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Hello, this a political party webpage, the Punga-Peoples Party, and we have all types of exciting policeys that have no meaning what-so-ever (kinda like when I have an erection in public showers!). But enoughth about ME, lets go on with the party. You will find links on our policeys and other s***, oops slip of the tongue. Just like I sliped my toungue up a *******************************. Err, that is the, er, kind of thing this, um, party is against, ahem. Now we have ze fine history of this fine party, info of our members, policeys and even a poaling booth!!!! So go on, Pic the Punga People Political Party for your Party. Punga People -The Party With The Worst Slogern!!!

Gee whiz, there is still more to this site!

The History of this party.
The Policies of this party.