl: Since June

ken: would you part with it?

Cheryl: Not at all

samantha: ken - do you think your wife might want one?

samantha: It is a fantastic machine!

Cheryl: It is designed to rotate against a woman's gspot. No, it

Cheryl: leaves me completely satisfied and satiated

ken: Samantha. im not sure...she's very conservative...wont even

ken: masterbate...but... not sure...

Cheryl: Don't surprise her. It needs to be a mutual decision to

Cheryl: buy it

ken: i know.... i wouldn't buy one as a surprise... just

ken: gathering data at this point...

samantha: if you both agree on it, i think it is money well spent

samantha: and you won't regret it

Cheryl: It is worth every dime

ken: im sure i would want one for us...but not sure if my wife

ken: would agree to even try it.. like i said..she doesn't even

ken: masterbate..she feels it is my duty to pleasure my

ken: biggest hurdle is to get her past that.

Cheryl: That's a bigger problem than the sybian can handle

samantha: ken - maybe you should start with some smaller toys first?

Cheryl: May I ask if you mastubate her or give her oral s*x, Ken?

ken: Cheryl...yes. i stimulate her with my hand to warm her

ken: up...and lick her as often as she lets me... she doesn't O

ken: from either of those though...she needs to be penetrated for

ken: that...

ken: i suggested that... she is even hesitant to try that... what

ken: type do you recommend for beginners? some friends of ours

ken: got a soft rubber cock shaped vib...she loves it...wife is

ken: still sceptical.

TimC: and more so shes 10 yrs younger than I , so she has needs

TimC: that I cant fulfill

pat: TimC, if you don't mind telling, how old are you and your

pat: wife ?

TimC: Terri did you use yours more at first or more after getting

TimC: to know how ?

TimC: Im just hoping she will relax and go with the thrill of this

TimC: , shes very negative to toys

TimC: im 62 and shes 52

Terri-diddle: It just gets better and better TimC. I keep learning and

Terri-diddle: trying new things.

Terri-diddle: I used it every day back then, when I could, but now I look

Terri-diddle: for reasons to send hubby to the store or whatever. (the poor

Terri-diddle: guy) I ride 2 or 3 times a day if I can. I stay up all night

Terri-diddle: playing lately. mmmm

Terri-diddle: More now.

TimC: Terri how old are you ?

TimC: well that leads to another question , how long did you ride

TimC: at first , that is how long were your sessions > if you

TimC: prefer not to answer i will respect that

Terri-diddle: 37 years old

TimC: my you led a very sheltered life , you never saw a vib before

TimC: last year ?

Terri-diddle: I had never used toys or masturbated. I thought I wasn't

Terri-diddle: interested in s*x either. So it wasn't a problem that my

Terri-diddle: husband wasn't interested. Then I grew. I learned. I wanted.

Terri-diddle: I saw. Now we are two very very different people. I asked him

Terri-diddle: to grow with me. He said he doesn't need that.

neverbefore: is it really that exciting?

Terri-diddle: neverbefore, it causes me to have very intense orgasms, but

Terri-diddle: it will never replace a man

TimC: I recd a confirmation from ABCO yesterday and they said it

TimC: will be here

neverbefore: thank goodness

Terri-diddle: Joe-mn brought his wife to this website a couple times. He

Terri-diddle: showed her the abco video, and a couple of other video clips

Terri-diddle: as well and one day after about 3 months she said she'd try

Terri-diddle: it.

Terri-diddle: The question many men have is how do I get my wife

Terri-diddle: interested? Well, she has to want this for it to be worth it

Terri-diddle: to get one.

Terri-diddle: Does your wife have any toys now?

ingrid: I think there are a lot of women out who doesn't wan't it as

ingrid: a substitute for a man, but rather as extra...

ingrid: It is as good as we all say it is, so it is money well

ingrid: spent!!

Diana: Having a syb is a definite improvement to one's bedroom

Diana: activities, whether with a partner or alone

Diana: Yes, It is still just a machine and can't love you back

ingrid: How long have you had yours Diana? And how often do you

ingrid: ride?

Diana: I've had mine a little over two years and ride 4-5 times a

Diana: week

ingrid: Mm-mmm... Good. Do you have any favorite attachments?

Diana: Usually the medium regular

Terri-diddle: my bedroom activities have surely increased this past week!

Terri-diddle: omg. I play all night.

Joni: I am almost 50 and I am married

Joni: Hi I am thinking about buying this device Please help me

Joni: decide please

Terri-diddle: at the right time too

Joni: Wonderful!!

Diana: Mnay of the owners here fall into that age category

Diana: It is an incredible machine

ingrid: Some of us in the younger generation loves it as well!

Joni: Diana how long have you had yours?

Diana: I got mine a little over two years ago

Joni: How often do you use it?

Diana: I am divorced so I average 4-5 times a week

ingrid: i got mine just over a year and a half ago...

Joni: Ingrid I thought that this would help me be a better lover

Georgia: If it enhances the sexual aspect of the relationship and

Georgia: helps to keep the love making interesting, we figure that

Georgia: it is much less expensive than marriage counseling in the

Georgia: future

Georgia: Hi, yes I have a sybian. I am a 52 year old married woman.

Georgia: Both of us have no regrets about our purchase. It was a lot

Georgia: of fun coming to the decision to purchase the sybian. This

Georgia: chat room was great to get info on it.

Interested: Today she called me and said she was sexually frustrated

Interested: because no matter how hard she tried she couldn't orgasm. I

Interested: can't help thinking that this may work even better than the

Interested: shower (besides, it won't run out of hot water).

Interested: She has just recently discovered masturbation (after 10

Interested: years of encouragement) and she enjoys her shower massager

Interested: (alot) and a couple of simple vibrators.

Georgia: Interested, how long have you been married and you ages?

Georgia: If she is just beginning to become comfortable with her sex

Georgia: quality, be patient and loving. That is how my husband was

Georgia: and it paid off for both of us

Interested: That may be good. I am 32, she is 31 and we've been married

Interested: for 10 years.

Georgia: Interested, that is great! You are in a secure marriage and

Georgia: she is approaching her sexual peak. We have been married over

Georgia: 30 years, and the sex, play, fun and sex and sex is so much

Georgia: better now. We are both comfortable, secure, loving and it is

Georgia: OK to be just plain silly and have fun

Tammi: I just love it. I ride after work, it is great for stress

joe-mn: wife hasn't ridden since mid december. kids home from college

Cheryl: I assume Ann is looking forward to bringing the sybian out of

Cheryl: exile, Joe

Cheryl: It agree that it sure removes the stress of work and makes me

Cheryl: sleep better

joe-mn: yes, she misses it. I know because I asked her.

Lucy54: I own mine since December 24 and I am getting used to it

Joan: is there any one particular attachment that you like better

Joan: then the others

Lucy54: I prefer the flat top and the large real like, combined with

Lucy54: the slipper

Joan: can you use the slipper with the large real like, and does

Joan: that stimulate your clitoris ?

Joan: does it bring exciting s e x to your life ?

Lucy54: very!

Joan: you riding the sybian now lucy, ??

Joan: is it more fun with a partner Lucy ?

Joan: how long do you ride Lucy ?

Lucy54: I am from Holland

Lucy54: No, of course not Joan!

Ingrid: UK here...

Ingrid: what are your ages?

majortom: i am 52

Joan: i am from kansas and am 53 here

Lucy54: I am 54

Joan: i am looking to expand my sexual experiences and am hoping

Joan: this will do it

diddled: Have you learned anything new Lucy?

diddled: Terri-

diddled: You told me to try the large real like and gives

diddled: explosions! lol

diddled: Terri-

diddled: Lucy, I learned from you!!!!

diddled: Terri-

diddled: Happy to see you are enjoying your sybian Lucy

Lucy54: I now combine the large with the slipper. GREAT!

Lucy54: Terri-

Terri-diddled: yes Joan, I ride everyday, if I

Terri-diddled: have time I will ride two or 3

Terri-diddled: times a day.

Terri-diddled: Yes, I have the slipper on all the time.

Ingrid: Lucy, have you had your sybian a

Ingrid: long time? And how often do you

Ingrid: ride?

Lucy54: I bought it myself, Ingrid

Lucy54: I got it on December 24, and

Lucy54: ride daily...

Joan: how long do your rides last

Joan: terry ?

Ingrid: Lucy, how long do you ride

Ingrid: each time?

Ingrid: it is possible to buy presents

Ingrid: for yourself, isn't it?

Lucy54: I did, indeed. You own one

Lucy54: Ingrid?

Ingrid: yes i do Lucy

Lucy54: That really differs, between 20

Lucy54: minutes and 1 1/2 hours (till now).

Terri-diddled: My rides last about an

Terri-diddled: hour and 15 minutes

Joan: how often you use yours

Joan: ingrid ?

Lucy54: Are you a lesbian,

Lucy54: Ingrid?

Ingrid: i would say bi Lucy

Ingrid: i ride everyday

Barbie: hi all

Joan: hello Barbie, how are you?

Joan: do you have sybian

Barbie: yes i do joan - i love it

Joan: good then, how long you have

Joan: it Barbie ?

Ingrid: how old are you barbie? and

Ingrid: how often do you ride?

Barbie: ingrid i am 33 - how about you?

Barbie: for nearly a year now

Ingrid: im 22

Barbie: when i returned from vacation i rode like

Barbie: five minutes and had about 4 O's

Barbie: joan i will go to a chat if you desire but

Barbie: i am at work and sont want to im or email -

Barbie: dont want superiors to catch wind of this

Barbie: site

Barbie: ingrid i ride around 3-5 times per

Barbie: week

Barbie: what are you doing today ingrid

bill: So Craig, can you provide your opinion on

bill: how your wife having a syb has improved her

bill: sexuality or changed things if at all

bill: between the 2 of you ?

Cheryl-n-Craig:When she rides with me present, she

Cheryl-n-Craig:usually has several climaxes before we

Cheryl-n-Craig:end up making love.

Cheryl-n-Craig:When we use it together, it is part

Cheryl-n-Craig:of our foreplay routine

Cheryl-n-Craig:We have always had a monogamous marriage

Cheryl-n-Craig:even though I am at sea a good deal of the

Cheryl-n-Craig:time. She and I have had a fun and

Cheryl-n-Craig:probably typical love life. I am pleased

Cheryl-n-Craig:she got the sybian.

JohnD: Craig, that has to be a fantastic

JohnD: turn on for you.

Cheryl-n-Craig:It does lead to some fabulous lovemaking

joel: We live far out in the country and noise

joel: control over my wives screaming while using

joel: the syb is not an issue

joel: The sybian has been a great addition to our

joel: intimate lives too!!

Cheryl-n-Craig:We live in a rural area, so noise is not

Cheryl-n-Craig:an issue with us

Jill: joe, is ann a keen rider? do you always watch

Jill: her/ use the controls etc.?

joe-mn: Jill, sometimes she rides when I'm not here. Other

joe-mn: times i am here, but she sometimes likes to be

joe-mn: alone. She can just concentrate on her own pleaures

joe-mn: and thoughts that way. I have no problem with that,

joe-mn: if that makes her happy. No matter where I am in

joe-mn: the house, I can hear her c*mming, though. That

joe-mn: makes me happy

joe-mn: if I run the controls, it is always at her

joe-mn: instruction. she knows better than I do what feels

joe-mn: good

joe-mn: out of 10 rides, she is alone for 6 or 7. the

joe-mn: rest i am with her

Cheryl-n-Craig:Jill...I'm a rider and Craig is a

Cheryl-n-Craig:watcher/assistant. I agree with Joe, the woman

Cheryl-n-Craig:has to give good instructions. Men tend to run

Cheryl-n-Craig:it too fast too soon

Jill: Joe, i can imagine it must be such a turn on

Jill: listening to your wife when she rides.

joe-mn: yes, it really is.

Jill: Joel, how old are you and your wife? (if you don't

Jill: mind me asking...)

joel: jill we are early 60's

joe-mn: craig....what were your thoughts the first time you saw

joe-mn: cheryl on the sybian?

joe-mn: and when she's done riding the syb, she wants

joe-mn: me in bed.

Cheryl-n-Craig:Cheryl...I ride amost daily when Craig is gone and I

Cheryl-n-Craig:guess we average 2-3 times a week when he is here

Cheryl-n-Craig:I was awestruck. She had had it for a few weeks because

Cheryl-n-Craig:she ordered it while I was at sea. She had ridden it

Cheryl-n-Craig:once while I was on the phone with her but I never

Cheryl-n-Craig:dreamed how erotic it would be in person

joe-mn: craig, it's great to see the woman you love have so much

joe-mn: pleasure, isn't it.

joel: Jill--she usually rides 2-3 times a month she is out

joel: of town alot most weeks just here on weekends usually is a tremendous turn-on. I am not

Cheryl-n-Craig:threatened by it at all. Instead, I find it very


joe-mn: I videotaped ann's first ride. for eductational purposes. i

joe-mn: ran the controls, and whenever i adjusted the knobs, i'd use

joe-mn: finger signals to indicate what i did. the idea was to watch

joe-mn: the tape later and see what may have gone wrong. turns out

joe-mn: everything went great. she had the best O of her life

joel: I agree with Craig what a turn on !!

Lucy54: Whitey, I think I did everything wrong that I possibly

Lucy54: could... too much vibration, sitting wrong, wrong position,

Lucy54: too much pressure....

joe-mn: jim, it is very important to do that first ride right. i

joe-mn: asked many questions here and ann's first ride was great. so

joe-mn: if you get one, i'll give you the list of do's and don'ts.

joe-mn: she didnt' think she needed sybian, since i have always

joe-mn: satisfied her. but sybian orgasms are so far above regular

joe-mn: orgsms, it' like a moped vs. a cadillac

joe: So Lucy54, do you plan on keeping the syb or haven't

joe: decided yet ? Has it provided more O's and multi-O's than

joe: in the past ?

Lucy54: I will keep it joe, I really enjoy it now.

pat: lucy have you tried using both the stem and springs with the

pat: attachments to compare which feels better? if so which do you

pat: prefer ?

Lucy54: I'm widowed, Whitey and 54 is my age.

Lucy54: I did Pat and the stems I put away... I prefer the springs,

Lucy54: by far!

whitey: how often do you use your sybian now, lucy?

whitey: so, you bought the Sybian for yourself? that is really

whitey: cool!

Lucy54: Daily and when I have time (weekend) sometimes 2 or 3 times.

looking: does it really feel that good

Terri-diddle: ohhhhh yes it sure does. The orgasms are so intense and the

Terri-diddle: build before the orgasms is so awesome. Oh and that wave

Terri-diddle: right before the orgasm washes over. mmmmmmmm

Cheryl: Terri just described it perfectly

Terri-diddle: These are all things that I've noticed since

Terri-diddle: sybian looking. Before that an orgasm was an

Terri-diddle: orgasm. Now I've learned to control them,

Terri-diddle: make them longer, enjoy them in different

Terri-diddle: ways.

looking: does your husband mind the competition

Terri-diddle: It is just an aid. Partners can assist while

Terri-diddle: riding sybian.

Terri-diddle: It is not competition either....every woman

Terri-diddle: who gets off one of these things wants their

Terri-diddle: partner even more!!

Terri-diddle: No, husbands love to see their wives on

Terri-diddle: sybian. It is a great turn on for them.

Cheryl: Terri...what's the most rides you have had in

Cheryl: a day?

Cheryl: My hubby does not consider it competion but

Cheryl: instead a great addition to our bedroom

Cheryl: activities

Terri-diddle: 5 about a week ago. oh man, what a day.

Cheryl: Waco...the sybian provides the most intese

Cheryl: orgasms I have ever had

Cheryl: I did four rides in about a 16 hour period

Cheryl: whole body was like jello after

waco: Cheryl, the wand gives me sometimes as many

waco: as a dozen orgasms, I guess I'll have try

waco: Sybian if you think it is even better

waco: Terri, I have a Hitachi Magic Wand that is

waco: wonderful. Could Sybian be any better?

Cheryl: the sybian O's last 2 minutes or more.

Cheryl: Waco..the intesity is what your will find

Cheryl: different with the syb. The orgasms are much

Cheryl: more powerful

waco: Wow! Well maybe it is time, thanks all.

joe-mn: sometimes my wife have orgasmslonger than 2

joe-mn: minutes.

waco: What do you mean sometimes longer. How long

waco: can an orgasm last?

joe-mn: she has had O's last over 3 minutes

Terri-diddle: well, that is wave after wave after wave.

Terri-diddle: over and over and over. just as you come down

Terri-diddle: from one, there is another.

Terri-diddle: If you go poly it can last an hour. omg. mmm

Cheryl: Waco...This is the truth. With the syb the

Cheryl: waves come one on top of another. It is like

Cheryl: having a 10-15 min continuous O

waco: What is poly?

Terri-diddle: polyorgasmic is a word.

Terri-diddle: polyorgasms. even more frequent and closer

Terri-diddle: together than multiorgasms.

joe-mn: anyway, my point was that before sybian, she

joe-mn: never came close to O with just IC alone.

happy-guy: poly o's must cause the brain to start

happy-guy: smoking after a while

joe-mn: the only way i could make her c*m with IC

joe-mn: alone was if i put my hand between us and

joe-mn: diddled her clit as we did it

mr-pat: joe, are you saying the syb made your wife

mr-pat: have more vaginal sensitivity to now have O's

mr-pat: with I.C. ?

Cheryl: Pat...that happened with me. I climax much

Cheryl: easier during IC than I did before and have

Cheryl: recently started having mutli-o's that way

Cheryl: ,too

Linda: Diana, have you tried Sybian any time

Diana: I have had one for over two years, Linda

Linda: nice i got one 2 month ago... how often do u

Linda: use yours?

Diana: Congratulations on your purchase....I average

Diana: 4-5 times a week

Linda: 1st 2-3 weeks i was on it "all the time"

Diana: It took me a few rides to get accustomed to

Diana: it and a few weeks to really realize what it

Diana: could do for me

Linda: Diana.. How long do you normaly use it each

Linda: time?

Diana: Most of my rides are 30-45 min with some over

Diana: an hour

Linda: on average 30-60 min... but have tried a few

Linda: "marathons" as well

Diana: I've been on few marathons but then end up

Diana: crawling to bed on hands and knees

Linda: LOL... weŽll for me it was a tthin i just HAD

Linda: to try... I was watching video at the same

Linda: time... and was much of the time on lower

Linda: speed just to keep myself "close to the edge"

Diana: I always start out with just the rotation at

Diana: a slow speed and slowly increase it

Linda: I think it was about 4-5 hrs in total... with

Linda: the last 30 min far over the top with "full

Linda: blast"

Diana: I could never take full blast that long

Linda: i dont think i really could either... i sat

Linda: piled up to be comfortable and i think i

Linda: fainted

Jim: my wife and I are considering buyin a sybian,

Jim: any advice for newbies?

Diana: Yes, I am sure she will find it worth every

Diana: penny, as will you

Jim: should I expect to be replaced lol

Linda: sometime when i use it with a partner he sits

Linda: in front of me... ready so to speak... when i

Linda: am just about to peek i switch to him...

Linda: lowering myself slowly and just rubbing my

Linda: clit

Jim: and multiple O's are really possible?

Linda: Ohhhhh yes indeeeed

Jim: and I guess how high / fast is high or is it

Jim: just not reachable?

Jim: and do you prefer to control it yourself or

Jim: have your partner control the speed

Jim: how variable is the speed control?

Jim: she has a variety of toys, this seems like

Jim: the next logical step

Terri-diddle: The speed control goes from very slow to very

Terri-diddle: fast. And each function has its own control.

Terri-diddle: Rotation and vibration.

Jim: kind of like our rabbit only lots bigger lol

Terri-diddle: The sybian is absolutely awesome Jim. There

Terri-diddle: is nothing better.

Jim: how long have you had yours Terri?

Terri-diddle: I have had it for 6 months now.

Jim: how long can you stay on it without having an

Jim: orgasm, can you set it low and play for a

Jim: while

Terri-diddle: yes, all day if I want to. But I can also get

Terri-diddle: on it and O within 45 seconds.

joe-mn: the very first ride, she had the best orgasm

joe-mn: of her life. second best wasn't even close

joe-mn: it appears to be overwhelming pleasure for

joe-mn: her. She could cumm longer than 2 mintues

joe-mn: easily and sometimes does, but the only limit

joe-mn: to how long an O lasts is how long you can

joe-mn: stand that much pleasure

joe-mn: and I can love her as she rides. there is a

joe-mn: stool that comes with it. I sit on the stool

joe-mn: and hug and kiss her, caress, fondle, pull,

joe-mn: lick, suck, insert things, etc. It's great

joe-mn: for us both

joe-mn: and she has become very oral since we got it.

joe-mn: she loves to have me in her mouth while

joe-mn: riding.

joe-mn: hard to describe how, but her O's are VERY

joe-mn: intense.....she says it's like having waves

joe-mn: of pure pleasure flowing thru her whole body

joe-mn: she now rides 2 or 3 times a week, has 4-8

joe-mn: o's per session, many of them lasting over 2

joe-mn: minutes. some of them literally make her

joe-mn: scream

joe-mn: she was always orgamsmic before, had over

joe-mn: 2300 O's before sybian. her first sybian o

joe-mn: was by far the best ever, and they just got

joe-mn: better and better

joe-mn: wife is 47, has had sybian 16 months as of

joe-mn: today.

sam: how did you finily convince her to get the

sam: syb?

joe-mn: showed her video clips on the internet, came

joe-mn: to chat room almost daily and asked

joe-mn: questions....

Georgia: The rotations of the insert feel

Georgia: entire body melting away

Georgia: feeling When the vibrations are added, the

Georgia: O's just come in waves. Of course, most women

Georgia: want it to last and take it slow and easy to

Georgia: build up the feelings.

Georgia: I am 52 years old, married for 30 years,

Georgia: owned the sybian for more than 2 years, NO it

Georgia: is not going to be returned,,,,no way. We

Georgia: would give up the TV first

Georgia: Jill, the sybian outlasts most users life

Georgia: time it is well built.

Georgia: Jill Curious, if you are already a s exually

Georgia: adventurous type, you will LOVE the sybian.

joe-mn: sam, my wife loves the trailer hitch ball.

joe-mn: really hits the gspot

Georgia: Most women like to take time to become

Georgia: accustomed to the sybian and prefer not to

Georgia: feel "performance" pressure from their

Georgia: partner / husband. At first, it is best for

Georgia: the woman to run to controls to find out what

Georgia: feels best for her. Lubricant can't be

Georgia: stressed enough, such as lots of astroglide.

joe-mn: i think most women like all the inserts, just

joe-mn: depends on their mood that day

Georgia: Jill, it is almost impossible not to have

Georgia: orgasms with the sybian, but I am sure it is

Georgia: less pleasurable when the woman is

Georgia: distracted.

joe-mn: georgia, can I tell what you did here one

joe-mn: recent monday morning?

Georgia: The way the syb came about was that about 1.5

Georgia: years before sybian came into our lives My

Georgia: patient and loving husband would provide the

Georgia: interesting materials regarding sybian at the

Georgia: appropriate moments. After a romantic

Georgia: weekend, I was in the I came to the

Georgia: website, then chat, and the rest is history.

Georgia: Jill, if you already have O's easily, the

Georgia: sybian will give you multiply O's one right

Georgia: after the next. I have always had o's easily

Georgia: with hand held vibrators, but the sybian is

Georgia: different.

joe-mn: watching my wife finger herself is about the

joe-mn: biggest turnon there is

Georgia: I just did a search and 4.4 to 6.5 is in the

Georgia: mid range, over that it can be uncomfortable

Georgia: to the woman. Also, most of the sensations

Georgia: are felt by the woman at the beginning of the

Georgia: vagina.

Georgia: Jill, most men get so turned on watching and

Georgia: being with the woman on the sybian, that it

Georgia: is a "win-win". Really does enhance the

Georgia: couples se xual experiences and elevates the

Georgia: relationship to a higher level of lust It

Georgia: is great for us long time married types who

Georgia: are always seeking more know the

Georgia: fireworks go off in our own back yards

joel: We own a sybian for about 2 months now

pat-male: Do you think you will keep it ? Did the wife

pat-male: have any initial problems that through using

pat-male: it she resolved ?

IDLE: Linda was idle over 5 minutes and has been

IDLE: removed.

joel: Simply dealing with the noise at first and

joel: some abrasion problems and early intimidation

joel: by the size and volume of the machine however

joel: these were soon resolved

joel: for sure we will she had minor problems at

joel: first but overcame them

pat-male: you mentioned you wife initially got

pat-male: abrasions. Can you expand as to where and

pat-male: what she was doing wrong and what she did to

pat-male: eliminate this ?

joel: yes it was interesting--she was multi O prior

joel: to syb but this is not to be beleived

joel: rug burns on her knees--slight internal from

joel: not enough lube

joel: reading the instructions first she said wow

joel: lets try it

pat-male: you said she was multi o prior, how has the

pat-male: syb changed her O's ?

joel: another issue is besides the machine noise is

joel: the loud screaming from the rider we live far

joel: out in the country but I wouldn't think this

joel: would go over to well in an apartment setting

joel: more intense and more of them also alot of

joel: fluid production sometimes soaks a small hand

joel: towel

pat-male: How long does each ride last for your wife on

pat-male: the syb and it used during your foreplay

pat-male: prior to I.C. ?

joel: she prefers me to run the controls says it

joel: distracts her to

joel: she seems unable to control it

joel: 15-20 minutes and up to 10-12 O's very erotic

joel: she is completly exhausted subsequent I.C.

joel: great

Jill: Diana, i am looking to get more out of s e x, or should i say

Jill: maybe more of it with this machine

Mitch: Jill...I understand it can be a great substitue...but it

Mitch: won't replace a man..coz u will not get the warmth of a man

Diana: Jill, it produces the most intense climaxes I have ever

Diana: achieved

Jill: or are you worn out after reaching such intense climaxes. ?

Jill: well Diana, can you then go onto s e x with a man after these

Jill: climaxes ?

Diana: I have. It makes me want the real thing even more after

Diana: riding

Jill: after riding it for a while will that make you too

Jill: sensitive for a man

Diana: No. The best part of the sybian is that it makes you more

Diana: gspot aware so your clitoris doesn't get as sesnsitive

Jill: how often do you ride this Diana, and how long do you ride

Jill: ?

Diana: I ride 4-5 times a week and most of them are 30-45 min with

Diana: a few an hour or more

helen: im very disappointed in my sybian takes forever to orgasm

Cheryl: Helen...try it by starting with just the rotation first,

Cheryl: starting at low speeds and slowly increasing them over about

Cheryl: 10-15 minutes. Then start the vibrations in the same manner

becky: had you used any other type of toys prior to getting your

becky: sybian?

Cheryl: Yes, I had several other toys, but nothing that compares to

Cheryl: the sybian

becky: what's it like compared to the real thing?

Cheryl: It produces incredible, intense orgasms, but it is still just

Cheryl: a machine that can't kiss, hold, cuddle or love you

becky: ever have anyone watch you use yours? Are you married / bf?

becky: Sometimes it's worth doing without the cuddling to get the

becky: full orgasm. At least for me

Cheryl: I am married but my hubby is often at sea. He watches when

Cheryl: he is home

sara: had my 1st sybian experience yesterday and all I can say is

bill: Are you in the eastern or western sun belt ?

sara: she hooked me up with a friend of hers that owns one

sara: one of my girlfriends told me about it, I linked into a

sara: couple of sites to see what is was and what it did

sara: just wanted any woman out there that is thinking about a

sara: sybian to know it is better than advertised

sara: southeast, Florida

bill: did you have multi-O's prior to using the syb and did the

bill: syb give you multi-Os? How long was your ride the first time

bill: ?

sara: multiples for sure...maybe 15 minutes, that was all I could

sara: take, I almost fainted

sarah: after that final O, the heat between my legs is awesome, but

sarah: the rest of me gets real chilled and real fast

sarah: then I just lie on the floor with my legs shaking and abbs

sarah: bouncing

sarah: Once I hit the 30-40 minute mark, no matter how many Os I

sarah: have had leading to that point, I seem to hit one long never

sarah: ending O which just keeps rolling until I finally fall off

Mitch: I've seen videos where a woman would ride until she falls off

Mitch: shaking

sarah: thats what happens to me Mitch if I push it too far

Diana: Helen... also first try using just the rotation at first

Diana: at slower speed and then slowly increase them

Diana: Make sure you get the slipper adjusted just right

lhot: Lot's of lube and warm your attachments before using ,

lhot: seems to help me and I like the med. insert

Diana: you have the slipper with the slope facing toward

Diana: or away from you?

Diana: Helen...don't "sit" on it but carry your weight on your knees

Diana: as if you were having IC in the female superior postion

joel: When we first got the syb, my wife was very tentative at

joel: first, the intimadation factor, she had concerns it would

joel: injure her in some way. But that passed quickly after a few

joel: rides

joel: Tom-my wife can sit on the syb, with the flat top on, fully

joel: clothed and have O's

Cheryl: I love my syb. How long have you had yours?

Alycia: About 4 months, love mine to, use it nearly every day

Cheryl: My hubby is gone 6-10 weeks at a time for work so the

Cheryl: syb gets a work out here too

Cheryl: I use mine almost daily when hubby is away and 2-3 times a

Cheryl: week when he is home

Alycia: It's nice to have somebody around sometimes when u ride

Cheryl: It is still just a machine. And, although it gives tremendous

Cheryl: orgasms, it can't kiss, hug, cuddle or love you after

Cheryl: Yes, that defintely adds to the pleasure

Alycia: Thats true after cumming you need a warm cuddle.

sandra: Is it the quality of the orgasm or the number?

joe-mn: the orgasms are WAAAAAY more intense with sybian. and she was

joe-mn: not multi-orgasmic before, now she is. She usually has 4-8

joe-mn: orgasms per ride.

Cheryl: Both. Before the syb I was multi-o but my peaks were 5-10 min

Cheryl: apart. Now they are so close together the waves are one on

Cheryl: top of another

joe-mn: she has orgasms that literally make her scream with pleasure

sandra: My boyfriend told me that he had heard that the sybian would

sandra: make orgasms more intense

sandra: Do you have 3-4- 5-6 orgasms now?

Cheryl: He is correct in that assumption. It produces the most

Cheryl: intense orgasms I have ever achieved

Cheryl: Believe it not, Sandra, there are maybe 10-12 O's and maybe

Cheryl: more

sandra: How often do you use the sybian?

joe-mn: what your b/f may not know is how much more you will

joe-mn: desire him after riding the sybian. Even after my wife

joe-mn: has many out-of-this-world orgasms on it, she wants me in

joe-mn: bed desparately

sandra: I can't imagine 10 orgasms-----I would be dead or in

sandra: heaven

Cheryl: My husband is gone for work for long stretches. I ride

Cheryl: almost daily then and 2-3 times a week when he is here

joe-mn: ann rides about 3 times a week.

Cheryl: Sometimes, Sandra, I crawl to bed on my hands and knees after

joe-mn: sandra, with a sybian you won't have to just imagine 10

joe-mn: can live it.

sandra: Does it ever make you sore?

Cheryl: It does not make me sore if I use plenty of lube to start

Cheryl: with

joe-mn: Ann once rode 4 hours (not with machine continuously on, but

joe-mn: sitting on it for 4 hours) and was only mildly sore the next

joe-mn: morning and not at all the next evening

sandra: This is all new to me--How long would you ride it at once?

Cheryl: No, he enjoys watching me very much and afterward I want the

Cheryl: real thing even more

joe-mn: genarally 45 minutes to and hour for ann.

Cheryl: When I started, my rides were 5-10 min but now the average

Cheryl: is 30-45 min with some over an hour

joe-mn: Sandra, a husband who genuinely loves his wife will not be

joe-mn: jealous. He would want her to have the best orgasms

joe-mn: possible. It is why I got it for Ann. I actually had to

joe-mn: talk her into letting me get it.

sandra: I read someplace that you usually start out using the

sandra: external attachment--Is that right?

joe-mn: That shows how women are different....Ann usually takes 20 to

joe-mn: 30 mintues to O the first time, then they become quicker.

joe-mn: Cheryl apparently only takes a few minutes

Cheryl: Do you understand how it works Sandra?

Cheryl: I would recommend starting with the small internal. It is

Cheryl: designed to stimulate a woman's gspot, which isn't in vary

Cheryl: far

sandra: I'm not sure Cheryl?

joe-mn: we also used the small internal at first

joe-mn: It was recommend to us to just use the external at first,

joe-mn: but we didn't. Worked out just fine.

Cheryl: At the same time, the whole base of it vibrates against your

Cheryl: clitoris. Each movement is controlled by separate variable

Cheryl: speed dials

Cheryl: It has two movements. There is rotation. Point your finger

Cheryl: in the air and rotate the tip in a circle about the size of

Cheryl: a quarter. That approximates the movement

joe-mn: sandra, it comes with a stool for a partner to sit on. Ann

joe-mn: often rides alone, but we often use it together. I will sit

joe-mn: in front of her and kiss, caress, cuddle, fondle, lick...all

joe-mn: the things that lovers do, while the machine does the hard

joe-mn: work.

sandra: Do you like the vibration/rotation the best to

sandra: start?????????/

Cheryl: Then, it is followed by others in rapid succession

Cheryl: I have learned that it feels best to me to start with

Cheryl: rotation first at a slow speed and gradually increase it.

Cheryl: Then I do the same for the vibration. That allows the orgasm

Cheryl: to build to a higher wave before it crashes over me

Cheryl: I enjoy it better when I ride it with a partner

joe-mn: Ann likes to start with just rotation for several minutes to

joe-mn: relax and enjoy the sensations. then she gradually turns up

joe-mn: the vibe.

joey: i usually turn the stereo up pretty loud, and keep a pillow

joey: handy to muffle the sounds of the screams

radar: Sandra, My G/F rode one once, and she is VERY orgasmic and

radar: well.... She made me buy her a sybian, which I ordered this

radar: week.

sandra: Do you have any suggestions on someone just beginning on the

sandra: machine?

radar: Sandra, use lots of lube and go slow and maybe even a shot or

radar: a HIT of something to relax you. my girlfriend ALWAYS squirts

radar: when on the machine. it is wonderful. Oh my god, almost makes

radar: me have an orgasm when she orgasms. She starts slow in her

radar: orgasms, then they get to the point it is like one big long

radar: orgasm.

joey: i would say try it in a nice comfortable setting, perhaps

joey: after a couple of drinks when you are nice and

joey: relaxed...perhaps even alone. Just start the controls very

joey: slow and experiement with the can make it

joey: last a long time, or you can make yourself O in

joey: seconds...just have fun

sandra: This probably sounds stupid but how do you know when to

sandra: increase the rotation/vibration ????????

joey: you will find each time you slightly increase the speed,

joey: particularly on the vibration, you hit a new plateau..little

joey: increases in speed produce strong will know

joey: what to do, don't worry

sandra: How did you start? Any problems with the noise/mental image

sandra: of being on a machine?

Diana: As far a a problem with a mental image...none whatsoever

Diana: I use mine of a folded up comforter which dampens the noise

Diana: and makes it easier on the knees

sandra: That does sound like a good suggestion---Do you ever wear ear

sandra: phones?

looking: hi gig

Michael: yeah was looking at buying a sybian for my wife

gig: Hi Michael, I have owned a sybian for 2 years. My husband

gig: and I decided together to purchase it.

Michael: did it live up to the hype

gig: Michael, does you wife know about the sybian? If so, what

gig: are her thoughts?

gig: It is not just another overpriced cheap toy, that is for

gig: certain. It does give amazing orgasms, most women

gig: describe them as whole body O's. It took me a little

gig: while to get used to it. My husband really enjoys being

gig: with me when I use it.

Michael: Yes she does but she is a bit hesitant even though she

Michael: loves orgasms..

gig: Also, you could order the video from ABCO before

gig: purchasing.

gig: Michael, she should visit this chat. There are several

gig: very helpful women who visit here who can offer her

gig: information and suggestions. One woman Diana who has also

gig: owned one for more than 2 years. I usually go by

gig: "Georgia" and visit here often.

gig: Michael, I understand her concerns. It took me over a

gig: year to become convinced to take a chance and purchase

gig: it. After I came to this chat and asked many questions,

gig: we did decide to get one. We have no regrets, but it is

gig: indeed, an expensive item.

Michael: my Sybfew years ago since I work between 2 countries

Michael: my Syb(Canada/NZ) every year

looking: michael - is your wife familiar with toys, if not she

looking: might be too embarassed to use the syb

Michael: Gig she is difficult to get to participate in this sort

Michael: of thing.. Once she is into the act she goes wild but

Michael: outside that it is hard to get her to talk about how we

Michael: could improve things with toys or clothes etc..she is a

Michael: bit of a contradiction at times..yes looking we have many

Michael: toys like vibs such as the pearl bird etcand ben waa

Michael: balls sothat is not a problem

gig: Must go now, maybe see you here another time. Good bye.

gig: For us, s e x has improved in recent years. I finally

gig: figured out that it is OK to have fun and go a little

gig: nuts, and be silly with the guy I love and in a secure

gig: and loving relationship.

gig: Michael, she sounds like me May I ask you ages and how

gig: long you have been married. I am 52, my husband 54,

gig: married 30 years.

Michael: Ok thanks for that..Well if it works half as well as it

Michael: appears to in the video it looks like it could be worth

Michael: it...Just out of curiosity as my wife has walked in and

Michael: asked me to ask you do you use the flat attachment or are

Michael: the penetrating ones more satisfying/orgasmic..if you know

Michael: what I mean

radar-in-modestI bought a sybian for my girl last week. Well it arrived

radar-in-modestyesterday. I didn't get much sleep lastnight. Damn the


Jill: that usually happens radar...

modesto: My ex girlfriend and I use to use one at swingers

modesto: parties, but this was a new thing for my current girl.

modesto: She is pretty straight and well....I am sure the women

modesto: undersand. But it took her about 3 rides to really enjoy

modesto: it. She didn't make it to work today. Lucky girl. How do

modesto: you tell you boss, I can'tcome to work, I had too

modesto: many..........................

radar: I think she stayed home for a reason. Hmmmm

radar: It was a late night, she didn't make it to work. I had to.

radar: Not fair.

radar: Joe-mn, The Sybian I ordered for my girl arrived last

radar: night.

radar: radar-in-

joe-mn: did you watch her ride, radar?

radar: She is not sore like I thought she would be, but her legs are

radar: like rubber, even this morning. And she is in great physical

radar: shape. But it was a work out. I love when a woman sweats, I

radar: think it is a huge turn on, well....Last night she was

radar: drenched. Does that happen to other women

radar: We work together. She called in sick. Everyone asked me if

radar: she was ok. i didn't know how to answer that. I jus said she

radar: was resting. She had a rough night last night.

radar: She was kind of scared. but after the 10th plus O, I don't

radar: think brain cells were firing on her. OH MY GOSH, I would

radar: love to have been a woman at that syb party that was on

radar: video.

radar: I was the pilot


joe-mn: happens to ann in the summer

lhot: Happens to me if I ride more than 20 minutes.....