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Ashton's Resume

4648 Lasheart Dr
La Canada CA 91011
818 952 1120


I have worked with Animation Master (Hash Inc) for the last two years. I am becoming very skilled in designing, creating and then animating a model. When creating models, I can tell when it has a natural look or if it needs to be tweaked to create a more convincing animation. When creating a choreography, I always create videos that are pleasing to the eyes.

Expertise and Achievements:

My first couple models have been the basis of my education in this field. First I created a skeleton from a front and side view. Then I created a human boy. As I have been improving my skills, I go back to these models and continue to upddate them. I have inserted the bones and have almost mastered free flowing movement. These models are shown below.





Silent Knight Entertainment, La Canada CA: Computer Graphics I/C (09/02 - present)
Silent Knight Entertainment is a computer game company that I have joined some friends in creating. I have designed, created and animated multiple detailed spaceships for the beginning movie of their computer game. These will also be the models used within the game aswell

Here are some Screenshots:


Thin, Normal Ship

Thick, Normal Ship



Boy Scout Troop 555, La Canada CA: Senior Patrol Leader (12/01 - present)
As the Senior Patrol leader, I have led my troop to multiple Championships at the competitions and put on the best trips. In our troop we work together and learn something at every meeting. The troop members understand that I am the Senior Patrol Leader, and I understand that we need to work together to create an excellent troop.

Delphi Academy, La Canada, Work/Study (9/99 - 6/03)
During my last four years at Delphi, I have worked for two hours every day. I have worked for two years with the children and two years as an executive under the business manager. I have learned many valuable communication and business skills.


Through my experiences I have become a person who is very into the technical side of the world and the developing sciences. Through Boy Scouting and Work/Study at Delphi Academy, I have become one who is very good with people. I have very good communication skills and can get my point accross.