Jahari: *turns to Shelti and shouts in her ear* SURPRISE WAKE UP CALL!!!
Shelti: *wakes up, groggily* What? Huh? I didn't do it...
Jahari: The first chapter is over, and Ky just left to grab some stuff.
Shelti: Oh. *yawn*
Ky: *runs back in with a bookbag* All righty, I have my MP3 player, two Gameboys, a few games, and a few random manga.
Shelti: Yay! ^-^
Jahari: Sheesh.
Ky: *sits down* All right, bring it on you horrible author, you.
Jahari: ...Oh, one more thing. Shelti?
Shelti: Yes?
Jahari: Can I rant?
Shelti: By all means.
Jahari: Yay!

Ok I know I didn't do this in the first chapter and I have no idea why.

Shelti: Make it interesting?
Ky: *yawn* What didn't they do?

I don't own Star Wars Or Lord Of The Rings or I would be sitting in Skywalker Ranch right now.

Shelti: And she'd be George Lucas.

Well not technically I would actually be in Australia filming Episode three and mingling with Samuel L. Jackson and I would probably actually have a boyfriend, Anyway that's besides the point.

Jahari: O_O You mean there's a POINT??
Ky: Gasp. All of that seems like pointless babble to me.

Meet my three friends: Invisible poker dude (IPD)

Shelti: Poker! ^_^ I see your Sue and I raise you a Stu.
Ky:....Say what?

IPD: Hi!!!

Shelti: Hi!!!
Ky: Goodbye! *shoots IPD*

Me: Nightcrawler

Ky: Is sexxy.
Jahari: O.o She's Nightcrawler?
Ky: O_O WHAT?!

Nightcrawler: Guetentag

Shelti: *TWITCH* MISSPELLED. And Kurt belongs to Ay!

Me: and Tino Tonitini

Jahari: But I thought you were Nightcrawler.
Ky: *sob* Kuuuuuuuuuurt....;____; Poor, poor Kurt..

Tino: Howdy! (Waves)

Ky: *sobs loudly* NIGHTCRAWLER! ;_;
Jahari: Wave yourself!
Shelti: *sobs with Ky* NIGHTCRAWLER! ;_;
Ky: NIGHTCRAAAAWLER! ;_________;

Me: So R&R and well answer n e review.

Shelti: ...DIE.
Ky: *sniffle* Nightcrawler...
Jahari: Quick, who saw that coming?
Shelti: DIE DIE DIE.
Ky: *sniff sniff* Nightcrawler...Poor, poor Nightcrawler...

IPD: Must poke someone!!!

Jahari: *brandishes HIS lightsabre* I'll poke you...
Ky: *grabs Jahari and shakes* NIGHTCRAWLER! ;_;

Tino: Ummm will someone put his straightjacket on?

Shelti: ^_^ Straightjackets are comfy!
Jahari: Yes... Nightcrawler...

Me: Umm we can't. He's invisible!

Shelti: ...DUH.

Nightcrawler: The frualien has a point.

Shelti: ...Frualien? She's an alien?
Jahari: Well, that explains a lot.
Ky: NIGHTCRAWLER! She corrupted you! ;_____;
Jahari: *pats* We'll get him back, dear, you'll see.
Ky: *sniff* I hope so.
Shelti: 'Hari! ^_^
Jahari: *hug* We always get them back. *looks at Shelti* What?
Ky: *sniff sniff* Poor Nightcrawler...
Shelti: You hugged her, 'Hari! ^_^
Ky: Is that OOC for him?
Shelti: Well, considering he can't love or lust... exactly... a bit, yes.
Jahari: ...Shut up.
Tom: LESS TALK! MORE MST! *cracks whip*
Ky: Aww, poor Jahari...Can't love, huh? That sucks.

Chapter 2

Shelti: Obi! ^_^ Have a cookie.
Ky: Obi-Wan! He's spiffy.

As Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight, watched his padawans sister she rose about 2 feet off the ground.

Jahari: She can levitate? Oh, and... OBI-WAN!!! ^__________________^
Shelti: o_o; OOCness ahoy.

Her faerie henna tattoo on her arm grew permanent, her hair grew out longer and whipped it self into a half ponytail where the top layer that was up had lots of tiny French braids led to the pony tail where the hair was normal.

All: ...
Ky: *yaaaaawn*
Shelti: Did anyone catch that?

One of the braids fell to her right shoulder to form her padawans braid.

Jahari: I remember having that. x_x; I hated it.
Ky: Please, can we skip this?

The top of her ears became pointy and became elf ears.

Shelti: Yeah, so?

Her eyesight and hearing sharpened to that of an elves.

Ky: *yawn*
Shelti: An Elves? What? Choose an agreement! Sheeesh.

Her freckles became a light sprinkle and her light sabers and bow and arrows became real.

Jahari: *rolls eyes*
Ky: All right, that's it. *gets out MP3 player* Let me know when this stupid description is over. *puts on headphones*

As these changes happened to Shi, Michael floated over next to her as similar changes happened to him.

Shelti: *bursts out laughing* His hair grew long and braided too? Hah!
Jahari: >> Don't make fun of it. I HATED my braid.

When they both came down, a thump was heard over by Madeline.

Ky:....Say what?
Shelti: THUMP.

She had turned back into an elf also.

Shelti: You mean she was an Elf before? Creepy, dude.
Ky: Very much so. o_O;

Everyone's hair had changed back to their original padawan self and hair.

Jahari: ...Wait, doesn't that mean that their hair was a self? How does that work?
Ky: Once again....That makes no sense.

Jessi was now Shi Skywalker-Greenleaf daughter of Legolas Greenleaf and Shmi Skywalker.

Jahari: WHAT?!
Shelti: Ohhh... so THAT's how she did it.... Wait.
Jahari: WHAT?!?!
All: *SPAZ*
Ky: *writhing on the floor* YE GODS, IT BURNSSS! @_@
Jahari: Oh, to Zore with it. *goes off on a bloody beheading rampage and comes back, then dies*
Shelti: 'Hari... you can't die.
Jahari: *rezzes, although he can't die* I know, but I had to let off steam SOMEhow. That was just too painful.

Michael was now Sirithheru Tallbirch Jedi Padawan to Sasee Tiin, Jedi Council member and Jedi Master of the Jedi Order.

Ky: *rolls eyes*
Jahari: *snort* Nice name.

Madeline was now Zelda Catamara Jedi Padawan to Adi Gallia, Jedi Council member and Jedi Master of the Jedi Order.

Shelti: Zelda... Zelda means... LINK!

Julianne was still Julianne Sabatino, Padawan to Depa Billiba, Member of the Jedi Council and Jedi Master of the Jedi Order.

Jahari: I feel compelled to ask... why must we know this?
Ky: Because they automatically assume we want to know EVERYTHING 'bout them, when really we just want to see them shoved off a cliff.
Shelti: Or maybe there'll be a quiz later on.

Kathleen was still Kathleen but her last name was different.

Shelti: She got married.
Ky: *yawn* And we're supposed to care...why?

She was now Kathleen Jadia, Padawan to Plo Koon Jedi Council Member and Jedi Master of the Jedi Order.

Ky: *yawn* Are we supposed to pay attention to this?
Shelti: But, you know, I really must hand it to her -- she does know her Jedi Council trivia.
Ky: *cough* Nerd.
Shelti: No kidding... HEY.
Ky: ^_^

As Shi's feet touched the ground she slowly opened her eyes looked around and smiled as her eyes settled upon Obi-Wan and Anakin.

Jahari: You mean she was still levitating through all of this? O_O
Ky: *yaaaawn* God, this story is so goddamn awful. *glances toward door* Can't we just leave?
Shelti: ...Good question. We should try this. But after the chapter.

Shi also now had a black Jedi cloak like Obi-Wans' brown one.

Jahari: *hugs cloak protectively*
Ky: ...Wait. She had a black cloak like Obi's brown one? ....Oooh.

"Hello Obi-Wan." She said stepping forward and bowing slightly.

Shelti: Then Obi-Wan slapped her on the butt.
Ky: *laugh* Interesting.

Then she turned to Anikan and her smile widened.

Shelti: Then she ate his head.
Ky: Anikan? Anakin's evil twin brother..?

"Hello Ani! It's great to see you again!"

Ky: *twitch*
Shelti: (Anakin) Sure, sis, whatever. Now go, I gotta go impregnate my girlfriend and have twins.

Anakin seemed puzzled for a moment and then he looked at her cocky half smile.

Jahari: *half-smiles*
Ky:...o_O; Um...
Shelti: Don't let him do half-grins and half-smiles and stuff. It looks ... DISTURBING.
Ky:....Um, ok...*whaps Jahari* Stop it.
Jahari: *whapped* I don't think I deserved that.

Then he smiled the same way and said "Hello little one. A pleasure this meeting is."

Shelti: Talking like Yoda, Anakin is.
Ky: Very annoying it will be.

Obi-Wan turned to his padawan with a puzzled expression on his face.

Shelti: What's with all the puzzled Jedi all of a sudden?

"I had no idea you could speak Elvish Anakin!" he said surprised.

Shelti: Elvish Anakin!?
Jahari: The apocalypse is coming.
Ky: Wait. They were speaking Elvish? THANKS FOR TELLING US. *twitch*
Jahari: Elvish!? *covers ears*
Shelti: Odd. I expected 'Hari to have that reaction first.
Ky: *sticks out tongue at Jahari* Ha. Beat ya to it.
Jahari: *is rocking back and forth with his hands over his ears* Can't sleep... Sues will get me... Can't sleep... Sues will get me...
Ky: *pats Jahari on the head* There there...

Anakin smiled sheepishly and said "that's about all I can say though."

Jahari: IT'S ENOUGH. *continues rocking*

Then Shi smiled and said "All have faults but the greater and more perfect people are the ones who admit them and try to improve."

Shelti: Uh-HUH. And this has ANYthing to do with what we're talking about... how?
Ky:...She really fucked that quote up.

Then she laughed because no one else could speak that much elfish other than Michael and Maddy and her so everyone had extremely puzzled looks on their faces.

Ky: Elfish? But she just said it was Elvish..

Suddenly there was a loud growl and a whinny behind her.

Ky: A horse...? Jahari: It was the Creatures of the Dark and Light, coming to do justice to the Sue and her evil ways!! ^_^
Shelti: ...I don't think so.
Ky: Most likely not. --;

She whirled around a smile growing on her face as she saw both of her beloved elven bonded animals. (this means they are only killed, injured or hurt when she is and that they can read each other's thoughts.)

Shelti: Elves can do that?
Jahari: Elves are evil.
Ky: *whap* Elves are not evil. Mary Sue Elves are evil.
Jahari: Ok, not ALL Elves are evil. Arwen isn't evil.
Ky: *Twitch twitch*
Jahari: *quickly* Book!Arwen isn't evil.
Ky: >_> Uh huh.
Jahari: What? Sheesh. You fangirls and your Elves...
Ky: *twitch twitch* I just hate Arwench. >_>
Shelti: *whispers to Ky* Long story. Basically, Elves hate Vampires and never treated him kindly.
Ky: *whispers back* You told me. But still..
Shelti: And don't get me started on Arwen. Ok, Glorfindel should have gotten the part, but still... They needed a continuous love story, I suppose.
Ky: *twitch* No they didn't. They completely destroyed Eowyn/Faramir. >_>
Shelti: I know! I hated that! >_> They should have kissed on the wall, not Aragorn and Arwen. Harumph. And that thing about Arwen and the Ring's fate... What WAS that? Though the little kid in the vision was cute. ^_^ He looked like Micah.

It was her Buckskin Horse Arrow


and her White Tiger Madison.

Ky: *yawn* Such original names.
Shelti: Buckskin Horse Arrow. An arrow made out of a HORSE??

She smiled and ran over to them and hugged them both.

Shelti: Then the horse stepped on her, and the tiger tore her to shreds.
Ky: Tiger...*_* As in a Siberian tiger? *__*

Then she heard a loud sob behind her. It was the lady who had taken care of her while she was on earth.

Shelti: OH MY GOD. You mean she's still there??

Jean Porter was crying.

Ky: *twitch* WE. DON'T. CARE.

"It was a pleasure having you."

Shelti: (Jean) Now we will sacrifice you to our gods of having people.
Ky: *snigger* 'Having you'?

She said through sobs. Shi walked up to her and said " Thank you for having me" and then they hugged.

Shelti: Jeez, it sounds like they just had a dinner party or something. *looks at Jahari* ...^_^ *hugs him*
Jahari: *hugged* ...o_O;
Ky: Aww...*hugs Jahari*
Jahari: *hugged again* ...O_o;

Suddenly Obi-Wan said, "We have to get your things and leave.

Jahari: (Obi-Wan) Because I am an old stuffed shirt.

We're due back on Coruscant in 2 days and it will take us that long to get there if we leave in 2 hours."

Shelti: Right....What?
Ky: ....Uh....Just smile and nod.

"Ok" everyone replied.

Shelti: *twitch* PARAGRAPHS.
Ky: *pats Shelti on the head* There there.

Shi turned to Jean and asked her for a ride and Jean said ok.

Shelti: I own a pair of jeans. In fact, I own several.
Ky: Of course you do, dear.

About an hour later they were all aboard the Republic Cruiser and breaking through the atmosphere.

Shelti: Ok, this has gotten boring again, except for -- Where did the Cruiser come from??

When they were pulling into Coruscant Shi asked a question, which had obviously been bothering her throughout all of her meditation and training during the two days.

Jahari: *snort* She only trained for TWO days? Oh yeah, that'll be helpful.
Ky: Ok, what? Suddenly two days passed? Gah, this story sucks.
Shelti: Well, it took two days to get to Coruscant and they're in Coruscant now.

"Master Kenobi, Why was I hidden on earth?" she asked Obi-Wan.

Jahari: (Obi-Wan) Because you're annoying and we had to stash you SOMEwhere.

"Why don't you ask your Father that later." He responded.

Shelti: Wait, what is Legolas doing on Coruscant?
Ky:...What? When did Legolas come in?
Shelti: He mentions her father. Her father is Legolas. So it stands to reason --
Jahari: What reason?

Shi nodded, did a slight bow

Shelti: And then Obi-Wan slapped her on the butt.
Ky: XD Stop that, Shelti. It's too amusing.
Shelti: That's why I do it.

and went to go groom Arrow and Madison. Obi-Wan did not approve of her having animals.

Ky: He's really a part of PETA.

As much as he understood that it was part of her culture he disapproved.

Jahari: Because he's an old stuffed shirt.
Shelti: What culture?
Ky: Mary Sue culture.

Having her animals showed attachment.

Ky: ....To what?
Shelti: No, it just shows that she's a Sue.

It was this thing that corrupted and destroyed many Jedi.

Shelti: (little kid) What's attachment?
Jahari: (Obi-Wan) Well, it's this thing, not many know it, but it's this thing that corrupts and destroys many Jedi.

Anakin was distracted from his studies by thoughts of his mother and Padme Amidala former Queen of Naboo.

Shelti: And now she's a senator.
Ky: *blink* Can you say random?

His sleep time was interrupted by dreams of his mother and his meditation was invaded by horrible visions.

Shelti: Sleep time? Sounds like a little kid... Sleepy time, Anakin!
Ky: Aww...Nappy time! *giggle* Anakin in nappy time, sucking his thumb, cuddling a teddy bear..
Jahari: Didn't his mom die? Oh, wait, he could be having dreams about her death...

Once again, of his mother. He decided to discuss it with Master Yoda and Master Windu.

Ky: ...Wait. But they're not there.
Shelti: Yoda!
Jahari: Yay!
Shelti: Windu!
Jahari: Boo!
Ky: *blink blink*

As they began the landing cycle,

Shelti: The landing cycle? Sounds like some sort of wash cycle... *puts her clothes through a landing cycle*

Obi-Wan sat down in the copilots seat next to Anakin who was flying as everyone else sat down in their seats.

Ky: *monotone* How...exciting...

As he looked around he saw that Shi wasn't there.

Ky: ...She was feeling a bit suicidal that day, and decided to stand on the top of the rocket-thing as it landed.

"Where's Shi?" he asked Michael.

Ky: On the roof, duh. What are you, deaf?
Jahari: (Michael) How the hell should I know?! I'm not her personal monitor, you know.

"She's in the back with Arrow and Madison. She said she was going to groom them while we were landing. Said that she'd be ok." Answered Michael.

Shelti: Ok... so she's one of those people that does weird things at weird times...
Jahari: Like you.
Shelti: Yes. ...HEY...

"She wont be able to stay upright without support!!!" Obi-Wan exclaimed.

Jahari: ...Why...?
Ky: That's right, she's oh-so weak..
Shelti: It's like in Newfoundland... Last time I was there the wind stopped blowing and everybody fell down.
Ky: ....All right. o_O;
Shelti: ...Never mind.

"Hey! My landings aren't that bad!" retorted Anakin heatedly.

Ky: Famous last words. *cough*

" That's not what I meant Ani" Obi-Wan replied, "These cruisers never do landings very well."

Ky: *snort* He called him 'Ani.' He actually called him 'Ani.'
Jahari: Hee. My master never used some sort of nickname. It was always "Padawan", "James", or "Jahari". NEVER "Jaimie"... *glares at Shelti*
Ky: *giggle* Jaimie..
Shelti: ^_^ I like it. And... *TWITCH* USE. PARAGRAPHS.
Ky: *pat pat* Oh, they probably never will.

Then Obi-Wan got up and made his way o the cargo hold where Shi's animals were.

Ky: And when he found her, he slapped her ass.
Shelti: Hey, that's MY line!
Ky: *sticks out tongue*

When he got there the cruiser started going in to the landing cycle.

Shelti: That sounds like a washing machine thingy...
Ky: And after the landing cycle, it goes into tumble dry, low...

As the cruiser broke through Coruscant's atmosphere he almost lost his balance and would have if it hadn't of been for his Jedi training.

Jahari: Jedi training! =D

As he walked into the cargo bay where Arrow and Madison were being kept the cruiser gave another vicious buck.

Shelti: Gotta watch those mean deer.
Ky: *giggles* Yup...Those cargo bays are sure wild things, they are.

While he stumbled barley keeping his balance Obi-Wan saw that Shi barley even twitched and stayed as perfectly in place as though it had never happened.

Ky: *twitch* Ok, I'm no huge Star Wars fan..but COME ON!
Shelti: So Obi-Wan has no ears, so what?

Shelti: Your ears control your balance. Ky: ...Wow, really? I didn't know that. Hmm. Maybe Shi just has huge ears, then. ..Wait. Isn't she supposed to be half-Elf?
Jahari: Yes. << Stupid Elves.. *begins cursing under his breath*
Ky: *whaps Jahari* Don't dis Elves.
Jahari: Can I dis Orcs?
Ky: Of course.
Jahari: ^_^ *swears in Raylen about Orcs*
Ky: ^_^ Much better.

It must be a mix of Elfish magic and the force thought Obi-Wan.

Ky: *twitch twitch*
Ky:...You're upset over THAT? --;

Just then the cruiser landed.

Shelti: Then it blew up.
Ky: And there was much rejoicing.
Jahari: *montone* Yay.

As it did Shi put a formal bridal piece on arrow that looked like it was made to of vines and leaves.

Shelti: ...She's getting married?
Ky: Ok...What? 'She put a formal bridal piece on arrow..' Does that make any sense? o_O;

"Shi," asked Obi-Wan "is that bridal piece made out of vines and why doesn't it have a bit in the mouth area?"

Jahari: ...Eh?
Ky: ...Say what? o_O; "Hi Obi-Wan.

Shelti: Then he slapped her on the butt.
Ky: XD Knew you were gonna say that.

The bridal is made out of leather but painted to look like vines and leaves.

Jahari: Ok...
Ky: *yawn*
Shelti: !!! I got it! It's not bridal as in wedding, it's a misspelling of BRIDLE! Which I probably misspelled right there..
Ky: No, you spelled it right. Wow, it all makes sense now! ^_^

There is no bit because of our bond.

Shelti: There is no spoon...
Ky: There is only a spork. *nods wisely*

Most elves do not need a bridle or saddle to ride an animal because of our bond with all living things but because I am half human I need to use at least a bridle.

Shelti: Hey, she's spelling it right now.
Jahari: Spiffy.
Ky: It's called the COMMA. COMMA. C-O-M-M-A.

Since I have a birth bond With Arrow and he is my bonded horse I don't need a bit because we communicate by thought.

Shelti: ...To restate what she just said...

Replied Shi.

Shelti and Ky: And then Obi-Wan slapped her on the butt.

Just then Zelda came in and grabbed her horse's neck and swung herself onto her back.

Ky: Wait. Who's Zelda?
Jahari: Then Link ran in, yelling, "WAIT! WAIT! YOU'RE IN THE WRONG STORY!!"
Ky: *perks up* Link? Link is one sexy Elfboy.

Zelda's horse was a palomino mare named Camatera.

Ky: Uh oh....She's going into 'description mode.'
Shelti: O_o; Her horse was a boat?
Jahari: No, that's a catamaran.

As she landed on Camatera's back Zelda said " Waiting Master Yoda Is."

Jahari: Yoda, Zelda seems to have morphed into.
Ky: O_O AAAHH! You mean she turned into the amazing jumping flea?! Scary.
Jahari: Yoda is NOT A FLEA!!!

At this Shi smiled leapt up on Arrow and started out the door with Madison on her heels.

Ky: *snigger* Right.
Ky: *blink* What about Obi-Wan?
Shelti: O_o; He either vanished or Shi has an incredibly bad memory.
Ky:...Or he slapped her butt and walked off.

Obi-Wan walked behind them all of the way to the hatchway.

Shelti: Ah, there he is.
Ky: He was only following them to see if he would get another chance to slap her ass.

All the way they talked laughed and joked around.

Shelti: COMMA.
Ky: And the author completely forgot everything they'd learned in 3rd grade, and forgot all about commas.

Obi-wan listened feeling very amused.

Shelti: You're a one-man fan club there, Obs.
Ky:...Obs? o_O;
Jahari: -.-; Shelti, queen of the dumb nicknames.
Shelti: You know it, Fuzzy.
Jahari: Argh!
Ky: *giggle* Fuzzy! *pinches Jahari's cheeks* Wittle Fuzzy-Wuzzy!
Jahari: ...
Ky: ^_^;; Sorry.

It was very rare that a Jedi could find such a strong friend.

Ky: Yes, because all Jedi know that friendship is BAD.
Jahari: *feels special* I have several good friends.
Shelti: Including a BOYfriend...
Ky: Yeah, I still have to meet him!
Jahari: >>; SHUT. UP.

Even another Jedi would not be this friendly with you.

Ky: Aww, that's just mean! Are Jedi very stuffy, self-absorbed people?
Shelti: *giggles* Friendly... *looks at Jahari* Yup, not many Jedi... this friendly... *giggles more*
Jahari: -_____-;;;;

He supposed that that was one of the perks of living away from the Jedi for a while.

Shelti: You mean there are PERKS?? Serious Obi-Wan OOCness over here.
Ky: Well so is him slapping her ass.
Shelti: Very true. But we can do that. We're MSTers. =P
Ky: ^_^ Ah, true.

You learn the value of friendship.

Ky: o_o; Are the Jedi really such cold-hearted bastards?
Shelti: Aw, it's so sweet, so charming, so...
Jahari: Stupid.

As Obi-wan stepped up next to Anakin and headed down the ramp he was wondering if he would ever have that kind of friendship with a person.

Shelti: ... *begins giggling madly*
Ky: XD Poor wittle Obi-wan. He's not getting any.

As he was thinking this Shi had greeted Master Yoda and had mounted her horse.

Ky: ...But she was already on her horse. o_o;
Shelti: Why? To ride it through the vast fields of Coruscant...?
Jahari: What fields?
Ky: Coruscant is desert, right?
Shelti: No. It's completely city.
Ky:....Oh. *cough* I knew that. >_>;

Just then Shi galloped over the side of the platform!

All: *burst out laughing*
Shelti: As if to PROVE that she has no brain at all...
Ky: Thus ends this horrible story. Can we leave?
Shelti: No. It hasn't ended yet...
Tom: The very PARAGRAPH hasn't ended yet. Besides, I locked the doors and set mini-Aragog and mini-Balrog guards at it. So ... there is no escape for you. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Jahari: He speaks like he wants to scare us...
Ky: Well I do have the Big Arse Sword...
Shelti: Eh, let's just stick it out anyway.
Ky: ...Yeah, all right. *eats popcorn*

Ooo that's a cliffhanger for sure!!

Jahari: Not... really...
Ky: *yawn* No, not really. Just wishful thinking.

So wat did u think?

Shelti: Shall we answer this?
Jahari: I will if you two will.
Ky: *shrug* Sure.
Shelti: We hated it.
Jahari: We didn't understand it.
Ky: It sucks. I've read kiddy stories with a better plot.

IPD: It was pokerific!!

Shelti: Eh?
Ky: It was...edible?

Tino: Ya it was good!!

Jahari: LIAR.

Nightcrawler: Ya It was good. I vish u could put up more soon.

Shelti: You're the only one.
Ky:.....KUUUUUUUUUUURT! ;________________;

Me: I will and if anyone has advice in how to straightjacket an invisible guy let us know.

Shelti: I have one you could borrow.
Ky: *sobs loudly* KUUUUUURT! ;_________;

Tino: Please. And Later Days!!

Shelti: Yeah, yeah, shut up.

Part 1