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The world's most useless information.

Why hello, hello, as you can see, this page is all about me. I figure the majority of you don't even care, while the rest of you are bored as hell. I guess I could try to make this page exciting? *sigh* Let's think..

I made that. As you can see, I like to fuck around a lot with that sort of thing, it's a passion of mine. I love it. Anyway, I found this funny. There will probably be a lot of these around the website, considering I have nothing else do to during tech class...


So..where to start? My name is Drew Mann (yes, funny). I am 15 years old, born on August 25th 1988, I have 4 brothers, 2 parents, 1 dog, and the evil monkey that lives in my closet..ask anyone, I had mine before Chris Griffin had his. I enjoy photography, developement, etc. I actually prefer to use my spare time working on things such as this website, because..well, I'm interested in it. I guess I have a talent for this sort of thing, or so my teachers tell me..they also say I should be a writer, I dunno..maybe I would be if everything I wrote didn't scare the shit out of me? Honestly, a lot of the stories I've written for school have ended up being about sucide, or pain in general. I'm not sure why, I guess I just think of that sort of thing a lot..

Maybe I'm just a really sick person, but I think this one is super funny. The ballon carries the guy up and drops him, and then, when it sees he's not dead..picks him up and drops him again..god I love it!

I really value the friendships I have with people. The fact that I'm just afraid to talk to my parents really puts a stress on the whole "teenaged problems" thing. Sometimes my friends are the only ones that I feel I can talk to, and there's always someone there, and I love you for that. Lately things haven't been great, I'm confident, but every now and then I feel like giving up and you drive me to keep going I guess. I don't expect anyone to understand whatever I'm going through, or even know what to say to it, but the fact that you'd take the time just to listen makes it worth while. I'm sorry if I haven't really been around or anything lately, I'm just so overwhelmed right now I feel I can't do anything but lay low and hope for the best. I can't help you, and some of you expect me to be able to..and I'm sorry. Anyway..I guess that's about it "About me" but umm..look around the rest of the site, you'll probably get to know me even better than I can explain myself. Have a good..time?

Ha ha.. I have no idea, I was bored, so I made this like it?