I LIKE pink fluffy bunnies!
Pink fluffy bunnies are CUTE!

Shelti: *waves lightsabre* Hi everyone!

Stick: Hello. Hey, how come you have a lightsabre?

Shelti: Because I stole it from Anakin, remember?

Stick: Oh yeah.

Shelti: ANYway, I have a few announcements to make. First of all, I'm SO sorry this episode has been SO late in arriving. Really, I am. I don't like stuff that never gets updated, and I'm starting to do that. ;_; Again, I'm really really sorry. Secondly, there have been a few changes with my muses. Tom is no longer my fiancee, but simply my muse. James' name has been changed to Milan-Jahari, so I'll call him either one I wish, and he's now a Demon. ^_^; Finally, I've decided to tailor The Huggbees Show! so that it now brings on only Star Wars guests. With some exceptions -- we will have guest stars, don't worry. I still want to have Tom on the show.

*a pause*

Shelti (cont.): Well, now that that's over and done with, on with the show!

Stick: Please welcome... Obi-Wan Kenobi!!

*Jahari and Tom drag on old Obi-Wan Kenobi and sit him in a chair*

Obi-Wan: Dammit, just when I thought everything was peaceful, I get abducted. And I'm DEAD!

Shelti: HIIIIII!!!!

Obi-Wan: *jumps* GAH!

Stick: Hello! *to Shelti* Say, if he's dead, how can he be here?

Shelti: Uhhhhh... Well, um, you see, there's actually a funny story about that...

Stick: Never mind, I don't want to know.

Obi-Wan: o_O; What is going on?

Shelti: You're on The Huggbees Show!

Obi-Wan: The what?

Shelti: *slowly* Hu-gg-be-es Sh-ow.

Obi-Wan: Yes, yes, but what IS it?

Stick: Where we take Star Wars characters like you and ask them questions.

Obi-Wan: Star Wars characters?

Stick: Yes.

Obi-Wan: *blink blink* What are those?

Shelti: *points* You. And your friends and enemies.

Obi-Wan: Oh. What's a Star Wars?

Shelti and Stick: *look at each other* *look at Obi-Wan* Shut up.

Stick: We're asking the questions around here, okay?!

Obi-Wan: Yes, ma'am.

Stick: Much better.

Shelti: Let's get to it! Okey-dokey, Obi-Wan, Leap of Fate asks, "Is being a strict Jedi frustrating? *wink wink nudge nudge*"

Obi-Wan: ...What?

Shelti: You know... *wink wink nudge nudge*

Obi-Wan: ...

Stick: *wink wink nudge nudge*

Obi-Wan: I don't get it.

Both: *look at each other and sigh*

Stick: You're hopeless. Shadow13 asks, "When you're fighting Darth Vader and see Luke Skywalker in the first movie, how come you just let him hit you? I mean, you could have easily kicked his arse!!!!"

Obi-Wan: *thinks* I did it ... because ... I did it! That's why!

Shelti: Could you be more specific?

Obi-Wan: Uhhhh...

Shelti: Pleeeeeeease?

Obi-Wan: Errrr... To show him the strength of the Force? And I knew he'd need me later on, but in the Afterlife.

Stick: But I thought there was no Afterlife.

Obi-Wan: There isn't.

Stick: Then how could you...?


Obi-Wan: I do not know.

Shelti: Moving on! Pyro Falcon asks --

Pyro: *pops on* Can I have the little braid-y thing? I want to BURN it! *Spirit duplicate of Pyro Falkon starts laughing and pulls out spirit duplicate of lighter* Burn! Burn! BURN!!! MWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

*Pyro Falkon starts spraying spirit duplicate of Pyro Falkon with Ghosts-Begone (Guaranteed to work for 24 minutes or your money back! That is, I guarantee you'll want your money back, but I don't care)*

Pyro: GO AWAY! *Takes out HER lightsaber and plays with the blade* I like orange things...... *realizes how long the email has gotten* Oops. Bye! *pops off*

All: ....

Obi-Wan: *clutches head* NO, you CANNOT burn my hair!!


Stick: Confuzzling, Shelt?

Shelti: Yes.

Stick: Oooookaaay... Algold asks, "Obi-Wan, how do you feel now that you know you were the guardian of a future Darth Vader?"

Obi-Wan: Stupid.

Shelti: *hugs him* Don't feel stupid! No one could know! Except for those who saw the Original Trilogy first...

Obi-Wan: What?

Shelti: Oh, there was this movie series made about the whole ordeal, and it came out before the thing about Anakin Skywalker did, which is actually rather funny, and --

Stick: *slaps her hand across Shelti's mouth*

Obi-Wan: What? What's a movie? Do you mean I could have known about this whole thing and never made the mistake? What are you talking about? Huh?

Stick: *growl*

Obi-Wan: *jumps* Yes, you ask the questions, yes, ma'am.

Stick: Good boy.

Shelti: *takes Stick's hand off her mouth* "Did you have a thing for Qui-Gon?" asks Mistygirl01.

Obi-Wan: *sobs* QUI-GON!!

Shelti: *pats* There, there. He's not dead. He just stopped living!

Stick: *rolls eyes*

Shelti: So, DID you have a thing for him...?

Obi-Wan: WHAT? HOW DID YOU -- I mean, no, no I didn't.

Shelti: *holds up sign that says, "Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon"*

Stick: I thought you hated slash.

Shelti: Not anymore! ^_^

Stick: Right... "Exactly what have you been doing all this time out in the desert?" asks Yantor 88.

Shelti: YANNY! ^_^

Obi-Wan: That information is classified.

Stick: Dang.

Obi-Wan: *looks at Shelti* o.O

Stick: *looks at Shelti* -.-;

Shelti: *is bouncing around singing "The Song that Never Ends"*

Obi-Wan and Stick: ...

Stick: *hits Shelti* HELLO! We have a SHOW to do?!

Shelti: Oh yeah! Um, Obi-Wan, I wrote you a poem.

Obi-Wan: Cool.

Shelti: You wanna hear it?

Obi-Wan: Yes.

Stick: Let's!

Shelti: ^_^ "There once was a Jedi named Obi
        Who thought that he was very homely,
        Said he, " 'My beard has lice,
        And my boots have mice,
        And I don't even own a small comb-y!' "

Stick: *claps*

Obi-Wan: Hey! That poem offended me! I think I am a very handsome man, thank you very much.

Shelti: Say, DOES your beard have lice?

Obi-Wan: No. And I DO own a comb. Well, I did, before I died.

Shelti: Ooooh.

Stick: Now I get to ask a question. Obi-Wan, when you were killed by Darth Vader, you ... vanished. Why is that? Do all Jedi do that?

Obi-Wan: To answer your second question, no. Remember Qui-Gon, right? He didn't vanish.

Stick: True.

Obi-Wan: And to answer your first question, I have no idea. Maybe it's because I wanted him to kill me, I don't know.


Stick: Shelti, just what exactly does "confuzzling" mean, anyway?

Shelti: CONFusing and pUZZLING. There's also "confuzzwildering" which is confusing, puzzling, and bewildering.

Stick: Ah.

Obi-Wan: O.o

Shelti: One last question!

Stick: Oh no.

Shelti: *sidles up* Oooobii?

Obi-Wan: *apprehensively* Y-es?

Shelti: *in his ear* SAY HUGGBEES!

Obi-Wan: *jumps* GAH! Why would I say that?

Shelti: It makes you HAPPY!

Obi-Wan: Huggbees. How is that supposed to make me happy?

Shelti: It makes ME happy! =D

Obi-Wan: Okay then...

Stick: Well, folks, that's all the time we have for today! Join us next time when we tor -- erm, feature... Padmè Amidala!

Shelti: Bye! *waves*