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First Family Member, and Master Gunnery Sergeant USMC, Scott Anderson, with a buddy in Iraq.

Master Gunnery Sergeant USMC Scott Anderson

Interviewed January 8, 2004
by Jim McMahon

Scott Anderson is a Master Gunnery Sergeant with the United States Marine Corps. He has 26 years in the Marines, and has been a reserve police officer for 11 years.

Scott has been an active shooter, as well as shooting competitor, since he...

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Rick Kaufman, alumni of Front Sight's very first class back in 1996

Rick Kaufman

Interviewed January 21, 2004
by Jim McMahon

Rick Kaufman has been an avid shooter for well over 20 years, and involved with Front Sight since its very inception. Not only was he in the very first class Front Sight offered, back in 1996, Rick was with Ignatius “Naish” Piazza back in the early 90’s where they trained together in a firearms class...

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Photo of Nola not available at time of release.

Nola Hatch

Interviewed January 10, 2004
by Jim McMahon

Nola Hatch is a Front Sight student, as well as a teacher and owner of a private school in California. Moved by the school shootings of Columbine, Nola has taken it upon herself to become trained in the skills of firearms handling. Nola is also a First Family Member with a Gold Membership...

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