Happy new year, folks! I'm happy to report that I have finally finished the Agamemnon page and put it up. Hope you enjoy! Keep those homework help questions coming!

Updates Archive

This is Paris Alexandros again. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I'm hoping to add an Achilles, Ganymede, or Hercules page soon, as well as trying to make the "weekly" polls, yes, weekly. Good luck in the new school year, and hope you keep checking in!

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Hello, Paris again. My updates are somewhat delayed because I have just encountered a single line from a primary text which will alter my entire perspective on the Trojan War...if I can prove that it exists. I'll keep you posted!

Hello, me again. Yes, I have put up an Achilles page! Rejoice! You'll see the product of the line-- which I did find-- rather soon. Check out the bottom of my Achilles page for a hint what it might be. Also, I've added an Achilles quiz and more family trees. Enjoy!

Hello, Paris again. After a lot of exhaustive research, I've produced a Hermes page. However, I know I promised you a Heracles page soon, and I will keep my word. Email me if there's any other page you want, or if you need any info-- or if you just want to say hello, give praise, or offer a complaint. ParisAlexandros@trojanwar.net

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Hello, Paris again. Having realized that you are not hanging on my every update and seeing as the update list has gotten long and annoying, I have put all previous updates into the Updates Archive for your future pleasure. Also, because the holidays are drawing near, I have decided to give you two Christmas (Hanukkah, Kwanza, etc.) presents of my own.

First, I have found a way to make your holiday shopping that much easier-- buy your loved ones and fellow mythmaniacs a Greek Myth t-shirt! Iíve added a t-shirt shop to Trojan War Net so you can find that special gift. (The profits, sadly, go to the host site and not me.) Buy a t-shirt expressing your side of the Menelaus issue! Give your local goddess an Athena t-shirt! The possibilities are endless! Go to the Trojan War Net T-Shirt Shop today!

Second, I am going to uphold my promise to give you a Heracles page... for the Twelve Days of Christmas, I'll give you the Twelve Labors of Heracles. (It's harder to sing than "five maids a-milking"
but "killing the hydra" has a better ring, wouldn't you say?) Happy Holidays!

Hello, Paris again. Atropos contacted me and decreed the end of the forlorn hope of a Heracles page. I had an immensely busy vacation but hope to make my updates more frequent, including some lovely pictures of a statue of my mythological self which I took during the holidays. Hope you had a happy holiday season. Enjoy the new year!

Hello, it's Paris again. I have updated the Poll of the Week-- so, for this week, at least, it will be a Poll of the Week! Rejoice in your good fortune, and vote in it!

Hello, Paris again. Yes, I have updated. I added a new story-- Hyacinthos-- and a new poll of the week. I wish you many endless hours of enjoyment.

PS Just added a new page to the gallery!

Hello, Paris once again. Welcome to Trojan War Net Stupidity Week! Be sure to check out the new page of the first official Trojan War Net Stupid Mythical Person of the Week (that's quite a mouthful): Hyacinthos! I have also added a new function to the Homework Help site-- if you have a question that's not answered there, use the new ask Paris feature!

Hello, Paris again. Stupidity Week has come to an end for this month, and I am currently in the middle of trying to revamp the site, although I am not meeting with much success. Have a pleasant week! When I get things organized, I'll put up a demo version of our new layout so you can vote on it.

Happy new school year, everyone! Homework help is working, and I will be answering emails. My quest to put Trojan War Net into frames has come to a bitter end with Angelfire's changing my pop-up options. So, enjoy your favorite old format!