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WELCOME to the site that is dedacated to being, RANDOM,the site that has been visited more than 250 times (mostly by the creator). I am updating reguly,but I need your suggestion on what should be differant about this site, even if you have somthing random to say and you want it on the site, please fire away. Aso I need some one liners, have any?, heard any? sending any to my e-mail? Here is the dictionary's thingy of RANDOM: made or done by chance, without plan-at random haphazard(ly). Here are some facts about this site: *I decided to this at the spair of the moment!(can you tell?) *I will be updating it, lets hope. If you are drumming your fingers and thinking that this is a relly boring site (i will find you mr/miss oh I am too good for this site) then I suggest that you go down to the linky thing and click on the extra bits, it has,weeeelll, a lot of,um,stuff (including actual games). If you want to see the latest in news go to the news and reviews, you can ask for a review on somthing and I will try to get it done. Also theres the new Goggle such thingy (in extra stuff).Also theres the new How to......, which tells you how to walk, tell the differance between a tiger and a bear etc. , but you basiclly choose what stays and goes on this site, my e-mail is at the foot of my page. Also theres the 'A Random Site' group, which is the club, and don't worry, it is 100% free, go NOW.Stop reading and get stuck into the site and 'club', no, not THAT club, the Yahoo one. I said STOP READING. Are you still reading? STOP. Fine I'll just stop typing.

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