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Stabbing in Stickville

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Alright here is a FAQ of the first mystery
Stabbing in Stickville
Chief - "You're late, Detective!...Now shut- up and listen up!... There has been a murder here in Stickville... We have a body at the morgue, evidence at the crime scene, a witness, two suspects and a partridge in a pear tree... the witness and two suspects are waiting in the conference rooms but I suggest you visit the crime scene and morgue first... however this is your case, so you can do as you please... return here when you have enough evidence to convict... (By the way - your phone has been fixed but only use it for official police work!) Stop by your desk - then find the killer!"

go to the confestion room and talk to the witness and the suspect.

Witness - "Hi my name is Tabitha... I was taking a short cut down an alley and I saw a man bleeding on the ground then I saw another man running away...but did not get a good look at him... his green shirt is about all that I can remember... I can't even remember what shade of green that it was... "