This is the Library, where you can read my various writings. I write both original stories and fanfiction, in many fandoms. My novel-lenth stories aren't finished yet; be patient. I also write poems. You can find them here. Stories and poems are in chronologicalorder, with the newest first.

Dreams of Farratn ~ When Shelti gets bored, she writes fics. XD;; This was written on inspiration of boredom, and I'm kinda proud of it. Jahari has a nightmare which causes him to question himself and his love for Aku. Based off the stories of my original characters (which I may or may not write one day -- I'm a terrible procrastinate). One-shot.
Genre: Original
Status: Finished
Rating: PG

Of Wizards and Werewolves ~ This is a Harry Potter fanfic that takes place five years after Harry and the gang graduate from Hogwarts. Four years ago, Harry disappeared; everyone takes him for dead. But is he? And now, someone is killing people, and no one knows how or why, or who is the culprit. Harry has a dark secret -- and it's coming back to haunt him. A secret that can only be dealt with by an Equinox.
Genre: Harry Potter
Status: DEAD. But I'll put the other chapters up.
Rating: PG
Chapter 2