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ok my history well when i was in middle scholl me and my friends would make up new lyrics to song i know it sounds stupid but it was a start when i got into highschool i discovered poetry it became a hobby i wrote poetry like 24/7 then i found out one of my best friends (dinki) was dating a rapper and i thought " i wonder if i could do that" so i tried and i would have her and her b/f read it and judge me and well i sucked so i decided to but my mind and heart to it i got better a little then my best friend (rabbit) decided we could start a group we named it "sideshow skitso's" we wrote some songs then changed our name to "hells harmony" we kept writing then rabbit told me he wanted out i told him i understood it was too much pressure with his band and the rapping and he told me that the reason he wanted out wasnt too much pressure he told me that he could see me getting better he said that he felt like he was holding me bakk so we split up i kept writing it had pretty much become a habit mean while rabbit would go around telling people about me and singing the one song i had recorded people would stop hima and say"who sings that" and he would tell them i got a few people that offered to produce me i got asked to be in a few rap groups but nothing happened with those then the guy that was judging me in the very begining asked me to be in a group with him i said yes i need to get my career started at the same time rabbit asked me to be in his band so here i am now a highschooler with a skill for poetry and quick thinking playing the game of life hoping ill win