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"this is the beginning of the end" .. "it all goes down hill from here" .. "you are not special, you are not unique" .. "so much for the afterglow.." .. "when it all goes wrong again" .. "the gun, it makes you look nicer, in a bad way.." "remain..close to me, no goodbye-suicide mystery" .. "when you blow out, like a dead star, it reminds me how uniform your beautiful is" .. "all your faults are in me" .. "tell me..are we leaving soon?" .. "i will bask in our disater, if it'll phase me out" .. "i can see the holes in everyone.." .. "everything is skin deep" .. "hey alice, into the pavement..I'm caving in" .. "knowing nothing is better than knowning it all" .. "you could sell the sad the world tonight, and they would take it..and they would ruin you" .. "the future is x-rated..what did you expect?" .. "if heaven were reflected off the shores of calm waters then it's a shame they're still too dirty to swim in.." .. "we do not exist" .. "wish you would shut up about everything.." .. "like father, step-father, the son is drowning in the flood.." .. "say it ain't so" .. "i've played this game before" .. "if you want to destroy my sweater.." .. "i'm a lot like you, so please, hello, i'm here, i'm waiting, i think i'd be good for you..and you'd be good for me" .. "cheese, smells so good, on a burnt, piece of lamb. fag, of the year, who could beat, up your man" .. "tired of sex" .. "why bother?" .. "as I sit here wondering if these pills will do anything, a stroke of genius. when i was sick last time, i was given these pills that made me fall sleep. there was one left. i frantically searched for water and then downed it as fast as i could. i forgot..the entire bottle of the other are gone..and inside me..if this one pill was enough to make me sleep..what will it and 20 others do? it's 10 to 1..i guess i'll have to see..i'm sorry.."