Chapter Two: The Council of Elrond

Shelti: Oh no. Here it comes...

"This Council will now commence," said Elrond in a grave voice. It was a day after the attack by the Moramedorians,

Jahari: *snickers*

and Legolas was still a little shaky.

Jahari: Jeez, GROW A BACKBONE!!! And this guy's gonna partially have the fate of Middle-earth in his hands? We are doomed.

He was, however, still at the council, as he could not let his father down. Shelti: And if he wasn't, it would be a terrible breach of canon even Mary Sues can't do.

The seating arrangement was: (Just 4 Background info)

Shelti: I don't like the looks of this...

Frodo, Bilbo, Gandalf, Aragorn, Men, Princess Eledhwen,

Both: *evil glare*

Elves, Dwarves, Boromir
Men: I'm 2 lazy 2 make up names.

Shelti: *crosses arms* Yes you are.

There are 6 of them: 2 from Gondor, (not including Boromir),

Jahari: Why not? He's from Gondor, isn’t he?

2 other Rangers and 2 from Silmador.

Elves: Princess Eledhwen, Both: *evil glare*

Legolas, Dolenaspa of Mirkwood, Vanimäsii and Vanimäluth,

Shelti: *counting* Dolenaspa ... nine letters. Vanimäsii ... nine letters. Vanimäluth ... ten letters. Not too bad.

twins of Silmador and Rivendell, and Nimphel of Lothlorien.
Dwarves: Mundon, Merin, Glóin, Gimli, and Perin (eh, who cares)


"We are gathered here today,"

Shelti: celebrate this hobbit and the Ring in holy matrimony.

said Elrond (A/N: We are gathered here today to celebrate this hobbit and this ring in holy matrimony.)

Both: O_O...
Shelti: I just said that.
Jahari: This is not good.

"To decide on the ring's fate. Please keep it in your head that you are all welcome here at all times.

Jahari: (Elrond) Because, you know, we don't want you blabbing invitations all over the place.

This time, however, is in sorrow more than joy. Frodo, please bring out the ring."

Jahari: (Frodo) No.

The small hobbit was trembling head to foot as he got up. He slowly walked up to Elrond.

Jahari: *singing "Here comes the bride"* Dum dum dum dum ... dum dum dum dum...

Right in front of the Elven Lord were 2

Shelti: Rabid squirrels! They jumped on Eledhwen and killed her!! The end.

marble rocks. One was just a regular slab of marble. The other, however, had a gleaming sword stuck in it.

Shelti: That wasn't in the book. This can't be good.

Frodo placed the ring on the bare marble slab and sat down.

"This is the One Ring. Forged by Sauron in the fires of Mount Doom, if Sauron gets this ring back, the Earth shall be no more. There are only two things to do with this ring: Destroy it, or Hide it forever.

Jahari: More randomly capitalized words.

However, the Enemy is watching us. Hiding it would delay the day that evil would reign again, and would not prevent it."

Shelti: *hums "The Imperial March"*

"There is one other option," stated Boromir. (A/N: The CoE is based on the movie bcuz the book's version is 2 long.)


"We could use it. The weapon of the Enemy is a gift to us all. Let us use it against him. Let Gondor use it against him. Or, better yet, let the ruler of Silmador

Shelti: *twitch*

use it."

Jahari: Great idea!
Shelti: What?!
Jahari: She could take it to her non-existant country, so then the Ring would be non-existant, and without it existing--
Shelti: You have a point there.

"I shall not use it for good or evil,"Princess Eledhwen replied while standing up. "Nobody can wield it but Sauron. It is his power that is in the ring alone. It is his power that can control it alone."

Shelti: Strange ... I remember Aragorn saying almost the same thing.

"And how does a simple-minded young fool that has the nerve to call herself the Princess of Silmador

Shelti: *twitch*

know this?"

Shelti: Boromir was NEVER that rude.

"Listen to us!" Aragorn said, standing up.

Jahari: (Boromir) No.

"The ring may not be used by us. Sauron was, is and will be the only one to use it. The only thing to do is to destroy it."

Both: DUH.

"And who might you be?"

"I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn, heir of Isildur." he replied. "There is only one way to use the ring: use it for feeding Orodurin."

Both: *look at each other and burst out laughing*
Shelti: I don't remember him saying that.

"Alas, there is another way. If you all could sit down, I shall tell you." Elrond spoke up. They all sat down quietly. "Now then, let me tell you the tale. As you all know, Ilúvatar was the one to create the Elves.

Jahari: YES!! We! Know! THANK YOU, FIC!!!!

However, before he created the elves, he created a sword.

Jahari: *sarcastically* Ooooh.

It is called Megilmela.

Both: *snort*
Shelti: Nice name. I like Excalibur more.

He created this sword just in case the elves did evil.

Jahari: Sooo ... they could do more evil?

When it was around the time that he was to die,

Shelti: Woah, woah, back up the bus. If Iluvatar created the Elves, he must have been a god. Gods are immortal. Therefore, Iluvatar is immortal -- so, HE CAN’T DIE!!!

he plunged the sword into this slab of marble and sent it to Lothlórien.

Jahari: Why Lothlorien? Why not Sueland?

Now the Ondomegilmela

Both: *laugh*

has been brought here.

Jahari: TA-DA!!

It is said that the one to pull out the sword is the most powerful one on this Earth.

Shelti: *sarcastically* Gee, I wonder who would be able to pull it out?

This sword has the power of destroying the one ring.

Shelti: Oh no, not this again.

Let us all line up to test our strength on the sword."

Jahari: *snorts* ELROND said that?
Shelti: Someone's out of character.
Jahari: This whole THING is out of character. Are you getting King Arthur flashbacks here, too?
Shelti: Waaaaay too much.
Jahari: Leave the Sword in the Stone to Excalibur, Greenleaf Arrow!

And with that, they all lined up. At the very front was Boromir. Aragorn was right behind him. The line continued. In the very back were Legolas and Princess Eledhwen.

First was Boromir. He tried and tried, but could not get out the sword.

Next was Aragorn. He also tugged and tugged. Everyone was amazed when he moved it just an inch.

Shelti: *sarcastically* Oooh. Aaah. I am amazed.
Jahari: Oh, spare us the formalities, just make the Sue grab the sword and get out of here.

He could not, however, move it any more. The line went up, one by one, to the sword. Finally, only Princess Eledhwen was left.

Both: And...

She walked up to the sword and grabbed the hilt. All of a sudden, there was a glimmer at the hilt. She slowly pulled out the sword.

Jahari: Arthuuuuur...

It shimmered and shined.

Both: TA-DA!!!

Everyone was speechless. Then, finally, Elrond spoke.

Shelti: (Elrond) All right, who rigged the thing?

"So... So the sword has been pulled out. Thus, we can destroy the ring right now."

Both: NO! DON’T!
Jahari: What are we saying? If she does--
Shelti: It would be the biggest breach of canon in the universe, one unbreakable by even Mary Sues.
Jahari: Amen.

"I dare not, Elrond." said Eledhwen.

Shelti: Told ya.

"For if I destroy the ring now, the power would be released onto this earth. It would quickly kill all us here. It would then spread to the rest of Middle Earth.

Shelti: Umm ... I don't think so.
Jahari: Dumb reason.

The ring must be destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom."


"So it shall. But who shall bring it?"

Shelti: The Mary Sue, of course!

"I shall," said Frodo. "I shall take the ring to Mordor.... But I do not know the way

Jahari: (Frodo) the men's room.


"The I shall go with you." said Gandalf.

Shelti: The EYE!!

"And so shall I," cried Sam, rushing out of his hiding place.

"So shall we," cried Merry and Pippin, coming out of their hiding space.

Shelti: *blinks* Wait...

"I shall also come, as I need to get back to Minas Tirith," Boromir said.

Jahari: Oh no.

Then, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli dedicated themselves to the Fellowship.

Shelti: *explodes* THAT'S NOT THE WAY IT HAPPENED!!! In the movie version, since that's what she's using, Gandalf agreed to go with Frodo, then ARAGORN said he would come, then Legolas, then Gimli, then Boromir, who never said something so stupid, THEN Sam, Merry, and Pippin!!!!!!!
Jahari: Chill, Shelt, chill.

Finally, Princess Chúhana spoke.

Jahari: *monotone* Yey.

"I shall come." she said. There was silence. Then, finally Elrond broke it.

Jahari: With a hammer!

"If you insist. You all shall be known as the Fellowship of the Ring."

Shelti: Actually --
Jahari: Please don’t start ranting again.

And with that, the council was over.

Jahari: That was fast.

OK, so that chapter wasn't that good.

Shelti: You said it.

I've got better stuff in mind.

Shelti: Riiiiiiiiiiight.

R/R, please!

PS: I won't update 4a while.

Nothing belongs to me. Except Eledhwen.

Jahari: Please keep her.

Hey! I forgot to say at the beginning that I'm gonna have things called "Let's stop here." They're just to, you know, help you along.

Shelti: Once again, something extraordinarily pointless.

This is the first one.

Let's stop here #1

So basically, the Fellowship is formed and they set out.

Jahari: We KNOW.

The next chapter will describe nights on watch, where the actual romance issues.

Shelti: After the incredible success of "Baywatch," Greenleaf Arrow Television presents "Nightwatch!"

Also, in case you didn't realize...

Jahari: (authoress) I am actually a mutated white lab rat with fangirlish tendancies.

Silmador is in the area of Rhûn and the sea of Rhûn. To the east of Silmador is the area in which the first 10 elves originated. It is called the Ellasar Sea, or the Elfstone Sea, because that is where the heart of the elves lies. (Yes, Aragorn's elvish name does come from that.)

Shelti: Ok, you have to admit, that's cool.

In the middle of the sea, there is an island with a mysterious bridge. If you cross this bridge, you actually get to the Grey Havens.

Shelti: Really?! Why don’t the Elves use that or something? Not those boats.

I will now present to you what Princess Eledhwen Chúhana looks like:

Jahari: Oh no...
Shelti: Here it comes...

Dark brown hair (like Arwen)
Brown eyes
Pale complexion
2 inches shorter than Legolas

Shelti: *blinks* That wasn't so bad.

Her dress:

Jahari: Oh great. Speak for yourself, Shelt.

In Rivendell, she wears a silver outfit made out of a special cloth called Lanne'vanya. This cloth is only found in Silmador and Maldor.

Jahari: Mal-what?

Over the cloth, she wears a mithril overhanging thingy that only stripes along her clothing.

Shelti: Huh?

/ \ - / \
/ \\\ \
/ \\\ \
/ \\\ \

Shelti: Interesting separator. I've never seen one like that before.

Well, I did the best I could. The three dashes thingy is the mithril coating.

Shelti: Ohhhh...

Her boots are like Legolas's, although they also have the mithril covering.

Jahari: Blah blah blah.

As for traveling, he outfit is the same as Legolas's, although it is made out of lanne'vanya. She also wears the mithril covering.

Jahari: What’s with all the mithril? Being the most powerful Elf and all, she shouldn’t need it.

Her sword is at her side hooked onto her belt.

Jahari: But that's just for show.

I will explain all of the elvish in a dictionary at the end.

Shelti: Sooo... it is real Elvish then.

I am also going to be putting up a "story" with web addresses for elvish dictionaries.

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Jahari: I hope you DON'T.

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Shelti: *stands up and yawns* Well, you wanna go get a latte? After this, I could use a little pick-me-up. *looks at her hand* I think my mood ring short-circuited.
Jahari: *also stands up* Interesting. Yeah, a latte sounds good.
Shelti: Open the door, Tom!
Tom: I'm sorry, Shelti, I can't do that.
Shelti: Yes you can. Quit playing '2001' and do it!
Tom: *meekly* Yes, ma’am.
(The doors open, and they exit the theater.)


“Eledhwen” written by Greenleaf Arrow
MSTed by Sheltigrrl Moonfire and Jahari
(MSTed without permission)
MSTing concept belongs to Best Brains
Lord of the Rings belongs to J. R. R. Tolkein and his kin.

Special Thanks

Soyotome -- for the “The Sultan of Swing!” line.

“ ‘We are from Moramedor, the Upper Land of Darkness, from Upper Earth.’ ”