Randomking's Transformation Erotica Archive

My Favorite things about Angelfire.

This site is an adult site.  Go away unless you're 18
or older.  (Or stay, as I really can't stop you.)

This is my attempt at creating a website that archives
transformation erotica of all kinds, so long as it
involves magic or science fiction.  I intend to keep
each story tagged with the appropriate labels.  Below,
I list the meaning of each label.

Standard Sex Tags:

m/f Male-Female sex
m/m Male-Male sex
f/f Female-Female sex
mff, ffm, etc. Group sex
md Male dominant
fd Female dominant
Mast Masterbation
BDSM Bondage, Domination, Sadism, and Masochism*
Rape Rape*
Inc Incest*
Snuff Snuff*, **

* While I'll post these topics on my site, don't expect
me to read them.  I really don't care much for them.

** Any AFSR story involving permanent petrification or
whatever needs to include this tag.

Transformation Themes

Gia Giant Transformation
Shr Shrinking Transformation
BE Breast Enlargement
Mult Multiple Breasts
Inf Inflation (usually body)
TGF-M Transgender Female to Male
TGM-F Transgender Male to Female
Swap Body Swap
Shem Shemale(s)
PT Penis (or testical) transformation
VT Vaginal (or vulva) transformation
Amp Amputation/ Limb loss
EL Extra Limbs
Anim Animal Transformation (Complete)
Fur Animal Transformation (Partial)
MythC Mythical Creature Transformation (Complete)
MythP Mythical Creature Transformation (Partial)
Petr Petrification
Mani Mannequin Transformation
Doll Love Doll, etc. Transformation
Rob Robot Transformation
Inan Inanimate Object Transformation
MG Muscle Growth/Shrinkage
HG Hair Growth/Shrinkage
Fa Fattening
Suit Body Suit
Ment Mind Change and Mind Control
Other Weird, uncategorizable transformation

Transformation Vehicles and Other Details

Mag Magic
SF Science Fiction
Fast Quick Transformation
Slow Slow Transformation
RC Remote Control
SC Self Control
NC Non-Conscentual Transformation
Temp Temporary Transformation
Perm Permanent Transformation
Inco Story is Incomplete

To submit a story, simply e-mail it to me at 
randomking@operamail.com.  You need to add the content 
tags to the story, though, as I am loathe to read 
certain kinds.  (I'm picky, I know.)  For instance, 
never read ASFR stuff, as it just doesn't do anything 
for me.  If anything, it disturbs me, but that's beyond 
the point.  This website is for people of all 
transformation subfetishes to enjoy.

Story List

Multiple Breast Archive
Naga's Den (Transformation Art and Stories-- ASFR and Furry mostly)
DMA (Transformation Art and Stories-- Weird stuff)

Email: randomking@operamail.com