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Python biographies

Python biographies
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Graham Chapman

He was born January 8th 1941 in Leicester, Midlands.
Graham died on October 4th 1989 from cancer of the throat and spine.
His fathers name was Walter and was a policeman in Leciester. His mothers name was Edith.
He has a brother named John Chapman.
He went to Melton Mowbray Grammar School
He studied medicine at Emmanuel College and Cambridge University.
He lived with partner David Sherlock for twenty years.
They adopted a son named John Tomiczek in 1971. John was a teenager who ranaway from Liverpool. Graham met him on a London Street. John died in 1992.
Wrote A Liars Autobiography in 1980.
Most notable solo work- Yellowbeard in 1982

John Cleese

Born in Weston-Super-Mare on October 27th 1939.
His father Reginald Francis Cheese was a insurance salesman who changed his name to "Cleese" when he joined the Army, and his mother named Muriel Cross.
Educated at Clifton College. A levels in Maths, Physics, Chemistry. Taught for two years before going to Cambridge.
Received M. A. in Law.
He was married to Connie Booth from 1968-1976, married to Barbara Trentham from1981-1990, and married Alyce Faye Eichlberger in 1992.
He has two daughters: Cythia Caylor born Feb. 1971 and Camilla born in 1984
Today he lives in London, England in Holland Park. He owns several houses in London and an apartment in New York.
Most notable solo work- Fawlty Towers (1974-1979)

Eric Idle

He was born in South Shields, March 29th 1943.
His father served in the Royal Air Force and died coming home on Christmas Eve in 1945. (Merry Christmas!)
Eric went to Royal School Wolverhampton, a semi-orphanage boarding school.
He was elected president of Footlights in 1964. His first order of business was to allow women to join.
He married Lyn Ashley an Australian actress from 1969-1975, and married Tania Kosevich an American model in 1981.
He has a son Carey born in 1973 and a daughter Lily born in 1990
Today he lives in San Fernando Valley, California and London, England
Wrote Hello Sailor in 1975, wrote and edited The Rutland Dirty Weekend Book in 1976, wrote stage play Pass the Butler (Which opened at the Globe Theatre) in 1982, wrote The Road to Mars in 1993.
Most notable solo work- Rutland Weekend Television from 1975-1976

Michael Palin

He was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire on May 5th 1943.
His father was an engineer. His mother's name was MAry.
Attended Birkdale Preparatory School from 1948-1957
Attended Oxford College ajoring in History.
He married his highschool sweetheart Helen Gibbins in 1966. They were in love since he was 16.
He has two sons Thomas and William born in 1971 and a daughter Rachel born in 1975
Today he lives in London, England. South of Hampstead Heath
Most notable solo work- Michael Palin's Travels (Current)

Terry Jones

Born February 1st 1942 Colwyn Bay, North Wal.
Father was a bank clerk.
Has a brother named Nigel born in 1940.
Attened Church of England primary school and Royal Grammar School at Guildford.
Graduate at St. Edmund Hall College, and Oxford University in English.
Married Alison Telfer in 1970.
Has one daughter named Sally born in 1974 and a son named Bill born in 1976.
Lives in London, England. Grove Park south of Camberwell.
Wrote Chaucer's Knight in 1980, wrote Fairy Tales in 1981
Most notable solo work- Hasn't done anything particularly huge without Michael Palin. Directed Holy Grail, Life of Brian, and Meaning of Life though.

Terry Gilliam

Born November 22nd 1940 in Medicine Lake, Minnesota. USA. (Only python from America.)
His father was a traveling salesman and became a carpenter.
He has a sister born in 1942 and a brother born in 1950.
He went to Birmingham High School and Graduated from Occidental College in California for Political Science.
Married Maggie Weston in 1973. (She was a make-up artist from Monty Python's Flying Circus.)
He has two daughters Amy Rainbow born in 1977 and Holly Dubois born in 1980. He also has a son Harry Thunder born in 1988.
Today he lives in London.
Most notable solo work- Twelve Monkeys, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas