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Another Python site, made by S.A.F.M.P's very own Mini Tye.
Society Against Forgetting Monty Python



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The Pythons are immortal

Immortality does not exist. In the literal sense of the word, one cannot live forever. In the words of Eric Idle, "Comedy is about reminding us of the truth of being human: we all have a body and we all must die, and it is okay." But many people live on in a different kind of immortality. Why do we easily forget the flavor of the week celebrities and remember people like W. A. Mozart and Julius Caesar? It's because they've done great things, and their reward is to live on through the ages.

I say that Monty Python deserves this immortality. S.A.F.M.P is all about preserving and continuing the memory of Monty Python and it's humor. In a sense, we take a very absurd thing very seriously. Monty Python is not something to die out, but something that should live forever.

Help us continue that memory. Then, John, Michael, Eric, Terry, Terry and Graham can live forever in the immortality they deserve.

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