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Front Sight
College Women Closed Lip on Rapes


Colleges with 10,000 female students are estimated to have more than 350 rapes per year, but 95% of them go unreported. This according to a study conducted by the National Institute of Justice.

“College campuses host large concentrations of young women who are at greater risk for rape and other forms of sexual assault than women in the general population.” According to a report on the Sexual Victimization of College Women completed in December, 2000.

The report states that few incidents of sexual victimization were reported to law enforcement officials. Fewer than 5% of completed and attempted rapes were reported. The reasons for not talking…

+ 45% said they did not want their family or other people to know about it.
+ 42% said they lacked proof that the incident happened.
+ 39% said they feared reprisal by the assailant.
+ 27% said they felt the police would not consider the incident serious enough.
+ 25% said they feared being treated with hostility by the police

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