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new style

ok the new style the new style of rap that i came up with is because of who i am and how i got started see my rap style isnt just rap its how ive always seen rap ,ive always seen rap as crappy poetry(with the exeptions of a few songs) so i took my poetry and put it to a beat its using something shakespear used when he said"but soft what light through yonder window breaks?" its called iambic pentameter its using a number of stressed beats or syllables repeated so i took some of my poetry and put it to a beat the result was amazing something that could get in yur head something that if you relax and listen to it would put you into a deep trance telling you a story its like listening to a really good poem for the first time it paints that picture in yur head this is the style i came up with tho i do alot of just horrorcore or "acid rap" i did create this other style this"POETRY IN MOTION"