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Second to Last Fantasy: Episode III

Last time on Second to Last Fantasy, Kain and Cecil found themselves warped out of their natural reality… Finding a forest surrounded in mist, our heroes were beset upon by… well… our, other heroes. However, once asked where he’s from, Kain has a little difficulty explaining his situation.

Kain: Well, I’m uh…. From… uh…

Sabin: An alternate dimension?

Kain: Yes! Exactly! How did you know? Did you sense it with your inner power?

Sabin: What? No, no… I just noticed the whole “I’m trapped in an alternate dimension and I don’t know how to tell these yokels” look on your face. I’m very empathetic that way.

Kain: Oh, ok! Well, then you’re the locals, just where the hell are we?

Sabin: Well, I uh… really don’t know.

Kain: WHAT?!

Cyan: You see, young sir, we happen to be lost in this forest.

Kain: Well, I suppose that the two of us could help you out if you promise to do the same for us.

Sabin: I have another important engagement I have to make, but afterwards, I suppose my friends can help you.

Kain: Excellent!

At this point, Cecil awakens and Shadow appears from the bushes. The situation is explained to both of them, and they both agree to the terms.

Sabin: Just one thing… One of you has to stay here.

Cecil: Why? What sense does that make?

Sabin: Well, obviously only four people at a time can travel safely together.

Cecil: What are you talking about?! The standard unit has five party members, and there are five of us!

Sabin: Five?! Are you saying that if you lead, then FIVE people can travel?

Cecil: Of course! Now lets get the hell out of this forest.

Several uneventful hours later

Cecil: Damn! There’s that recovery stream again! How do you guys get around in here?!

Shadow: I was showing us the right way to go…

Kain: You got us attacked by 30 ghosts!

Shadow: We attacked them. And Cyan didn’t get hurt too badly.

Cyan: Ughhhh

Kain: Anyway, I’ll show you a REAL plan!

Kain leaps high into a nearby tree

Sabin: Wow! Dragoon boots! My brother’s been looking for a set of those, wherever did you get them?

Kain: They were a gift from the King of Baron.

Sabin: Which? The King or the Baron?

Kain: No, the King OF Baron.

Sabin: Why do the Barons have their own king?

Kain: No. The King…. Of the country…. BARON!!!

Sabin: Oh, ok. Like the Duke of Earl!

Kain: Yes.

Sabin: I always wondered why the Earls had their own Duke….

Kain: Anyway….

Kain: Here ghosty ghosty ghosty….

A ghost approaches Kain… he is attacked

Kain: Come on….

The ghost uses “Blaze” on Kain. His tree catches fire…

Kain: YES!!! Everyone, get in the recovery stream!

Several extra crispy hours later…

Sabin: You… burnt…. down… the… forest… When the environmentalists have my brother’s ass, he’ll… well… have my ass.

Kain: Yeah, well nature had it coming. And at least now we can see the way out! We’ll just take that train.

However, another problem immediately presents itself

Cyan: Where yonder is Shadow? And Cecil for that matter?

Stay tuned for the next installment of Second to Last Fantasy!!!!!!!