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It's that one place. Now that you know what it is, you have my permission to leave.

Death is but a part of life. Why live just to die? Why not just die and get it over with? Blood is just a substance. Everything is but a substance, a mass, a plague, a wart, an impurity. Mass chaos isn't such a bad thing. I hate happy things. Here's a list of what/who I hate: Trent. Jon. Gloria the ignorant. Small children. Laugter. Yong. Commies. Laugh lines, because they indicate former happiness. Trends. People who don't like the name "Gengus" and whom are not pasty. People. ..... Of course, there are many other things, but you get the general idea."STEVE!!" is "happy", like Yong. Yong is a commie. ENGLAND OWNS YOU!! ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!!

Reasons to believe there is no tomorrow.

More happiness.