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Dearest Esti, the "_est Esti..." seems a bit repetitive. but really, it's not, because that is what you are. most. Best. all that you can be. even if you did not want to be a Gemach Head, you can be one and a great one with grace. even if G-d sends you little gifts, that no one would want, you can accept them and take care of them , as easily and as naturally as you clean. which , as i'm sure you know, you do quite well. one day, maybe you can teach me how. maybe well go to Raninu for the lesson . since we seem to talk most there. or in 103. that lovely classroom of long ago. that's where Blue and Black pen first mey and began the Great Ink WAr, which continues to this day. i have heard frm a member of the Legions of Black thath she really wishes to change sides, but she is afraid it is too late. did you know that you were that intimidating? hard to imagine a brooklyner afraid of a staten islander. but i suppose that you can mange it . it is very admirable the way you rise above your potential. maybe thats why i follow you around for three classes. your clip balance ahs been improving . the crooked clip didn't fit with your personalit. you are upstanding. the ocean might drown the mountains, and the stars might abandon the moon, but yo wills till be there, standing, witing , holding up the world. love, yoyo