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(In order for you to link me, just highlight the code above and press Ctrl+c and it will copy it) Ok well if you do link me thank you!

Thats the pic of the love of my life. Isn't he sooo cute?

He was born on my graduation day, May 25th. Im so happy!He is like my child. I swear its like havin a kid. And if this is how it is to have a kid, Im not in any kind of hurry. 4 get that. Theres times that i cant even go out with my friends cuz i gotta find a babysitter for him.(my lil sis) How sorry is that? But i dont care cuz i love my puppy so much!

I wanted to get him this but i think it would be too heavy for his little neck.

OMG look at this pic of Eminem. Eminem old lookin. lmao Dang he still looks hott. lol

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