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Second to Last Fantasy: Episode II

In the last installment, Cecil and Kain defeated the Mist Dragon, but in the process, failed to finish their mission. In addition, a horrible temporal/dimensional vortex sucked the two companions out of their ordinary existence. What fate has befallen our heroes?!

Cecil: Ohh…. My head and ass…. What the hell happened?

Kain: … It would seem that we are no longer in the cave….

The heroes search the area, only to find that they are in a forest, and one that neither has seen before. There is still a mist present. And that is not all…

Kain: Holy….! This place is filled with ghosts!

Cecil: Oh man…. We have to do something about that! Oh, right, I’m a bad ass. I forgot. DARK WAVE!

The wave spreads from Cecil towards the ghosts. However the effect has interesting consequences…

Voice1: Did’st thou see’st what I hast seen? A Dark Wave, the attack of the evil dark knights, I am honor bound to slay this vile wretch.

Voice2: Um… I’m not too sure that that is such a great idea…

Voice 1: Have at thee ignoble dark knight.

A middle-aged man wearing dark armor crashes through the bushes. He is pursued by another in the garb of a ninja, and a dog. A burly man brings up the rear.

Cecil: Oooh another swordsman! Stand back Kain! I’m going to kick his ass!

Kain: Uh….

Cecil, the other knight, and the ninja (along with the dog) begin to exchange blows. Meanwhile, Kain and the really strong looking character notice another problem

Kain: Uh…

Big Dude: Am I the only one that notices the hoard of ghosts approaching?

Kain: No, I tend to have a little more brains than my friend over there. I’m Kain, by the way.

Big Dude: Name’s Sabin. Nice to meet you.

Kain and Sabin begin to fight with the ghosts, meanwhile, the two knights are engaged in a heated battle.

Shadow: I’m not paid enough for this, I’m gonna go have a smoke.

Cyan: Get thee gone then, backstabbing wretch! I am well on my way to victory.

Shadow: Whatever, I’m gone.

A blue aura appears around Cyan, nothing happens

Cecil: Loser, Why are you not attacking? You truly are a waste of a man.

Cyan: Let’s just say we both have attacks that rely upon us getting injured thusly.

Cecil: Shut up. DARK WAVE!!

Cyan: RETORT!!!

Cecil: FUCK!!!! Not again!

With Cecil K-Oed the scene re-shifts to the other battle…

Sabin: Stand back Kain! With my Shinkuu-hadoken… uh… I mean Aura Bolt, these ghosts stand no chance!

Kain: I wish people would stop telling me to stand back…

Sabin uses his holy power to destroy the ghosts, the fight is won.

Sabin: So, uh, where are you two from?

Kain: Uh…

With this new mess of verbal terror, Kain is going to be hard pressed for an explanation

Kain: Uhhhh……

Stay tuned for the next installment of Second to Last Fantasy!!!!!!!