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Dearest ESti, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Finally!! I've been looking forward to tis day for the looongest time!! (oh, you too? How nice.) This day... THE day... that you can officially become my charffer!! Oh, Praised be the Almighty, Blessed be He!! So, where we gonna go first, huh? I was thinking that I really need to get to Jersey Gardens, ya know. ANd of course you wouldn't dream of disappointing me... after all... lol. How would it look if my own role model just couldn't find the time to take her role modelee on a nice long shopping trip (and paying for everything, of course;)) Anyway before I sign off I just have one little eensy beensy enough air in there?? oh, Mir just told me that it really can be longer. here i was trying to stuff all my thoughts into one little paragraph and, considering the amount and size of my thoughts. that was understandably difficult he ws like woh... lol - were gonna have to start walking a few miles apart - being seen together is becoming... interesting!? where r u my little calculus partner???? (ya, I'm in calc now... but ure not.! one of these days were gonna have to take a pic with ur yellow sneakers and me in my red ones. k so just wanted to say Happy B-Day to the bestest friend i could possibly ask for (u saved me from some awful questioning with the text messaes - lol) luv ya!! Now pretend theres a heart with the words always written across. (the one drawback to computers) yoch