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Happy Seventeenth!
Hello there!
Yom Huledes Sameach!
Happy Birthday!
Singing Our Song...!
What's the occasion?!
Feliz Compleanos!
Good to see you!

Dearest Esti P, Shetichye,

Hi! It's kind of hard to get that underlined in squiggly on a computer, so you'll just have to use your imagination. Well, happy seventeenth! How's it feel? Now you can drive all around town, and legally at that! I already call shotgun for when I'm in the car. No, not gunshot. Originally I had a letter written about two weeks ago, but that's lost somewheres now. So we get to have nice convention talk in here as well. But I've gotta save stuff for your card, so this'll be somewhat brief. You're one of the first Prospect People I know - go Math League! Boy, that sounds awful. Teamed together against the common enemy - an unamed school who cheated their way through the contest but lost anyway. ;) Then in Prospect we met up again in tenth grade Hebrew, and then once again in Camp Raninu. Everybody cheer for Rina... Our neat Bloppy corner, I remembered my rings this summer, at least. Then on to eleventh grade where we shared a Hebrew class once again, as well as English - doing vocabulary together, and history, in our "active, participating" class where we sat right in front of Mrs. Schick. Waitresses in Raninu... chocolate chip cookies visiting day, Erev Shabbos pictures, ices at Shabbos Staff Shiur, Dorney Park and our incredibly scary rides. Now, twelfth grade... Once more in a Hebrew class together, although somehow I got stuffed in the front row. Our cool calculus class is fun, never paying attention and always talking can sure spice up a class. Then there's English, with much of the same. You're barely a visitor at TotallySparKed anymore, we're missing you tons there. DISPROVE THAT! And, convention. Still missing Toronto, famous Esti P, Y'know wha? Y'know wha? Y'know wha? Hitting the pillow, shotgun, cramped in Miz's car, locked out at 2:30, not enough seats on the bus, famous L.A. Rav, Singing Our Song..., when you hear this sound, turn the page, sitting with your group? But we're you're group! Clique-y Esti and the Prospect girls, and many more happy memories. I'm gonna end it somehwere around now with all the memories. Just wishing you a very happy birthday, and hoping to enjoy your driving abilities as much as you will. ;) You're a great friend and I hope that our friendship lasts way past high-school, which is ending all too quickly. Love ya!

Luv, Rachelli G. (Nickname STILL pending.)

When were you born?

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