Down this corridor is The Studio Wing, which is where my show, The Huggbees Show! is filmed. Over here you can watch the episodes already made, or, if you would rather, you can sit in the studio audience and ask a question. You can also look at the Episode Plan and see what is coming up next on The Huggbees Show!

What is THS, you ask? THS is a show (similar to a television talk show) on which my co-host (or co-hort) Stick and I kidnap random Star Wars characters and ... (all together now) FORCE THEM TO REVEAL THEIR MOST HIDEOUS SECRETS!!!!

How do we do this, you ask? Quite simple, really: at the end of the show, we'll tell you who will be our next vic -- erm, guest. Then you, the studio audience, send in questions you'd like us to ask that person. When the episode rolls around (whenever that is), we ask the guest your questions! Easy, no?

And as always, have fun!

Padmé episode up!! Read