Ah! Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Bienvenido, Mae govannen, Rhufala, Welcome! to my little abode. Although with time it won't be very little anymore. ANYWAY! I'm Sheltigrrl Moonfire, your webmistress, authoress, and Head of Operations around here. May I introduce my muses: Jahari, a Vampire-Demon with a soul and limited emotions, sort of. It's complicated. Oo; There's also his boyfriend/husband (depending on how you look at it), Aku, a Sprite-Demon. ^^ And this is Tom. He's Lord Voldemort in his 15-year-old body. ^>^

What do we do around here at HQ? Well, we experiment on things in the Lab, as well as invent stuff. We ask Star Wars characters weird questions in front of live audiences in the Studio. We make fun of fanfics in the Theater. And I also show off my writings and drawings in the Study. Want to know more about my and my various muses? Look in the Dorms. Where are you now? In the Centre, where all things branch out.

So, look around, click on stuff, and have fun! Just remember: Wherever you go, there you are.


Sunday 15 August ~ OMG. I actually UPDATED. The end of the world is coming. Right, so, next part of "The Snowy White Seer" is up, and the EGT Archives have been updated. I'm working on a whole-new-part of the site, so look forward to that coming soon! ^^

Thursday 1 July ~ HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! =DDDDD *puts a fuzzy moose hat on your head* And in honour of that, we have a new MST. Click here to see it. It has nothing to do with Canada, but... eh. Speaking of which, I'm going up there for four days, leaving tomorrow. Funness.

Wenesday 23 June ~ EGT update! One whole page. Whoo-pee. Watch for regular updates from now on, though. ^^ My scanner is up, running, and ready for action. =D Whoo! New MST in the works as well; hope to get the first part of that up soon.

Saturday 19 June ~ Whoo, I'm updating. XD;;; I suck. New story in the Library, go look. I'll be putting a Gallery up soon, too, so look for that. And I haven't been updated EGT lately because Sapphy's (my computer) broken down and I haven't yet gotten the scanner up and working with Farmer Brown (the other, not as cool computer). So when I've worked that all up, updates ahoy. Whoo.

Montag 03.05.2004 ~ Whole new part of site up!!! =DDDDDD Da Lab is HERE. ^_^ YEEE. So proud of myself.

Montag (Monday) 26.04.2004 ~ *stare* Wow, talk about not updating for forever. O_O Well, we have some new stuff for you, then. ^^ First off, Chapter 2 of the Shi's Journey MST is UP!! Click here to read. Secondly, we have a webcomic!!! =DDDD What happens when a crazy Spirit decides to do an experiment on Mary Sues? ...Well, we're not sure, but we'll have a hell of a time finding out. Click here to read Elven Group Therapy!!!

Samstag (Saturday) 31.01.2004 ~ NEW MST!!! See people do stuff! See us be not sure of what they're doing! See a guest MSTer and me falls asleep! ...Ok, it doesn't sound all that exciting... BUT GO READ IT ANYWAY.

Mittwoch (Wednesday -- I set my comp to German day names now) 28.01.2004 ~ Update to THS!! Episode 6 UP! And a MST in progress is coming soon -- I just have to finish coding it.