50 things to do in an elevator with Dom, Elijah, Billy and Sean

What if you find yourself in an elevator with Elijah, Dom,. Sean and Bill? You probaly would get a blackout. But take it easy, here is 50 things for you to do, so you won’t get bored!

1. Call Billy "Fool of a Took!" As fast as he trys make a move.

2. Sing "Mug Of Beer" over and over and over agin.

3. Ask Dom if he can do the carrot trick with you.

4. Try to make Sean understand that you are the real mother of his daugther,

5. Keep asking for Orlando and Viggo.

6. Scream "It is you! It is you! Oh, my god, oh my god!" then move to one of the corners in the elevator and stare at them like you have seen a ghost.

7. Try to make Elijah to save you from Dom.

8. When you enters the elevator, say "They have a cave-troll"

9. Tell them they look familar. When they say who they are, scratch your head and say "Nah, that’s not it"

10. Ask them to do a strip-show for you.

11. Brush your teeths.

12. Tell them you liked them in Star Wars.

13. Ask them for help with a fanmail to Orlando.

14. Pretend to talk with a friend in you phone and tell her that "They realy are THAT short!"

15. Sit down at the floor and out food from you bag, than ask them to join your second breakfast.

16. Start to cry and tell them you lost "my precioussssss"

17. Tell them with serious and troubled face that "a shadow and a threat is growing in you mind"

18. Have an argue with yourself about what you did last night.

19. Tell them Usama Bin Ladin is one of you closest friends.

20. Wear a "Sam will kill me if I try anything" shirt, take it fo and do a big cross over Sam and write Sean instead.

21. Introduce yourself as The Queen Of Mordor.

22. Rattle all the lines in the Fellowship Of The Ring by heart.

23. Push all the buttons in the elevator and say "I wonder what att these do?"

24. Tell them you wanna take them with you home and use them as lawn ornaments.

25. Bite Billys nose and don’t let go before he gives you a copy of The Two Towers.

26. Tell Dom you watsh the shower scene in "Hetty Wainthropp Investigares" at least 10 times each day.

27. Burn their autographs.

28. Fall to the ground giggling "It…it…is…y…you!! Hahaha!!" and point at Sean

29. Smoke and blow the smoke in Dom’s face.

30. Tell Elijah he was great last night, and you gonna call him soon.

31. Stand with your face into one of the corners, then say to yourself "Ok mr Gandalf, I’ll tell them. To Middle Earth now, a new ring to destroy. Ok, got it."

32. Change cloths.

33. Sing "nanananananana…" until they tell you to stop. Then act like you don’t understand a word.

34. Come in dressed like a Nazgul.

35. Ask Elijah to show you the One Ring.

36. Sing anything you want with realy, realy bad voice.

37. Tell Elijah you’re in love with Franka.

38. Look at Dom, Elijah and Sean and go "John, Paul, Ringo" than look at Billy "Who the hell are you!?"

39. Introduduce yorself as George Bush’s sisters’, first grade best friends petdogs mother.

40. Try to make them sell heroin to you.

41. Pick up everything you have in you pockets, stuff as boats, cars ect.

42. Order sun vacation tickets to Mordor.

43. Ask them to play soccer with you.

44. Do a cheerleading dance for them.

45. Tell Billy you love men in kilt.

46. Paly violin for them. Afterwards exuse yourself with that it was the first time you palyed.

47. Try to dig your way out of the elevator.

48. Tell them they are the worst actors on earth.

49. Pretend to faint so you can get artifical respiration from Elijah.