So, you've looked around and seen everything and are now hungry for more stuff? HOW DARE YOU LEAVE ME. >> Grr.

*cough* However, I have some spiffeh places you can go to! You know, sites run by friends, sites that I think are the most awesome places ever MADE, various RPGs... Um, anyway. Before I start rambling. ^^;;;;

Message Boards and RPGs | Fanfiction and MSTing Sites | Webcomics

Message Boards and RPGs

This is a SUPER GREAT message board based off of The Pencil Show, a revolutionary (I think) LotR fanfic written by a friend of mine. It spawned... a lot of stuff. Talk about fandoms, RPs, the mysteries of the Universe, and life in general here. Great people, too. ^_^ They all rock. I'm on here too -- look for me! =D

If you like Harry Potter, you'll like this place. It's an RPG based in Hogwarts post-HP. It's just starting up, too, but it's great. Cool people! And a fun plot's just starting up too, very soon now... not that I know anything about it... *shifty eyes*

Prisoners of Society
An X-Men RPG run by yours truly. =3 It's not very big, but it's FUN. Be a mutant, run around attacking people... great great times! ^>^ And it's MINE, so I'm proud of it. =D ...Um, and it's the other mods', too. ^^;;;;; Yeah. *cough*

Epic World
A fantasy RPG... I think. o_o; Actually, I'm not there (for once). But my buddy Yan is (MOD!), and he asked me to plug it for him. ^^ It's pretty cool, from what I've heard. And BIG. @_@ Oh my god. It's frikkin' GIGANTIC -- so it may be a little hard to get into, but it's worth the while. =3;;

Fanfiction and MSTing Sites

Lord of the MST
I have two MSTing idols. AW is one of them. He is funnier than HELL, and I also learned most of how to MST from him. This is his site. It has lots of LotR MSTs in it. Go read them. They will make you squirt nose out of your mouth ... erm, milk out of your nose o.o; from laughing. So I don't recommend eating around it, unless you enjoy short-curcuiting your keyboard.

Chinese Napkin Fish
This is Soyotome's site. She is my other MSTing idol. Go read MST4K. It rocks. =33 But even better than that are the PARODY SCRIPTS. THEY ARE HILARIOUS BEYOND ALL BELIEF. Go read them if nothing else. They rocketh mightily, oh yeah.

The Cardboard Box
Hika's site!!! =DDDDDDD This is where The Pencil Show (the one that started it all) is archived. IT. IS. AWESOME. She's also got funny fics and MSTs! (No wonder I like her.) She rocks. Go visit her. Oh, just don't insult Dominic Monaghan or Elijah Wood or Frodo Baggins. If you do you shall die a painful death. I should know.

Magical Intrigue
Slash heaven. Rhysenn is a great writer, and this is her site full of Harry Potter, LotR, Alias, and X-Men slash. If nothing else, read Irresistable Poison. It's awesome. I love it.

Ok, so it's more of an art site than a fiction site. There's fiction ON it!! Really, though, go check out Nillad's artwork. It's AWESOME. She's a good artist, and I'm jealous of her. Mainly because she has a tablet. _; She's also good at writing, as well, so go read her poetry and stuff. =3


A super-cool webcomic from the incomparable Aido, who is a riot. ^>^ The art is wonderful, the story is awesomely mysterious, the heroine is funny, and the main guy is hot. =D What more could you WANT??

General Protection Fault
For the geek and the geek at heart, GPF is there. What happens when you get a bunch of computer geeks, a bunch of electronics, and some aliens all in one room? Fun fun times! Really, this comic is screamingly funny (and it updates EVERY DAY!!! =D), and it also explores real human emotions and relationships. You must support Ki/Nick. Or I will hunt you down and eat your liver. << >> <<

A beautifully drawn comic that is, sadly, finished. We're waiting for the prose version.. if Kelly ever gets it UP... >> But it's still fun to re-read again and again and again. ^^ A slasher's dream, too. These guys seem to think shirts are optional -- let's not spoil their dreams, hmm? >=D

Magic Girls VCX
Hilarious. So hilarious it must be a crime or something. That's all I can say. Aye. Yarr. Savvy. Shiver me timbers. Walk the plank. Rum. Yo ho ho. Aaarr... yup.