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Recipes, YUM YUM!!

Hello children, and some very odd adults. Welcome to Uncle Sally's kitchen, lets have a look at some yummy recipes we will be making.

Rat le Cream

First you get some salt, and sprinkle it on a nice rat's tail, then mash. I tend to add a little extra salt when mashing. Then add some peeled appels, with peeled cans. Stir, shake, add ice. Put in the frige after adding, a dash (not a dosh or smigine) but a dash of fresh cream. If it looks like anything like in the picture, you have done it wrong.


Make your own friends. First fry up some bacon, eggs and dasies. Throw into a large pot and add glue. Shape into a round ball, then add rasions as black heads, some plums as realy big pimpels. And hey, presto, you have a friend!!! In the picture are friends I have prepeard earler.


Its simple, I need you. these recipes are just bad exmples, but all I need is you to come up with some good ones. So come on, get cooking. Send ya recipes to: (Also if ya want, you could send ya mony to me).