Shelti HeadQuarters is one of those places that's difficult to describe. The reason is that it never really stays the same. It is my home, and, of course, reflects me, an ever-changing, yet never-changing Spirit.

There are two things you need to remember about living in HQ: 1) To get where you're going, don't concentrate on going anywhere. Wherever you go, there you are. 2) Expect the unexpected. Odd things happen around here, and you just have to be ready for it. ...But usually you aren't. That's why it's unexpected.

What does this all mean? You figure it out.

There are five wings to HQ: The Studio, Theater, Study, Dorms, and Lab. At the center of it all is, well, the Centre. The location of the wings aren't fixed; indeed, they are never in the same place twice. However, they can be easily reached -- just know where you're going and don't concentrate on getting there. The more aware you are, the longer it takes.

The entrance as well is always moving. It is, simply, a door. In the middle of nowhere. It can be anywhere -- in a desert, on the top of a mountain, at the bottom of the ocean -- but it is never in the exact same place twice. When you approach the door from the south, the door will be unlocked and go through to the other side. But when you approach from the north, the door will be locked. Knock on the door -- someone will answer.

And thus, you have entered the incredible, interesting, unpredictable world of HeadQuarters....