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underoath. hating to love. loving to hate. norma jean. black & white photos. breaking jaws & slitting throats. messy hair. sarcasm. black flag. shows. photography. every time i die. local bands. spray paint. razorblades. horror movies. going to bed when you wake up. bringing the motherfucking mosh. atreyu. downtown. streetlight manifesto. coffee & cigarettes. beating up little kids for their lunch money.

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Have a strange killing desire building up within this crush. Watch the rounds spin. Pull the trigger. It's so complex. & I can taste the lead on my lips.

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Sunday, November 14, 2004

I don't feel like commenting/getting comments.
It's not worth the shit you're going to read, so fuck that.

Friday = Extremely awesome. I totally had no school, HA! I woke up, got ready for the show with Ne`. SOME BAND WHOS NAME I TOTALLY FORGOT; MONSTER SQUAD; LOWER CLASS BRATS; & THE CASUALTIES. The first band was really good although I totally forgot what they were called, they did a good opening though. Monster Squad was awessssome. After their set, while LCB was setting up, the lead singer of Monster Squad was totally standing right next to me drinking beer. LCB was FUCKING. AMAZING. Awesome shit for my first time seeing them & definitely not the last. Thennn the Casualties came on & fucked shit up punk style. They were awesome as fuck. The lead singer was pouring beer into the mouths of people in front & was told to stop it, haha. I got to the Metro with 50 bucks & left with 2 dollars. Got a new Casualties hoodie & shirt, which are both badass. I came home & collapsed on the couch.

Tonight = Somewhat cool. Went downtown with Ne`-bomb for some hardxcore 'thrift' shopping. WELL, THRIFT SHOPPING MY ASS! Everything was expensive, fuck that. We walked around for a good 3 hours & shit. I got this really cool Ramones patch for my soon to be jean jacket. (Seeing as how I can't get one at the moment since I'm broke as fuck & won't be getting more money after my 70 dollar weekend extravaganza.) & I sure as fuck can say goodbye to my Creepers & checkered Vans for the meantime as well. So we decided to walk by the Metro & check out the line for the Hawthorne Heights/Mest show tonight. Long. As. Fuck. (Emo fucks + poser punks = weird ass combo) I definitely thought they were going to try to slit eachothers throats. Wait, they don't do that, they spork eachother to death!!1!

Woop. I'm being extremely 'harsh' with my label using & stereotypes.

This weekend was fun & I made what I could out of it. & Thursday is staying out of this because I don't remember what I did anymore, although some people recall a lot of shit happening. I. Don't. Remember.

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