Shelti: Ok, Chapter 2ís coming up. Whatíre your thoughts so far?
Jahari: I think Iím LOST. When and where the heck ARE we??
Shelti: No idea...

*Chapter 2~ Return to Lothlorien*

Shelti: Oooh! Oooh! I know where we are! Lothlorien!
Jahari: *sarcastically* Oh, how observant.


Both: *evil glare*

stared in amazement at what had once been her home.

Jahari: *monotone* Yay.

Oh how different it looked.

Shelti: Oh my! *swoon*

Sweeping expanses of beautifully architectured buildings and gazebos were surrounded by a grotto, with five waterfalls at each of the five high rising cliff walls that protected and hid Lothlorien. In the centre of it all, a mystical castle rose out of the mist, glowing with a hundred million faerie lights in the dusk.

Shelti: I donít remember Lothlorien being quite like that... but itís a nice description.

This was truly an Elven kingdom.

Jahari: WOW!

The castle looked almost enchanted, she thought.

Shelti: Ooooh.

She jumped

Both: *get up and hop around like rabbits, then sit down again*

when Legolas took her

Shelti: Clothes!


Shelti: Dang.

and gently pulled her away. They approached a huge silver and jade gate with white gold embellishments.

Jahari: (Rivina) Are we dead? Is this... heaven?

An elf sitting high above them in a tree cackled and grinned.

Jahari: St. Peter! In Elf form!

"Legolas. Back so soon?" he asked, his voice raspy.

Shelti: An Elf having a raspy voice? That doesnít compute.

He pulled a lever, cleverly hidden as a branch and the gates swung open, allowing them in.

"Well, I suppose you could say that, Araggio,

Shelti: Araggio: Elf of the Mafia!

but I have brought some treasure back with me,"

Jahari: Treasure? Where?

he answered with a knowing smile. He gazed into Rivina's eyes and gave her a silly half grin.

Jahari: *turns to Shelti and gives her a silly half grin*
Shelti: Donít do that. When you do that, itís not silly, itís disturbing.

"Come on," he beckoned. She needed no second bidding. She stepped over the threshold and into Legolas' arms. He floated over the water to the entrance of the castle. They entered. The main chamber was deserted, so they climbed the blue carpeted stairs and found Gandalf sitting in a chair, asleep over an ancient looking book of spells. Rivina giggled.

Shelti: (Rivina) Sleeping old men are funny!

"I remember him! He was an advisor to my father in my time!"

Jahari: Wow, HEís an old man.

she giggled again, and a look of wonder came into her eyes. Legolas shook his head and pressed on. Up another curved flight of stairs. Through a long torch lit hallway. Through a huge cathedral door with a huge brass knocker on it.

Shelti: Gah... I donít like it when people do that ... say the same adjective twice. ďHuge hugeĒ... it doesnít sound right to me.

They entered a room, quite simple actually. It had a bed, a small table, an oil lamp and a wardrobe in it. A bookshelf sat caddie-cornered at on side, and another, smaller door led of into a bathroom. However, a huge window was positioned beside the wardrobe,

Shelti: Letís hope the window has curtains, eh?

and that was what made her gasp. The view was absolutely stunning. It showed one of the waterfalls, with mist rising out of the place where the end pounded the water. A beautiful rainbow arched up out of the mist and vines latticed up around it. One hundred faeries glowed all the colors of the rainbow, lighting it all up. She clasped her hands to her chest in pleasure.

Jahari: Weíre awfully quiet.
Shelti: ...There was nothing to make fun of.

"Oh, look Legolas! It is so beautiful!" she squealed.

Both: *in high-pitched, squeaky voices* SQUEE!

Rivina loved beautiful things, and this was one of the most beautiful things she had ever seen.

Shelti: There it is again... *twitch*

Legolas beamed. He had picked this room for its quaintness and beauty, and for that window.

Shelti: *gasps* Legolas! You pervert!
Jahari: Shelti...
Shelti: What?

He too, appreciated the small things life offered him everyday.

Shelti: *sings* ĎTis a gift to be simple, tis a gift to be free...

"Rivina, it's so great that I found you. I have read so many books about your temple, but. . . I could never find it. . . or you. But now I have,"

Jahari: No DUH.

he breathed. She cocked her head.

Jahari: *cocks head*
Shelti: Aw, youíre so cute when you do that! *hugs him*
Jahari: O.o;

"Why would you want to find me? I am just an ugly little elf girl!"

Both: *look at each other* *look at the screen* ...HAH!

she cried. She was confused.

Shelti: Sheís not the only one.

Why did he keep saying that he had finally found her? Legolas looked thunderstruck.

"What?! You are not a little girl. Moreover, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. How could you put yourself down like that?"

Jahari: We do not know.

he asked. She began sobbing.

Jahari: *shakes head* Women. Cry about every little thing...
Shelti: ExCUSE me?
Jahari: Oh, nothing, nothing...

He didn't understand.

Shelti: Nor do we.

She stood there, sobbing into her hands, her body racked with sobs.

Shelti: -.-; We get the picture. Sheís crying. MOVing on...

He couldn't stand it any longer, so he stepped forward and embraced her.

Shelti: *hugs Jahari* Awww!
Jahari: oO;

Her hair tickled his neck, and her skin smelled like vanilla and roses. She sighed and leaned into him, her tears running down his chest. They seemed to glow, purifying him.

Jahari: Ok...

"Rivina? What is it?" he asked gently. She sniffled and looked up, her eyes wide.

"Legolas. . . I am so lost. I just woke up from hundreds of years of being asleep. . . my world is completely different, and I am with a handsome man who keeps telling me he has finally found me. What am I supposed to think?"

Jahari: Youíre not supposed to. Thatís the whole point.

she protested, her eyes dimming.

Shelti: Because she was DYING. MUWAHAHA.

"And everyone and everything here is so familiar yet so foreign,"

Shelti: Wha?

she said, almost to herself.

"I will help you find yourself,"

Jahari: Iím lost. Iíve gone to look for myself. If I should return before I get back, please tell me to wait.

he whispered in her ear. She looked up at him with a light in her eyes.

Shelti: Dangit! I want to make fun of that line, but I donít know what to say! Doesnít it suck when that happens?

"Rea-" she began, but she was stifled by his soft warm lips.

Jahari: Thatís ... nice...

She found herself leaning into the kiss, matching and returning it. When she broke

Jahari: A plate! Shelti: *random Elf* Bad Rivina! No dessert for you!

away, she looked at him. Something in his eyes told her that everything would be OK.

Shelti: *sings* OK...Corral! OK...Corral!

She only hoped it would be.

Jahari: Unfortunately...
Shelti: Muwahaha.

A/N~ Not much here, just setting the scene. If you like it, tell me, and I will keep writing!

Shelti: AH. So THATís what all those flames were for... Sheesh.

I have a case of writers block, so sorry if this isn't my best! CIAO 4 NOW! Luv~ ME!

Shelti: *sings* Do you looooove meee... yes or noooooo...


Jahari: ...Is that IT?
Shelti: Yesh.
Jahari: Yay!
Shelti: ^_^ Wasnít that great?
Jahari: What?!
Shelti: Just an excellent specimen of a Mary Sue!
Jahari: Thatís... nice... I suppose. -_-;;
Shelti: So, letís find something good about it! Tradition, you know.
Jahari: What? Oh, fine... She had good descriptions of places, for the most part.
Shelti: Very true. Ok, we can go now!
Jahari: Yay!
Shelti: *calling up* Ok, Tom, open the doors now! And no pretending to be HAL!
Tom *in the projection booth*: Yes, maíam.

(The doors open, they stand up, and as they walk out of the theater:)

Jahari: So, what was that you were giggling at?
Shelti: Oh, this. *hands him a sheet of paper*
Jahari: Ah. *begins reading, and snickers as he does so*

(They leave, the doors close behind them, and the theater turns black.)


ďThe Lost Temple of RivinaĒ written by Legolasí Elvin Queen
MSTed by Sheltigrrl Moonfire and Jahari
(MSTed without permission)
MSTing concept belongs to Best Brains
Lord of the Rings belongs to J. R. R. Tolkein and his kin.

ďShe fell asleep, and a wandering hobbit, amazed by the woman he found asleep on the ground, cast a curse on her, now knowing what else to do, and encased her here.Ē

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