Just Friends

Title: Just Friends
Pairing: Benji/Tony
Fandom: Good Charlotte, Mest
Category: Punkslash
Summary: Something=P
About: My first Benji/Tony, go me!

- We’re friends, you said.
Friends, friends. The word is ringing in my head. But you didn’t say “just friends” anyway. If you had, I would have hit you. Instead I just let my hand move over the small space between us to pinch toy leg. You’re not going to get away with this. The sudden pain make you jump around towards me.
- Friends, I mimed and smirked at you. You gave me a killing glance followed by a smile. I saw how one of the girls opposite us gave us a weird glance. Luckily you didn’t see that, if you had you just had made things even more complicated. Now we just let it pass.
It was soon time for the girls to go. We just had to sign some stuff for them and take photos.
- “We’re friends”, I said and fasten my eyes at you, while the girls went away.
- Yeah, but what was I supposed to say?
- The truth.
- The truth? You know I would like to do that, but you also know that I can’t. Not you either, you got quiet. But I didn’t say “just friends”!
I couldn’t help myself to smile at you. You’re much better at this than I am. I can never shut up. You are a lit better at explaining things and playing their game. But you are also good at making things even more complicated with you explanations. You explain too much, so the explanations do not fit together, and you than you don’t know what to do.
- I thing we’re better go now, you said, the others are probably waiting.

- Where have you been?
You where totally right that they had waited.
- We thought about starting without you, Joel watches us closely. He looks like he thinks we’re late just to ruin things for him.
- We did just stop to talk to some fans, I said.
- Really? He looked like he didn’t believe me. He never thinks anything nice about us. I saw how he took a deep breath and looked at you. While he was breathing his face did change, just a little bit. But this little thing and the fact that he was a bit taller than you made him look so big brother-like. Like the proper big brother was going to tell hit little brother how he was supposed to act.
Then you eyes met and he relaxed. In no time at all he was back to little brother Joel. Now he knew that I was telling the truth. Your eyes just had to meet for you to tell him that.
- What did you think we were doing? you asked.
- You don’t want to know that, he smiled.
- What do you thing about us!

I sat a bit away from everything. I just wanted to be lone for a while and think. I don’t need to be here anyway. I just want to.
I could see the back of toy head, deep into a discussion with Paul about something. I couldn’t here what. You guitar was standing beside you and you were playing with the strings, like you didn’t knew what your fingers were doing. Suddenly you turned around and saw me. Your face turned into a big grin and you waved at me to come over to you. I thought it was best to do so.
When I reached you, you where already back in the discussion and didn’t notice that I had came. You almost seemed like you had forgot that you saw me. You’re going to regret this! I jumped the last meter to you and throw my arms around you at the same time as I gave you a big kiss at the cheek. The sudden attack made you jump by surprise. But a split second later you realised who it was that was jumping at you. As fast as you did jump before, you now relaxed and rested yourself against me.
- What are you doing, I heard Billy scream, they are filming now! You can never stop touching each other!
I didn’t care how much we got filmed. The only thing I wanted was to sit here, close to you. As close as I could feel you heart beat. And I wanted the to show the whole world that you where mine, only mine.