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  Seekers of Forsaken Power
     FFa's And 1v1,2v2,3v3 clan matchs at 9pm eastern every day, just be there and your sure to find players Have fun -GenJI

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Daily Grand Clan FFa's and Possibly 3v3's up soon. Every Night Or two At 9pm Eastern Aug/29/03
Hey guys,

        Starting Today I am hoping to get these up and running. They will show the activity level of the clan and the level of each player individually. Well anyways I hope we keep up with these because they are important to our clans health, thanks guys for this.



This Is the new Seekers Of Forsaken Power Website Aug/28/03
          Hey guys,

This is our new website. Thanks to Selig[ws] for telling me to come here. Well im getting use to this website making thing and im loving it. im devoting many hours to making this site and in time will be awsome. I am hoping that people will continue to game while i am away at work, Good job guys lets get this clan up and running.


We See, we conqueror, we overtake, who are we? We are the seekers



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