(Shelti bounces in happily, looking very excited about something. She is followed, not as eagerly, by a young woman with short brown hair, pinky purple wings, and blue-green eyes, who is wearing a short green dress and purple overcoat. Her leggings are yellow and her boots are green. She sits, somewhat reluctantly, beside Shelti in the front row.)

Shelti: HI EVERYONE! Shelti here. 'Hari and Screech are on a romantic vacation this weekend, so instead, to help us MST this darling morsel of a fic here, is Snapdragon! Everyone, say hi to Snap. You know her... our Projector Girl.
Snap: Hi.
Shelti: And so, Tom is being Projector Boy. Roll it, Tom!

(And... yeah.)

This book is dedicated to all my friends,

Snap: Wait a sec... BOOK? How long is this?

who stayed supportive and full of ideas and suggestions to the very end of its making.

Shelti: *monotone* Ooh, how nice of them.

They were eager to read the whole thing

Snap: ...at gunpoint.

and always were there for me when I had a tough time thinking of ideas and headings for chapters.

Shelti: *snort* Who cares about the headings? I like, "Insert Chapter Title Here".

No matter if this book becomes a best seller or not,

Both: *blink* *look at each other* *look at the screen* *look at each other again* *burst out laughing* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Shelti: But it's a FANFIC! Good luck actually SELLING it...!

I want the reading world to know how great, loyal, helpful, caring and dependable they were for me.

Snap: That's nice. We don't care.

I also dedicate this book to my parents

Snap: *palmface* How long is this going to go on?

who were loving

and supporting throughout the whole process of creating and

writing this book.

Shelti: *yawn* Blah blah blah.

I would like to let them know that I

greatly appreciate what they have done for me and also that

I think they are the greatest parents a starting author could ask for.

Shelti: Suck up.
Snap: ...random paragraphing.


Shelti: A telacontar met an elecontar who said, "I can hardly use the jelacontar and my belacontar is all skelacontar while the felacontar goes to slelecontar."
Snap: That was really stupid.
Shelti: ^_^ Thanks.


Snap: Ah, the power of cheese.


Shelti: ...two, tie my shoe.

The power of one, think about it.

Snap: *thinks* Uh... yeah. Soooo...

One is a pretty small number,

Shelti: *sings* Ooone is the loooneliest number that you'll ever doooo...

but it goes along way.

Snap: ...I have the oddest image of a number one walking down the Yellow Brick Road...

You may think that one canít make a difference, but one vote, one voice, one decision, one choice, even one person can make a HUGE impact.

Shelti: -_-; God, this sounds like something I'd write for English class. GET TO THE STORY.

For example, President Andrew Johnson was impeached because of one vote that one person cast

Snap: *rolls eyes* No, it was one vote that TWO people cast... or a whole BUNCH of people...


Shelti: ...MOM.

Hereís another amazing fact:

Shelti: When faced with either getting a full body wax or shopping for car insurance, most Americans chose... the WAX.

one decision could change your life...FOREVER.

Snap: ...yeeeeah...

Like taking drugs, or not doing your homework...yes...even that matters.

Shelti: This fanfic brought to you by the Nagging Parents and Teachers Association.

That one tiny choice could alter your whole life, because of one bad or good choice you made. That decision could be BIG or it could be small, either way, it can do huge amount of damage or help.

Snap: *rubs forehead* Yes, yes, we got the picture, move on already.

What if you were told that you, a single person, could save a world and change the lives of all who live in it?

Snap: I'd say... BRING IT ON, BEH-BEH.

And all you had to do was make the choice to go there?

Shelti: Uhm... whee?

Right now your thinking right,

Snap: Of course my thinking is right. ^_^ It always is.
Shelti: Except when it's left.
Snap: Except when it's Ė hey, wait a sec, that makes no sense...

I canít change the fate of a world, not even a country, because Iím just one person.

Snap: This is boring. It really is.

Hereís the reality check, you know Rosa Parks?

Shelti: Yeah, it's down the street, hang a left, go straight two blocks, take two rights...

That one African American woman made the choice to not give up her seat on the bus, because of this choice, she started the peace marches and Martin Luther King speech, and won the rights that allow African Americans to do what us whites can.

Snap: *a la Chemistry Teacher* And this, students, is called a chain reaction.
Shelti: *enlightenedly* Oooh.

She ended segregation and made us more aware of human rights.

Shelti: But not ANIMAL rights! RAR!
Snap: Leave the PECA out of this, please.

Hereís another person, Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. He made history, he also started the worldwide rush to go further and further into space.

Snap: And then we found we had a lot of problems at home and everyone forgot about it...

Still donít believe?


Maybe this person will help you believe:

Shelti: *hopefully* ...Santa?

Thomas Edison.


He created the light bulb, the source of all our light nowadays.

Snap: Unless, of course, you use candles.

And it is the symbol of creative thought. Shelti: Like this! *lightbulb*

Some people just strive to make a difference, some, just need the drive to do something. But the power of one is part of everyday life, you, me, your parents, your teachers, your family; all have the power of one.

Shelti: ...and cheese.

Earlier on, I asked you would believe it if some one told you that you could change a world, even save it from the brink of destruction?

Snap: Yes. I would do it. BRING. IT. ON. MWAHAHAHAHA!

I was told thishere is my story...

Shelti: *hillbilly* And this here is the cow, an' this here is the horse...

(Suddenly, the lights go out. The screen goes blank. No one can see anything.)

Snap: SHUT UP!!!! I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation for this. A power failure, or something.

(Alas, Snap has said the Words of Doom. For now, from the projection booth, maniacal laughter comes. (Fear my awful syntax.))

Tom: MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I have been waiting for this chance for A LONG TIME! Now that my brother and his husband are NO LONGER WITH US, I shall TAKE OVER HQ AND RULE THE WORLD!!!
Snap: Uh-HUH. Earth to Projector Boy, WE'RE STILL HERE.
Tom: Ah. And that's the beauty of my plan. For you see... I HAVE TRAPPED YOU IN THE THEATRE. There is NO WAY OUT. YOU WILL BE FORCED TO READ THIS AND OTHER HORRIBLE STORIES... TILL THE END OF TIME!!!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And now if you'll excuse me, I have a world to conquer.

(A scuffling in the projector booth announces Tom's departure. Shelti and Snap are now alone in the dark Theatre.)

Snap: We can't let him do that!
Shelti: I'll ground him for life!
Snap: But first, we have to get out of here.
Shelti: *lightbulb* I KNOW! Tom wants to trap us here, right? With horrible fics? Well... we'll give him what he wants. We'll MST, all right. And not just us...
Snap: ...I do not like where this is going.
Snap: ...

(At that point, two people suddenly fall into the middle of the Theatre.)

First person: Ooof... what just happened?