* * * *
I LIKE pink fluffy bunnies!
Pink fluffy bunnies are CUTE!
* * * *

Shelti: Hi! I'm Shelti!

Stick: And I'm Stick! And we're --


Stick: *whacks* No, stupid. I was ABOUT to say, and we're your hosts for this episode of The Huggbees Show!

Shelti: Aren't we the hosts for every episode?

Stick: Yes. But that's beside the point.

Shelti: Okay. Hey, everyone, look! *grins proudly, showing off her BRAND-NEW BRACES*

Stick: -.- Yes, Shelt, we KNOW you got braces. Let's get on with the SHOW now.

Shelti: Aw, okay. Tell 'em how it works, Stick.

Stick: On this show, we take random Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Star Wars/His Dark Materials/Spongbob Squarepants/fanfiction characters, and …



Shelti: You also forgot one, Stick.

Stick: I DID?! *checks notes* Doesn't look like it.

Shelti: I expanded the list to include Artemis Fowl!

Stick: This is why I hate it when she forgets to write memos for the meetings. We EXPANDED the list??

Shelti: Uh-huh.

Stick: -.- Oh, great. Oh well. Today's vic -- erm, GUEST, is … *drumroll* ANAKIN SKYWALKER!!

Shelti: As he's seen in Attack of the Clones. Darth Vader comes later … or in a Super Episode. Maybe we'll have both of them at once!

Stick: How does that work?

Shelti: Two words for you, Stick: dancing bananas.

Stick: That doesn't make sense.

Shelti: ^_^ I know.

*random people drag in Anakin Skywalker and tie him to a chair*

Anakin: o.O What's this? Where am I? Where's Padmè? What am I doing here?

Stick: Welcome to The Huggbees Show!, Anakin!

Anakin: *sees Stick and Shelti and jumps … mainly because Shelti has his lightsaber* Who are you? And what are you doing with my lightsaber??

Shelti: *stroking lightsaber possesively* I like it … it's pretty…

Stick: *snatches lightsaber out of Shelti's hands* Stop that. Anakin, I'm Stick, and the nutcase here is Shelti. We're here to ask you questions.

Anakin: Do I have to answer them?

Stick: Yes.

Anakin: Why?

Stick: Because we said so.

Shelti: *grabs the lightsaber back* So, I'll ask the first question. Anakin, do you want your lightsaber back?

Anakin: I'd like that.


Anakin: Why not?

Shelti: Because it's mine now. My own … my precious… *strokes the lightsaber possesively*

Anakin: o.O

Stick: Stop that. You look like Gollum.

Shelti: *jumps* I don't want THAT!

Anakin: o.O

Stick: I'LL ask the next question. So, Anakin, did you get jealous of Yoda when he fought Count Dooku?

Shelti: YODA KICK BUTT!!!!! GO YODA!!!!!!!!!!

Anakin: Yoda? Kick BUTT?? Yeah right.

Stick: But … but…

Shelti: *looks at the conveniently placed big-screen television backstage, which is now conveniently playing Star Wars Episode 2, conveniently at that scene* I think he was unconcious for that bit.

Stick: Oh.

Anakin: Huh?

Shelti: Never mind. Does it bother you that your girlfriend is five years older than you?

Anakin: Nope. I never thought about it. And Padmè's my wife now.

Shelti: Oh yeah!

Stick: *pulls out a card* Hey! We have questions! Okay! Anakin, Leap of Fate asks, "Why are you such a crap actor?"

Anakin: But … I'm not … an actor…

Stick: I think she means Hayden Christiansen. He IS a bad actor.

Anakin: Who's Hayden Christiansen?

Shelti: An actor. He's CUTE.

Stick: No he's not!

Shelti: Yes he is!

Stick: Is not!

Shelti: Is too!

Stick: Is not!

Shelti: Is too!

Stick: Is not!

Shelti: Is too infinity!

Stick: Is no -- grr…

Anakin: Umm… hello?

Both: Yeah?!

Anakin: I'm still here. And what are you arguing over?

Stick: Never mind.

Shelti: Our next question comes from Ryan, who asks if he could be your friend and if he could have your lightsaber.

Anakin: Well, I guess he could be my friend … but he can't have my lightsaber because you TOOK IT!!

Shelti: *sticks out her tongue and dances around him* *singsong* Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah!

Stick: -.-

Anakin: o.O

Shelti: I've got another question!

Anakin: Ummm … okay…

Shelti: While Qui-Gon was still alive, did you ever notice anything SPECIAL between him and Obi-Wan?

Anakin: *sobs* DON'T MENTION QUI-GON!! I still miss him so much!

Stick: *pats him on the shoulder* There, there.

Anakin: And … um … don't tell anyone, but I did notice some … um … SPARKS between him and Obi-Wan…

Stick: Oh … crap.

Anakin: Was that a bad thing?

Stick: It could very well be.

Shelti: Gee … umm … okay… Let's go to a commercial!



White Words on Black and Voice-Over: Millenium Falcon: 17,000 credits.

*Millenium Falcon appears*

WWoBaV-O: Lightsaber: 60 credits.

*lightsaber appears*

WWoBaV-O: Escaping from Darth Vader: an arm.

*an arm appears*

WWoBaV-O: Destroying the Sith and saving your dad and sister: priceless.

*picture of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader together, all smiling -- happy family photo, you get the drift, huh? -- appears*

WWoBaV-O: There are some things money, or body parts, can't buy. For everything else, there's JediMasterCard. Accepted wherever Jawas are.

*JediMasterCard logo appears*


Shelti: *claps*

Anakin: Vader … I like that name…

Stick: We're back!

Shelti: *claps*

Stick: And there's two more questions to go!

Shelti: *claps*

Stick: Would you cut that out?

Shelti: *stops clapping* Sorry. I'M GONNA ASK THE QUESTION!!!!

Stick: *holds hands over ears* Gaah! Okay!

Shelti: If you had twins with Padmè, and you named them Luke and Leia, and one became a Senator-Princess-Thingymabob-PINAPPLE!

Stick and Anakin: o.O

Shelti: … and the other became a farm boy, then a Jedi, and you became evil, and Padmè died, and lots of things blew up, would you do the chicken dance with me?

Anakin: Huh?

Stick: *whallops Shelti* You idiot! You just told him --

Shelti: Shh! Don't tell him!

Anakin: Huh? What's the chicken dance?

Shelti: I'll show you! *does the chicken dance and sings* Da-na-na-na-na-na-na, da-na-na-na-na-na-na, da-na-na-na-na-na-na, *clap clap clap clap*, da --

Stick: That's enough.

Shelti: *stops*

Anakin: o.O

Stick: Last question! Anakin, could you say "Huggbees" for us?

Anakin: Why?

Stick: Because I said so.

Shelti: It'll make you happy! Say it! Huggbees!! WHEEEE!!!! HUUUUUUUGBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Stick said so.

Anakin: Umm … okay … huggbees.


Anakin: Can I go now?

Stick: In a moment. Shelt, give him back his lightsaber.

Shelti: Make me.

Stick: Make me make you.

Shelti: Make me make you make me.

Stick: Make me make you make me make you.

Shelti: Make me make you make me make you make me.

Stick: Make me make you make me make you make me make you.

Shelti: Make me make you make me make you make me make you make me.

Stick: What were we arguing about again?

Anakin: My lightsaber.

Shelti: You can't have it!

Anakin: But Obi-Wan's gonna kill me!

Shelti: *hands him a cookie* Give this to Obi. Consolation prize and stuff.

Anakin: *stares at the cookie* Okay … I guess…

Stick: NOW, you can leave.

Shelti: Bye!

Anakin: *vanishes*

Stick: Why do we have people drag him in when he can just appear and disappear?

Shelti: Because I like it. And now we need to do the legal mumbo-jumbo. Oh, /Arf/!

Arfindel: *walks onstage* *monotone* Sheltigrrl Moonfire and Stick, penname Aspiring Elf Girl, do not own Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, His Dark Materials, Star Wars, Artemis Fowl, Spongebob Squarepants, or any characters from fanfics that aren't theirs. The people who wrote these things do. Above fanwriters Sheltigrrl Moonfire and Stick own themselves and HQ. The Pencil Show, which this show is a spin-off of, belongs to Hikaness and Doodles, the original writers of it. Find Hika's website, The Cardboard Box, at . All remaining rights reserved. Also, because of fanfiction.net's review policy, we ask that you do not use the review system to send in questions. Rather, if you want to send in questions at all, e-mail them to Sheltigrrl Moonfire at sheltigrrl@hotmail.com. Regular reviews are very, very, very much appreciated and loved. Thank you for your cooperation. *walks off*

Shelti: *waves* Thanks, Arf!

Stick: Well, that's it for today. Tune in next time when we bring on LEGOLAS!!!!

Shelti: Ummm … yay?

Stick: Yes.

Shelti: YAAAY!!!!

Stick: So send in your questions for Legolas!

Both: BYE!!!!!

Shelti: HUGGBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!