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Second to Last Fantasy: Episode I

The scene opens with the heroes Cecil and Kain reporting for a new assignment at the palace. The king drones on about something along the lines of delivering a package to the nearby summoner’s village. Bored out of their wits, the heroes forget most of the assignment, and refused to listen to the other bits.

With the meeting over, they head outside the castle.

Kain: So Cecil, do anything interesting today?

Cecil: Yeah! I got to kick a bunch of mages’ asses today. And you?

Kain: Heh… this kid told me a secret about a girl he liked, and then I told her everything!

Cecil: You’re such a traitor, Kain.

Kain: You know it.

Kain: Anyway…. I was thinking about bringing up how the king brought us up together, and how we’re really like brothers and all…. but I can’t seem to find the right words. Maybe several years from now, when we have more money, and our dialogue is better, I’ll tell you then.

Cecil: Sounds good to me! Anyway, with all these monsters outside, that are no doubt weaker than those mages I beat up today, I’m sure we’ll nonetheless have to heal ourselves periodically, and grow drastically stronger after this mission.

Kain: Well let’s be going then.

The duo of Cecil and Kain traveled north, decimating the nearby enemies that would oppose them. They arrive at a cave, covered in mist.

Cecil: What the hell? I can’t see a thing in here!

Kain: Hmm…. Up ahead there seems to be where the mist is coming from, let’s check it out.

The mist converges into the shape of a dragon

M. Dragon: Hey, you two, with the gigantic heads, out of my cave!

Cecil: Oh boy! A dragon! Let’s kick its misty ass!

M. Dragon: How impudent! Ordinarily, I would go back and forth from being normal, to a form that counters your every move with a massive attack, but just for that, I’m going to sit in front of the exit of the cave in the countering form.

The dragon turns extra misty

Cecil: Whatever….. DARK WAVE!!!!

Cecil is countered for a ton of damage

Cecil: ….Ow…. coupled with me hurting myself on Dark Wave, that almost did me in. Kain! Maybe that bag we’re carrying around with us has something that could help.

Kain: But this is our charge from the king. By our honor we should…..

Cecil: Kain, I’m a dark knight and you betray someone every five seconds, I don’t really think “honor” is a problem.

Kain: Fair enough.

Kain looks in the bag, finding something of great interest.

Kain: Holy shit!! This thing is filled to the brim with bombs!

Cecil: Good! Toss it here!

Kain: Ok. The bag is tossed

Cecil: Shove this up your ass and die! Cecil throws the bag at the dragon. It goes “Boom”.

Strangely enough, an explosion that big in an extra-dimensional bag has consequences. A large rift was opened in the fabric of the space-time continuum, certain to cause trouble in the future for our heroes!

Cecil: Oh shit.

Stay tuned for the next installment of “Second to Last Fantasy”!!!!!!