Tankar om The Closing of Chapter One

About a week ago were me and my sister going to buy North and A Knights Tale at dvdon.com. We looked around a bit and found that we also could buy The Moffatts' Closing of Chapter One. As old Moffatts fans we couldn't resist the nostalgic and fun fact to own that DVD that we wanted so bad just a while ago. It felt weird, but I couldn't resist. If I had looked there alone I probably wouldn't have bought it, but my sister is still a fan, and when she wanted it, my old Moffatt-fan got the complete control of me. We bought it. For 219 kr (26 dollar).
It did arrive today. We didn't have time to watch any of the movies because my sister was going away later, so we watched almost everything at Closing of Chapter One that we haven't seen before.
That did definitely felt weird. For the first time in my whole Moffatts life could I watch them with a none fans eyes. Just for a while, but when we saw the If Life Is So Short video I could see them like some kind of strangers. There they were, four boys named Scott, Clint, Bob and Dave, I know them by heart. But when I saw them walking in front of the camera it weren't them, it was just four strangers that looked really wrong. If their first CD should had come out today I would never like it.
It was nostalgic to see them, but it didn't wake any other feelings in my heart. I could see that they still wake love in my sister's heart, but not in mine. And I didn't miss the old days. At one point Clint and Bob did some weird stuff, like some kind of fight, but not a fight fight. It reminded me of the crazy fight thing Dom and Billeh does in the FOTR DVD, in the Fellowship of the Cast thing. And I like the thing that Dom and Billeh does much more, Clint and Bob's thing did just remind me of that, that I much rather see. When I noticed my reaction of that could I, for the first time, tell that my Moffatts era is really to and end. They do just wake old and really nice memories, but they don't make any more. That's something I have known for a long time, in the backside of my head, but it hasn't really come to my mind before now. I'm still interested in what will happen with them, their music are always special to me, but it is not the same anymore.
Later on we saw a concert from 2000. What hit me first when I saw it was that it was almost boring. They didn't have the same fire on stage as they had before. Maybe it was just Scott changing style, but he looks much better when he jumps around at the stage and is crazy. Maybe it was just me changing point of view. I sure would have loved it if I saw that a year ago.

The Moffatts will always be in my heart, but their time is running out. This is the Closing of Chapter One.