All: Huh?
Snap: *shrugs* I couldn't find the title.

Katrina and I were trying so hard not to burst out laughing.

Shelti: Heh heh... ha ha ha... hee hee heh ha ha... MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Professor Flitwick

Shelti: ...is a pervy werewolf fancier.

seemed taken aback about Sirius turning snow white

Aku: So would anyone else, believe me.

and had to send him to the Hospital Wing to turn him back to regular color

Shelti: *blink* But wouldn't Flitwick be able to do that himself?
Jahari: *shrugs* Apparently not.
Shelti: *frowns*

then he came back and asked us questions.

Jahari: Despite that being a terribly running-on sentence, WE'RE BACK TO FIRST-PERSON. STOP DOING THAT.

“Girls would you like too tell me what happened?”

All: ^_^ No.

“I don’t know maybe James, Remus, and Peter know,”

Aku: (James) Nope.
Jahari: (Remus) Not a clue.
Shelti: (Peter) *panicking* I didn't do it! It wasn't me! THE SHEEP ARE LYING!!!

I said with a strait face,

Aku: Sail the sunny isles of the Strait of Face!

I knew they wouldn’t say that it was my fault because Flitwick wouldn’t believe them.

Shelti: >=D Muwaha.

Remus spoke shakily, “Well...we...uh-“

Jahari: (Remus) We tried to cast a ridiculously stupid spell on that girl over there, and because it is so stupid, it didn't work. Obviously.
Aku: Gee, bitter much?
Jahari: If you're going to pull a prank, make it an intelligent one.

“His spell back fired” Potter said trying to cover up Lupin’s stutter.

Shelti: (James) The Kleenex isn't working... maybe if we try a tablecloth or a towel... or duct tape. Yeah, duct tape'll work.

“Very well, now class....”

Jahari: *blink*
Aku: *gasp* No points from Gryffindor? Or Ravenclaw?
Shelti: Come on, this is FLITWICK we're talking about here, not Snape.
Aku: Point.

After class we left for lunch,

Shelti: *sings* FOOD! Glorious FOOD!

Black was back

Jahari: Sounds like a rap song or something. The Blacks are back in town....
Shelti: ^_^ *sings* The boys are back in town, the boys are back in town -- ! Hey!
Jahari: *puts away baseball bat* Stop singing.

from the Hospital Wing but still looked rather white.

Aku: Black – the NEW white.
Jahari: (Elle Woods) Whoever said orange was the new pink is seriously disturbed.

After a rough Transfiguration class Katrina and I went to the Library to read and do homework (by the way after Black was sent to the Hospital Wing Flitwick was impressed that I was very advanced at Charms and the same for McGonagall)

Aku: Good to know.
Shelti: *sigh* Why do they do this to us...?

when I had a vision of Black, Potter, Lupin, and Pettigrew

Aku: ^_~

came walking into the library, and sure enough they came stalking up the library looking for me.

Jahari: With... A KNIFE. MUWAHAHAH.

Katrina didn’t know they cam in she was still reading her book and jumped when I said (still looking at my book) “Can I help you Morons-I mean Marauders?”

Shelti: *monotone* Ooh. Burn.
Jahari: *rolls eyes* Real insulting, that.

The boys looked at me shocked.

All: Gasp.

“How did you know it was us,” Black said curiously.

Shelti: I'd like you to meet my friend, Mr. Question Mark. Mr. Question Mark wants to be YOUR friend, too.

“Haven’t you heard the gossip about me Black, I’m a seer?”

Aku: Blabs it all over town, she does.

“Oh yeah the part where you can know things before they happen and that you’re a freak and also-“

Jahari: You can turn people into brainless bastards just by looking at them.
Shelti: Well, Sirius was a bit of a bastard canonically...

“and also that I know why your called Padfoot, why Potter’s called Prong,

Shelti: Prong-S. S, DEAR, S.

why Peter’s called Wormtail, and why Lupin’s called Moony-

Aku: She's STALKING them.

oh Moony don’t be scared as long as your friends don’t try to pull another prank on me I won’t say a word,” I said with satisfaction.

Jahari: >=3 Of course not. Dead Sues don't tell tales.

Katrina was staring at me and at them with a smile.

Aku: ^_~

“What are you crazy do you-““Deal” Lupin said hastily he looked at them scolding for even thinking to carry on after the threat.

Jahari: ...did anyone catch that?
Shelti: Uh... no. --; This is why we use a new paragraph when a new person is talking, and tell us who IS talking as well.

“Aright freak no pranks happy,”

Jahari: You're prank-happy, all right.

“Yes, now can you leave us to read in peace.”

Aku: Or rest in peace.
Jahari: That can be arranged... *holds up knife*

They stalked off feeling defeat;

Shelti: It felt like a pile of bricks had been dumped on them, then set on fire, then frozen, then blown up. All at once.

Katrina and I exchanged smiles and spent the rest of the time until bed reading with satisfaction!

Jahari: What happened after that?
Shelti: Bed.
Aku: And thus...
Shelti: Would you give it a REST all ready??

Hope you like it please review it will get better and another thanks to Star of the Muses again for reviewing and for the advice!

Shelti: It will get better, it will get better... you know, I'd like to see a fic where it DOES.

(They wait for more. It doesn't come.)

Aku: ...That's IT??
Snap: *calls down from the projector booth* It says "story not found"!
Shelti: Nuuuu!!
Snap: Sorry! ^^;
Jahari: Well. *stands up* I guess that's it, then.
Aku: ^^ Yay. *stands up*
Shelti: *also gets up* So...=3 All this MSTing is making me –
Shelti: Not in here, you're not.
Aku: Aw. ._.
Shelti: You know the rule.
Jahari: *snickering*
Aku: Well, c'mon, love, let's go. *grabs Jahari and drags him out*
Shelti: *rolls her eyes, smiling, and walks out*

(The doors close, and the Theatre goes black.)


"The Snowy White Seer" by LonelyWhiteAnimagiWolf
MSTed by Sheltigrrl Moonfire, Jahari Killikoi, and Akuwin Zoran
(MSTed without permission.)
MSTing concept belongs to Best Brains
Harry Potter belongs to J. K. Rowling and Warner Bros, Inc.