I love to watch you sleep. Just to lie in the bed and look at your sweet face. The lines softed out by sleep. Your messy hair and you relaxed lips. I donít dare to move. Just because the moves could wake you up. But anyway I canít stop myself to slowly crawl closer to you. As close as our noses touches each other, and I can feel your chest move while you are breathing.
My fingers are slowly following the lines of your lips, with soft moves. I can hardly feel you. But Iím so scared to wake you up.
In your sleep you move you body towards me, just a few centimetres, the few that was left for our bodies to touch.
You are so beautiful while you are sleeping. Your face so close to mine. I wonder if you ever lay awake to watch me like this. I wonder if you enjoy it as much as I enjoy to watch you? I can stay awake the whole night for this.